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The Reptilians And Insectoids Walk Among Us

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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 12:01 PM
Our Earthquakes,Tsunamis and Volcanic eruptions are their Preliminary Bombardments inflicted upon us to soften us up before they ascend from out of our oceans and ascend from deep below us underground to arise in their millions and destroy Humanity and reclaim the earths surface...

It just couldnt possibly get any worse than this and i believe that these sinister Bi-Pedal creatures are planning another invasion upon the surface of earth,to eliminate the surface dwelling humans once and for all,one final and massive Soul Harvest and this will be our Apocalypse...Armageddon...Unleashed upon us in December, 2012...

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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by blocula
Our Earthquakes,Tsunamis and Volcanic eruptions are their Preliminary Bombardments inflicted upon us to soften us up before they ascend from out of our oceans and ascend from deep below us underground in their millions,to rise and destroy Humanity and reclaim the earths surface...

It just couldnt possibly get any worse than this and i believe that these sinister Bi-Pedal creatures are planning another invasion upon the surface of earth,to try and eliminate the surface dwelling humans once and for all,one final and massive Soul Harvest and this will be our Apocalypse...Armageddon...Unleashed upon us in December, 2012...

So now your just copying and pasting the end of your OP?

Must be true now.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 12:17 PM
We just take for granted,that what scientists and geologists tell us about the earths interior and what its comprised of,as being the only truth.When in reality "no one has ever gone down there" so we really do not know.The deepest cave exploration by any person is not even two miles down! The deepest hole ever drilled is only 7.5 miles! and keeping those facts in mind,understand that from the earths surface to the core,is around 4,000 miles! and scientists sending radar beams or sound waves into the earth is in no way any real proof at all to me about whats really down there beneath us...

And the same thing applies to our oceans "we do not know whats really down there" either...
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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 12:19 PM
i think they are just one species in the "universe" - more advanced and interfered with us - in a negativ way (at first they helped but then turned around, y? -idk)...and then the architects came and helped us...maybe some are still here but they know the architects dont allow any domination of anything and so i think there is no real spirituality keeps a connection to them and as long as we keep thinking about the architects there is no threat for us...with atseroid, flood, flare or nothing...they will rescue us (maybe with some damage but in the end we will survive)...y? because we would do the same if we could!...and thats the "spirit" of the architect they left in us...

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by blocula

Wow. Really scary picture you paint there. Like super duper scary.

Lots of fear mongering. Very little substantive information or resources to back it up. Now mind you - I am about as open-minded as you'll find. I don't discount the possibility of truth here. But that's the funny thing about truth. It can be overwhelmed and overcome with so much fear-based diatribe on both sides that it can remain to most hidden - right out in the open.

In these cases, I usually like to get a feel for the overall viewpoints of the author. However, I must admit that looking at your prolific body of work here makes that quite a challenge - an average of 26 posts a day over the 4 months you have been here is a bit much for me to look at on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. So I'll just come out and ask - what is your intent with this piece?

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 01:20 PM

Originally posted by ProudBird
This is fiction, and not even science fiction....because real science fiction tries to at least of some semblance of plausibility.

Is there anything on ATS you find plausible anyway?

Just the fact that "hell" and the underground seem to be tightly linked.
Whatever there is under us, we have been conditioned to fear it and not go there.

What better to they have of hiding their existence then a fear as deep as hell itself?

I strongly believe that there is an inner earth or at least caverns where life lives civilized or not and the entrances are at the poles just like there is an entrance in most planets.

Under the tick layer of gasses, a planet like Jupiter could have billions or lifeforms underneath it's crust.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 01:26 PM

Originally posted by blocula
It just couldnt possibly get any worse than this and i believe that these sinister Bi-Pedal creatures are planning another invasion upon the surface of earth,to eliminate the surface dwelling humans once and for all,one final and massive

What if maybe those beings are not evil?

Maybe we are the evil ones come to think of it.
Even if they did come out of the underground to peacefully talk with us, the army would shoot them on sight.

Just like human races, I believe that we can live together in peace towards a goal of evolution and thriving of all intelligent life. Stop the fear, fear doesn't make no one think right.

