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Battlefield America: Bill 1867 Granting military police powers?

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:03 PM
So before this bill is voted on, and people are claimed to be some anti-government or anti-western culture terrorist according to this article from I speak out on my own and others behalf to the fact everyone is entitled to opinion. And whats become an uprise of misunderstanding is now being handled... very incorrectly in my view. Which I'm entitled to
It's said in section 1031 it applies to anyone on the battlefield, which seems like pretense to wars here in america. But it also states in 1032 or 1033 that it does not apply to american citizens.

I do not want harm to any living person, I hope for all of your safety. All I would like to see is the best for humanity. But I in no way whatsoever would take violent actions to push my views or shape them. That is me. Tired of all the fear mongering and lables, this so called cyber war and people hating on eachother. It's like blaming the gun. So before Canadian PM Stephan Harper gets the internet monitoring bill passed, I make my final statement and opinion, and retire any soon to be called anti-government 'national security' ideas, thoughts, pseudo interests that are nothing more outside of the internet. I just read and link, view and observe. Fear is misunderstanding. I'm just a kid
Your ordinary Canadian \\// Call me a sheeple, I can't change anything. I realize I don't post a lot, and anyone who experiences two different opinions, is likely because both me and my brother use this account on the bases of Aliens and Politics, as well as history. I cant afford to go to school :p

Because with bill 1867 pending votes this week, it's pass could have a detention penalty on anyone who thinks extreme. Why is everyone getting so uptight about all this national security, act first and answer later. Stop the threat before it attacks ordeal. Heres the kicker though, not by your friendly cops, not by trial, and not to jail. But by U.S military, detainment centers, a large scale elementary like detention? :s

EVERYONE is entitled to opinion! It's actions you have to account for. It's our constitution and rights to freedom which we are granted the day of our birth. Our country, government, or any seperate entity does not alter equaility or sovereignty as a human being. Opinion, press, respect, is entitled as well. It's not until physical force against the majority or minority is present should action be taken against these opinion, proclaimed "plots". And with all of these recently hot topics on conspiracies and other garbage, disinfo, and ignorance. You'd have to be retarded to not have atleast a subconscious opinion. So with no fair trial, how can one question their own understanding to get the answers they need to not 'think against the state' with this new bill? How will they know whats going on and how it's going to affect them? Everything and everyone is living, everyone needs a chance. And I'm not talking about actual terrorists. That little play on words, labling, terrorists, conspiracist, ism, ist, an, am, ant, phob, er. Just constant division and confusion. We must stop assuming, learn and understand what people do and think. Why it is, rather than being stubborn about your interpretation. You can't just detain them without reason, like the teachers back in elementary who'd rather we sit in a cubicle shunned from class than allow us to speak what we think, allow them to understand and react in respect to the individuals understanding and reactions.

This will also be allowed with detainment centers around the world as I understand posted on some other sites, don't mistake what I say, I always encourage others to do their own research.

So basically I see occupiers and other independant news broadcasters or radio shows questioning our economy crisis or reasons behind wars being terminated. You can't have Christians nowadays without the atheists, one needs the other to fuel that faith. Personally I don't mind the alternative sources and wide angle views. Allows healthy thinking and debate. Because like the scientific method. It's all a matter of the percieved works of patterns we can document and predict. My fear now is seeing misunderstood, people finding interest in governments like they do in games, exploring ideas on the internet, deprived of wealth or happiness, ordinary loving individuals being sentanced as criminals under the word terrorist. The very word we stood behind, the very thing we all fought against, Is now being invented in our backyards. The lable we americans created, is now being used against us? So they made a mistake.... airplane projected feesies are the real threat. Lets get the statistics on some other interests, and maybe position ourselves somewhere a little less hostile. The whole topic itself should have been declared too hot to bring up. It's now another tool to attack one another, quite soon it will be no different than dropping an N bomb after we learn these racial war disguises. The war is coming closer to home :/ I'm a thinker, your a thinker, not an activist third party acclaimed terrorist. Get your facts straight.
Time for some KD.
Foxtrot out.

posted on Dec, 5 2011 @ 12:41 PM
I feel that this is to much for some to comprehend, yes it does turn USA into a Battlefield.
Makes defines one that does not agree with TPTB and Corp Rules or Reg a hostile.

Do not like your car being searched by TSA DHS check points TSA pat downs at the Airport or if your going to protest, then you can and will be listed as a hostile and a Belligerent.
It is true A US citizen will not be included, what does this mean? A citizen will not say one word against this or any thing that goes against policy they the Citizen will just do what is asked of them or what they are told to do.

The Extreme of this could be the day when you are asked to get tagged, yes the RFID implant or what ever it will be called PIDC personal ID chip? Do so with out complaint your a Citizen.

Do not get one or protest against it your listed as Hostile and a Belligerent, thus giving up your rights and Citizen ship automatically, off to the FEMA camp you go, (I my self do not think FEMA camps are real) , they could be detainment camps like Git MO, or like the camps of WW2. Let the Nay Sayers come forth for they will give up the 2nd the 1st and the 5th with out saying boo... This comes to an other possible outcome could the use of 1st and 2nd and the 5th, make you a Hostile or a Belligerent?

Yes i am all for the defense of, and protection of the USA but when it starts in on the use of freedoms, then there is a problem, 1031 1032 leave it to open for abuse.
Did McCain do this on purpose? he has tried before will he finely get his way?
Why do I pick on McCain because of things like this

If there is any truly contemporary echo in his War College paper, it's that U.S. troops cannot fight to the best of their abilities if they do not personally support the policies they're enforcing and if they do not have the support of the American people.

"The biggest factor in a man's ability to perform creditably as a prisoner of war is a strong belief in the correctness of his [nation's] foreign policy," he wrote. "It is [incumbent] upon the armed forces before sending its members to fight, and possibly die, to inform them as to the nature of the foreign policy and goals of the United States of America. ...

"A program of this nature could be construed as 'brainwashing' or 'thought control' and could be a target for a great deal of criticism. But if a program of this nature was well formulated and professionally executed it would be of inestimable value."
And he is still a Senator??? the above is from
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posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 12:39 PM
Obama has already sent it back for revisions in the area everyone seemed to of been over reacting to. Check it out with the washington post :p I didn't see that going all the way through. I think people need to get back to work and help the economy rather than all this protesting over nonesense. I'm currently trying to get my life together. When it comes time to actually have to protest people won't listen because you guys annoyed the hell out of them with your cries for pitty. Take a bit of advice from me, quit smoking pot and go save for school.
quit putting all of us people trying to shame.

posted on Dec, 9 2011 @ 12:51 PM
This issue poses a problem.The government will have the authority to do as they see fit without that pesky public opinion. If no one who is opposed to the laws are left alive or free, fear keeps public opinion from interfering.

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