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The old man...

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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 03:57 PM
7, May, 2010. I woke up feeling sick. Decided to call of work because I was having some small problems walking around. Sat down and watched tv for the rest of the day.
8, May, 2010. Sickness has gottne worse. It aches to eat and drink. I'm finding it harder to do simple tasks as I lie there.
10, May, 2010. Called a doctor, but they have no idea what is wrong with me. They prescribed some medication and left me to lie there.
12, May, 2010. Someone knocked on door today. I tried to tell them to come in, but they left when they heard my voice. The pain has gotten worse to where I am having problems even keeping my eyes open. All I can do is lie there and sleep the days away.
13, May, 2010. Some guy knocked on the door again. I struggled to walk over and open the door for him to walk in, agonizing pain striking my legs with every step. I allowed him in and he looked at me. The strange man stood at about 6 foot 6 inches tall. He looked very thin underneath the black clothing he wore. Over his clothing he wore a white lab coat. He began to talk to me about what was wrong and I stuggled to explain to him. He gasped and grabbed me, slamming me onto my dining room table. I felt myself fall asleep as he injected me with some shot.
14, May, 2010. I woke up to see the man standing over me, rubbing over my now bare chest with some weird liquid. He covered my entire chest with it and lit some candles around me as he began to say something in a language i never heard before. He then grabbed a box of matches, and after striking one, threw it on my chest, igniting the liquid all over me. I screamed for what felt like hours as every part of my being felt like it was jabbed with hot iron. He finally put the fire out by throwing another liquid on it. The green flames that were burning me were replaced with a strange purple light as I lost consciousness.
16,May,2010. I woke up to the old man sitting there reading a book. I stood up and realised that I wasn't sick anymore. I asked him what he did, but he didn't answer. I kept asking him questions, but in the end he just stood up and walked away, telling me to follow him. I followed him to some old looking house, and the old man began to explain himself. He was a doctor, and knows of this strange illness that I have. According ot him the illness strikes twice a year, and unless I get cured like he did, I would die from cellular disintegration. I paled at the thought as he explained that whenever I feel the symptoms coming on, I would come to this house so he could help me, but never come when I don't need something. I walked away confused by what he meant.
1, December, 2010. After several months, I forgot about the old man partially and went back to my normal life. Everything seemed great and I was doing much better health wise than I did before. The boss gave us two weeks off for holiday in few days so I can't wait.
15, December, 2010. Break just started, and I'm feeling terrible again. It feels like that illness I had earlier in the year has come back, so I drove back to the old man's house, so I can enjoy myself and have a great vacation with family. I arrived and knocked on the door as he opened for me. The giant of a man took me with him to a small operating room in the back, and started to chain me up so he can begin to operation. As with the last time, I collapsed afterwards from the pain, and woke up the next day.
16, December, 2010. I woke up and wiped the residue off of my chest as I talked with the old man. We talked for the whole day, as he told me his life story. He apparently served in the military during war time, and after the war went to become a doctor to help others. I then invited him to my house for the christmas party I was having in few days, and he said he would try to be there.
20, December, 2010. Today we had the party. I was enjoying myself, talking with my girlfriend and friends. After the party I looked around and noticed the old man didn't show up. I just shrugged it off as him being busy doctoring. There was no way I was his only patient. I thought to myself as I went to sleep.
1, May, 2011. I woke up and felt great so I decided to go for a jog. I ran by the house the old man lived in, and contemplated visiting him. I decided against it though, and ran to friend's house to hang out with him.
5, May, 2011. I woke up sick again, and like the last few times, I visited the old man. This became a common practice as he helped to take care of me. This time however, he explained more about the illness, and how it is some birth defect that slowly disintigrates the cells in the person's organs, and with the fire and chemicals, he injects various medicine to prolong it, to keep me alive. I tried to ask him to teach me about the fire, or tell me if there was anything he wanted in return for helping me. He merely said that he has seen many people die from this illness, and the joy of preventing it and helping others is all that matters.
4, July, 2011. I was hanging out with friends as I saw a weird text message appear on my phone. I couldn't understand the language it was written in, and tried to show my friends so they could explain it. None of them knew, so I figured I would look at it more later. I went home and got on the internet so I could translate it, and was shocked by what it said
"Beware the man wearing white!" It said, and I went to sleep pondering the meaning of that message.
30, July, 2011. I got another message, this one saying something about going to the man wearing black, and I got tired of these cryptic messages. I called the police to ask them who sent these messages, but they said that the number associated with that phone had been shut off years ago. They gave me the address of the person who owned it, and I saw it was the house the old man lived. I was going to have to talk to him later about it.
20, August, 2011. What do those messages mean!? I kept asking myself as I looked it up. I knew I wouldn't be able to find anything on the old man because I didn't have his name, so I figured I would look around his house to find some clues to who he is.
31, October, 2011. I looked around his house today, hoping to find something. As I looked around though, I discovered there was nothing to see. The house was barren and seemed to match the theme of the holiday without any decorations. I figured I would just ask him who he was next time I visited him.
10, December, 2011. Finally the sickness hit and I was able to talk to him. I feared his previous advice about dying without his cure, and knew that if I bothered him too much, he might stop healing me. So I went ot his house and he stood there waiting for me by the table. After the operation, which I have been getting better at dealing with, I tried to ask him about his name. He said that he had forgotten his name, that his family and loved ones are all dead. Even his patients that knew his name were all long dead. He explained I was one of the few people he spoke to nowadays, and I then felt guilt for suspecting the old man. I stood up and put my arm on his shoulder, asking him if he wanted to go get somethign to eat with me.
20, May , 2012. After he healed me, we went out to eat again, the two of us seemed to have become good friends. During our lunch though, one of my friends walked by and I waved to him, but he didn't pay attention to the old man as he walked over and started to speak to me. I tried introducing the

