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HEALTH CARE: The libertarian Way

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 02:51 PM
Health care isn't a right..... people like the sound of that but it isn't ture, the consitution protects the right to your property, you don't have the right to anybody else's property, if we presume you have a right to health care that means you should be able to run into a office and say fix me and the doc would have to do it for free? you do not have the right to demand someone do that..

Where does the gov get the money do to this, they take money out of your pocket take 50 for overhead and give the doc 50, if you could do this then you can take out twice as much money out of my pocket, and he doesn't support this, if you come into my apartment to take money,then you are going to need twice as much healthcare.. (his joke)

The LP stance:

A good choice for America = Peace-Prosperity-Freedom

Today 50% of all health care dollars are spent by the government.

health insurance costs are skyrocketing. And government health programs are heading for bankruptcy. Rather than roll back the gov obstacles to affordable health care, politicians continue to pile on more regulations.

However the LP, knows the only health care reforms that will make a real difference are those that draq on the strength of the free market:

We will:

Establish Medical Savings Accounts.

Under this program, you could deposit tax free money into a medical savings account (MSA) in the same way that you currently save money in an IRA.
Whenever you needed money to pay medical bills, you could withdraw it. And for individuals without an MSA, Lp's would make all health care expenditures 100% tax deductible.

Deregulate the health care industry.

We should repeal all government politices that increase health costs and decrease the availability of medical services.
For example, every state has laws that mandate coverage of specific disabilites and diseases. These laws reduce consumer choice and increase the cost of health insurance. Surveys show that the high price of health insurance is the major reason why small businesses don't offer health benefits to employees.
By making insurance more expensive, mandated benefits increase the number of uninsured.

Remove barriers to safe, affordable medicines.

We should replace harmful government agencies like the FDA with more agile free market alternatives. The mission of the FDA is to protect us from unsafe medicines. In fact, the FDA has driven up health care costs and deprived millions of Americans of desperately needed treatments. For ie/ during the 10 year dely in approving propanolol ( a heart medication that treats angina and hypertention) appx 100,000 people died who could have been treated wit this one lifesaving drug. Bureaucratic roadblock should not kill sick Americans.

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