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Are we a robotic creation? Part II

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 02:23 PM
Forget aliens for a sec! Keep your mind open, please when reading this. This contains many radical ideas, and I am not trying to alter your beliefs, I am merely presenting information you should already know on a casual level with you. Ok?

Sources are not the exact sources I used but contain the exact same info. I also linked to books I used.

Part 2: The Gold-Mining Theory

We have all heard the gold-mining theories. We all know that the oldest of old cities in the current world are either located in remote Europe, or somewhere in Egypt, or China. We all know the stories they tell about those old cities, as well. It ranges from Sumerian gods dawning on the Ape population and altering them to create the first humans to mine for gold (which does have it's minute proof, if you so wish), to...well that's just it, isn't it? The only logical theory many scientists can come up with, mainstream or otherwise, is that IF extra-terrestrials, or even Original humans, came to Earth, they would have most likely come here for gold. Why? Well, let's face it. If there is an extra-terrestrial civilization that is close enough to us to reach in a short amount of time, but advanced enough to hide itself from countless telescopes and radio scanners, it would most likely be at a period to use gold to distinguish royalty, or even use it as a fuel-source. (my understanding, of course)

Gold as a conductor

Gold is one of the most efficient and important metals we know. Not only is it a good conductor of electricity, but gold does not corrode in air or water!
Well, it doesn't corrode AS MUCH as the other metals but, just like platinum, gold can be used as a really good conductor and be placed in air, or water. If something needed to constantly recharge itself, gold would be a viable choice: It is readily available in small amounts. Now, if our template civilization was really advanced as we wanted it to be, it would have good knowledge in electro-plating, or inhibiting. What this means is that our civilization could use gold to conduct electricity from the air and charge whatever they needed to charge.

Gold in ancient civilizations

We all know that gold is and was very valuable in ancient times and modern times. One example is the fact that gold was buried along with bodies of families and individuals in ancient Egypt. Gold was considered wealth. But why? Why gold? It looks like pee, and pee is bad, right? (Yes, a childish but humorous joke) Why not something like platinum? Or even just fine cloths? If your answer is: "Because gold was rare", then you are wrong!
Yes! Wrong! いいえ!

As a matter of fact, so much gold was accumulated in ancient times that King Solomon recieved precious metals such as gold and silver from Ophir every couple of years. Ophir is a biblical place that was supposedly very wealthy. Where was Ophir? Africa. Hmmm. Brings us back to those Sumerian gold stories, doesn't it? Well, it is widely known, and it was very evident in those days, that Africa had gold mines. Even in ancient times, men would be sent into the mountains and caves to retrieve gold. Maybe this is where many myths and legends of cave-dwelling monsters come from. No one would be allowed into the caves or mountains because the gold was not meant for commoners. So, no, this gold-mining thing isn't new. But how did they know to go into the caves to find the gold? And I still haven't answered the question: Why, if the gold was abundant, did it become such an expensive metal?

Gold in a battery

If you haven't seen the "Lotus-bulbs" on the side of the walls in egyptian tombs and pyramids, i suggest you view this little video:

"Hey Tenkay, that's cool and all, but how would they even power it? Ignorant Fool!"

Well, allow me to humor you:

Also, keep in mind the battery box, as it is a useful thing to remember if you want to build one yourself.

"I...uh...herpp derppp"

Yeah, it was confusing to figure out how this worked too, but here's what I gathered:
The Egyptians are known for their outstanding knowledge in astronomy and science (?). They must have known about things such as the North and South poles, so they had the ability to understand and know things such as the magnetic charges flowing from North to South. All they would need is this knowledge, and some wires. Granted, from my above section, they would have had more than enough Gold and Copper to work with. Now, the few milliamps this device creates is IMMENSELY SMALL.

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