They fear us as much as we fear them, let's be the first to greet with open arms.
We both have so much to learn, something which is more beneficial then killing each other.
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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by 1AnunnakiBastard

Man what you need to remember is that ancient cultures like the Sumerians and others, were just as cable of imagination and creative writing as modern humans are of producing Sci-fi movies/stories etc. When considering the cultural context of ancient writings its always wise to consider their modern counterparts. You must concede at least that ancient humans were just as capable as we are today of complex, ordered and imaginative story telling.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 02:05 PM
I know reptillians are here, as are the nordic aliens. I have never seen an insectoid or grey alien but I have heard of them. One i have never heard of is a fish type alien. Why not, we have all other groups, from insects, to mamals.

Maybe flippers aint so good for building with

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by 1AnunnakiBastard

Good day to you from Agarta(inside joke lol(pun intended)),

before I get into my post to you I would like to give some history for other readers that may not be aware of the Annunaki and their place in Egyptian history.

In pre-dynastic Egypt the cycles of life were as one, from the over world to the underworld, and they were represented as the Sun and the Moon. The Sun god, Amen, being of birth and life and the Moon god, Sin, being of death and afterlife. Sin, the Moon god, ruled over the 7 guardians of the gates of the undeworld(aka the 7 fates) known as the Annunaki. Later they came to be represented as the 7 deadly Sins of the Bible(which I find interesting as 7 dead or underworld and sins being the Moon god that ruled over them, but anyway...) It was the creations of the Annunaki that became the gods of the religions of ancient Egypt.

Okay with that said I wanted to express my thoughts on the true Annunaki(as far out as it may be lol)
Lets say, for just a moment, that our Sun, Sunna, is a female sun and gives birth to the planets. The solid planets being male and the gaseous planets being female(as the have the potential to become suns). So, to follow the thought...our Sun has certain orbit areas and the birthing "ring" is currently empty. When the Sun gives birth, the new planet orbits here, in the cradle orbit, until it is ready to move into the toddler orbit currently held by mercury. When this happens all the other planets are pushed out, by gravitational pulls, into more advanced orbits of their growth cycle.

Now lets say that the Human existence began on Mars. This civilization grew and became technologically advanced. Mercury was born and developed in the cradle orbit and as time neared for Mercury to shift out, the Humans realized they had to pack up and move. So a decision was made by someone, lets call him Noah, to create an ark in order to move life from one planet to another in the form of Human life and DNA.

Now lets say that Terra(Earth) was not ready for life to exist so the ark was taken to Luna(our moon) and bases were created under its surface to await the development of Terra. DNA was transplanted to Terra and cultivated to develop a living biosphere. This period was all about the timing. Terra had to grow and develop, but as it did, it no longer radiated the heat to sustain life on Luna, so they had to hold out to the last moment between Luna getting too cold and Terra cooling enough. As the atmosphere was not ready to maintain Human life, they had to enter the interior of the Terra and create an artificial atmosphere contained within the core of the planet.

So life developed in order to create the proper conditions to handle the needs of Humans to live on the surface ie proper atmospheric conditions, surface temperatures, etc. During this period DNA was manipulated as test subjects for the move to the surface ie part man part animal. Once parts of the civilization moved to the surface they began to develop civilizations on the surface and the original "Hybrids"(half man half animal) became the forerunners of the Human race upon the surface and were considered gods as they held the knowledge of the surface world. A conflict began and ties to the underworld were severed, technology gave way to nature and the origins became legend and eventually myth.

This would bring us to the beginnings of the Amen. Amen meaning “hidden”, was the main deity of the city of Thebes(Karnak and Luxor) from Pre-Dynastic Egypt and was seen as the creation Deity by the priests of Hemopolis who altered the knowledge of Sunna(our Sun) from female to male to hide the truth from the surface dwellers . He was depicted as ram-headed, more specifically a woolly ram with curved horns. s When the Thebians established their sovereignty in Egypt during the Middle Kingdom, Amen became a dominant deity and by the 8th Dynasty he had became the king of the gods. His name was spelled, at this time, in different ways, for example Amen, Amon, Amun, Ammon, Amoun and Imen. By the the 11th Dynasty his name was settled on the spelling of Amun and in the 18th dynasty he had been merged with Ra, thus, Amun-Ra, making him half man and half ram. Later he was associated with Horus and was shown as half man and half Hawk which he is better known today.