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by locololo

the old man, but Jake ran off when his girlfriend called him over. We went back to his house, and I left to mine.
10, June, 2012. I got another message, this time in a call. Unlike the previous ones this message had been in english, and said something about being careful around the man in white. I ignored it, knowing how they were idiots if they thought the old man was anything but evil.
9, September, 2012, I went for a job and messed up. I ran by the old mans house when this guy walked over to me. He introduced himself as the son of the old man, and asked me if I knew where his house was. I led him there, and when we got to the house, the guy produced a key and walked in, and I followed him confused. He showed me around the house which looked different than it normally did. Unlike before where it was nice and looked lively, but dark, this time it looked old and destroyed. Everything about it was faded, except for a rock in the backyard. This rock looked to be a grave marker, and though the name wasn't there, it made mention of how the long since dead person was burned for practicing witchcraft. The young man walked over to me and put his arm over me with a look of confusion on his face. He explained how his father told him of this place and to be careful of it because of evil spirits living there and tormenting those who entered. He just laughed it off and led me away.
10, September, 2012. I woke up to a phone call, and listened to the message it said that I messed up, and because of it I will suffer. It didn't make sense to me though. How did the man never exist? Who have I been talking to all this time? IF not for him, what had been curing me for all these years?!
25, November, 2012. It's coming soon I can feel it. I am fearful of what will happen now that the old man isn't really there. Am I really going to die?
30,November,2012. Curse you young man! Curse your and your family! I know what is needed to be done now!! I'll go there! I'll prove you wrong! I know it!!
10, December,2012. I walked into the house again as I did for all those years, hoping to see the old man sitting there, ready to help me. It was empty, and the house looked as barren as always. I know it's not real.
11, December,2012. This is not the end! I know it! IgdsWillfnakNotfjdlDiekfakYet!!
*please note that the next message was found by the dead person, who apparently burned to death*
It has come to our attention that this old man was a person who lived in the area about 200 years ago. His "son" was a young priest that dressed in white, and had the doctor and his patients condemned to burn for being practicing witchcraft. This isn't the first time that this old man has reappaeared though, but this is the first for the priest. We will keep doing research on this place so we can figure out what is happening.

*further research*
We have discovered that the person in charge of this house will not allow it to be destroyed. She says that it is a gateway to keep those who had been touched by demons safe. By what she meant by this, we do not know. But it is decided that we will block off this house so that no one may enter or exit.

This is my first attempt at a creepypasta. Creepypastas are generally dark stories that leave behind a mystery.

Tell me what you think of it

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 04:17 PM
Very interesting story - could not stop reading it. Would like to read more.

Well done.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by Australiana

Thanks, I plan to do more in the future.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 06:29 PM
looove it... i almost freaked out when the one part ended and i did not yet see the second half
though a quick refresh led me to my destination. I did greatly enjoy this story, however i am very very curious as to where i can find this man lol my doctors suck!

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by N3v3rmor3

Lol, when i thought of it at first, the old man was going to make a deal with the guy to kill the priest. but then i thought differently and made the old man to be a spirit who had been using the house during certain times of the year to return to earth. Coincendentally this guy had problems with his health during the same time, so he could do what he did when he was living.

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 03:53 PM
reply to post by locololo

Okay... Loco.... I read the entire thing which was a miracle. But do me a favor and no more >,> Litteraly you about gave this twenty two year old a panic attack x.x I hate these kinds of stories. They bring back baddddd memories. But sadly despite all that I would read your next one if you were to continue >,> I loved the story even if it did give me a semi fright. So star, and flag for you.
edit on 7-12-2011 by Rishiana because: More info needed

posted on Dec, 7 2011 @ 04:10 PM
reply to post by locololo

Nice work, locololo -

My fav bit was your description of the fire treatments. Very vivid, I was there. . .
I've been a writer for many many years, it comes and goes with me -

Good on you for sharing your gift of storytelling, I'll look for you again -


posted on Dec, 8 2011 @ 10:02 PM
reply to post by nexotop

Thanks, the flames are most mysterious to me, with first a green fire, and then a purple. the green flames would burn and agonize, accelerating the disease to the point that it died, but killing the person as well. Then the purple flames, which were never seen because the guy would "faint" before fully seeing them. They would revive the person and then heal the burns.

Thanks for the praise, when I get another idea for a story, I'll write it up

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