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Please read. Havent seen this anywhere else

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 12:56 PM
Occasionally im searching through russian ufo pages, you can find some really interesting things there. So here is a translation of one part of an article:

Italian ufolog of Alberto fengolio revealed documents about one additional intriguing history, connected with landing UFO. Occurred this near Alenkona (France) on 12 June, 1790, of approximately 17.00. For the investigation of this history from Paris was directed police inspector Lib'e, and precisely his report was discovered by Italian ufologist. Witnesses, the group of French peasants, by stories to inspector about the enormous sphere, which, revolving around its axis, appeared above their locality and broke against the apex of hill, after destroying in this case whole plantation of vegetables, from the heat, extended by this sphere, the grass began to burn, but peasants prevented the development of fire. Enormous sphere was such hot, that could not be touched. "the witnesses of this case, wrote Lib'e, were two mayors, doctor even other three very authoritative persons, not to mention the enormous crowd of peasants, they all can if necessary confirm my report", when crowd surrounded mysterious object, "in its walls it was opened something more similar to the door and outside came a creature, who was outwardly more similar to us, but was dressed strange, in a completely covering body clothing. After seeing crowd, creature muttered something incomprehensible and rushed to run into the forest ".Peasants in the horror hit from the sphere, and through several minutes object noiselessly exploded, having left after itself anything, except fine dust. The search of mysterious person was organized, "but it, it seemed, was dissolved in air...

Couldnt find no info on this, anywhere, there is nothing on this case, except a book - Keel J. UFO: Operation Trojan Horse.
If it does sound interesting to you, help me find some info on this. Maybe someone has read this book?

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