Although the Agartians(spelling varies ie Agartha, Agharta etc.) remained, the surface dwellers in control of the verbal stories told changed their name to Annunaki(Ananki in Greek, taken from the plural of Ananke) and depicted them as the Dark ones or Evil(out of the light). Over the years connections have been made and Maybe this is where the technological advances of the modern age stem from as it is coming time for Sunna to give birth once more and the cycle is repeated.

Continued next post-
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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 02:50 PM
Serious question...are you on medication or do you do a lot of you have some sort of mental disorder OP?

I ask this because I have seen your threads before and they are usually rantings on subjects that belong in the fairy tale realm, yet you post these subjects like they are fact and never offer any evidence.

So please answer my question...

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Agarta

I realized I forgot to add a few things and my last post is out of characters lol.

The stories of Atlantis may have stemmed from the original move to the surface by the Agartians as Atlantis was presumed highly advanced. This may have been where the conflict began and it "sank beneath the waves" to retreat back to the underworld or Agarta.

Hybrids may be still being created as the Agartians can no longer breath our atmosphere due to their controlled environment and our pollution of ours. We have a 20% oxygen content maybe they need higher levels or something else has been depleted. We would have adapted to these changes and they may not have.

Due to this possible future move, it is imperative that we understand DNA and its storage, and to ease in the move, population must be thinned, a central government must be formed etc.

These are just some thoughts into possibility. Putting possible puzzles together to form a picture.

By the way is your avatar from a movie? I would be interested in viewing it if so.

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by Manhater
Theres lots of things that i am told exist that i have never seen,i could easliy list 5,000 things that are supposedly real that i have never looked at with my own eyes...

We should not discount the numerous eye witness testimonies from people who dared to come forward and talk about their encounters with the Reptilians and the Insectoids and for us to ignore and deny their existence would be a very big mistake for us all...

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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 06:30 AM
Blocula, you've done it again and started a very controversial topic with extremely interesting debate about what exactly lies beneath our feet. What I find most useful is that you loosely tie together our myths about Hell, the struggle against Evil, the existence of an Agartha or inner Earth world, the presence of underworld Aliens we call ETs but who may well be earthly creatures, the fact that many of their manifestations can only be described as ultradimensional or cross-dimensional entering our time space subjective reference field episodically, and also providing clues at to what may be going on in our enslavement in a totally controlled society with special "breeds" ruling over us as sectarian bloodlines which won't mix with the plebian commoners. Another Star and Flag for you.

Physicist suggests that ExtraDimensional creatures are likely

We can also assume that if such entities were able to disengage electronics and prevent weapons from being effective the best way to counter them would be to somehow compensate for their far greater physical strength by using deadly weapons much in the matter of Saint George fighting off the Dragon? I posted a link to this thread in another ATS discussion dealing exactly with this matter:

Mystery: Why is NASA training astronauts in Medieval Weaponry

reply to post by Agarta

Well Agartha, your post is in no way reassuring. If I figure things out according to your ancient account, the creatures who live underneath our surface are the original life bearers who terraformed our planet Earth and who are still living below the surface? We humans are genetically engineered hybridized mammals created by them for whatever purposes they may have had, and now that we have served our purpose as a food staple and adjuncts in shifting the climate to their preferred temperature they are ready to come back up to the surface and take over their rightful possession they created from us, their cattle?!?

If so then that would imply that Biocula is smack on correctwith his doomsday of reckoning scenario, and that we are really up sh*t creek... I can personally attest to the existence of the tall entities called Draco Reptilians and several accounts of my experience can be read in this forum. What had bothered me a lot was the fact that I couldn't explain where it had arrived by, as had he been walking to where I first saw him all traffic would have been stopped in a major pile-up. So it remained a mystery as to where he might have come from until I read the article to which you linked in the first post of this thread.

LINKS to full description of Getsmart's Urban Reptilian Encounter

Based upon my experience I am very inclined to conclude that the most likely explanation is that we are indeed dealing with Interdimensional species which can suddenly appear among us physically for a certain amount of time. Whether they fully control when and where they appear or for how long remains unknown to me. Yet I find it also compelling that those who have killed the Insectoids noticed that within ten seconds all but their lost bodily fluids leave our physical dimension within 20 seconds of their death. This reminds me of the early TV series called The Invaders in which aliens disguised as humans would vanish once they were dead or by means of some alien technology like at the end of this episode:


posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:28 AM
Heres a few links about encounters with the Insectoids and if you read through these testimonies,it will become plainly apparent that people have been seeing and have been abducted by these highly intelligent,bi-pedal entities for many years and these beings also represent a very real and mostly ignored aspect of the UFO/Alien phenomena that most people and even a lot of UFO/Alien investigators,would rather try and steer around,but,these creatures and what they are doing to us and what they are should not continue being casually brushed aside and if our denial of their existence is prolonged much longer,it will prove a very big mistake for us all....
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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 07:52 AM
The Reptilians and Insectoids do not come from outer space,they originate from right here on earth long before humans arrived on the evolutionary scene and they are at the top of earths food chain and certain government officials in this fallen world are working in unison with these diabolical creatures to better themselves and harm the rest of humanity...

We are being led far astray from the truth when we are told and then believe the mainstreams and medias constant hammerings of aliens from space,they are not from outer space,they are from earth and they dwell within the unreachable realms below us deep underground...

Just imagine the bitter truth that the deepest any human has ever gone down into a cave is Only Two Miles!

Just imagine the bitter truth that the deepest hole ever drilled with a drill bit is Only 7 miles!

Then understand the reality that from the surface of the earth straight down to its core is 4,000 Miles Down!

and face the Truth that We Do Not Know Whats Down There...

I believe that entire civilizations of Insectoids and Reptilians are living down there within those unknown regions that are completely impenetrable and impossible for us to get to...

But they know how to get to us..
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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by blocula

I too have experimented with drugs in the past.

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:19 AM
reply to post by blocula

Hi blocula,

One of the links in your last post is about a man who now lives in London but who used to have dreadful visitations by Insectoids and who courageously is still communicating his experience in a warning to the rest of us. He noticed that the beings he encountered happened to look much like those in a British production B-movie called "Evil Aliens".

I happened to notice that this type of Evil Alien entity is not original but comes from a far earlier reference to such beings, from the 19th Century, presented in cinematographic form in the 1964 movie "First Men In The Moon".

You will remark that they do look quite similar to those of many abduction victims who mention insectoids and that the original location of this fictional sci-fi rendition dates back over a century. You will also note that the men who arrived on the Moon were not exactly greeted with a heartwarming welcome and their experience sounds a lot like the sort of predatory behavior which many are experiencing today.

King of the Insectoids on his Throne in The First Men in the Moon


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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:34 AM
Most peoples beliefs are hanging by the thinnest of threads called blind faith and those threads are beginning to fray and come apart,because if humanity realized and faced the brutal truth that we are not at the top of earths food chain and understood that just as we continuously and thoughtlessly breed,slaughter and consume innocent animals on a daily basis without a care in the world...

There exists more highly evolved and intelligent beings than we are who are doing the exact same things to us and they are the Reptilians and Insectoids who live below us deep underground.We are their livestock allowed to breed upon the surface to ensure them a steady supply of expendable dna and soul harvests and they allow us to play with our toys,because their Technological prowess and Psychological abilities completely dwarf our own inventions...

For us to be brought face to face with this shattering reality would decimate everything humanity has ever believed in and i could not possibly think of anything worse for us than if this were true and it very well might be and to find out that this is actually the truth about who we are and why we are here would completely annihilate the structures and foundations of our society and civilization,nothing would ever be the same again and our preconceived ideas about our existence on earth would be torn asunder...
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posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:44 AM
Here is a real story which may interest you OP.

There really is an undercurrent of reality coexisting here with us humans and I believe that the ptb are well aware, perhaps many of the ruling elites themselves took the deal.

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