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WAR: Pipelines Hit in Northern Iraq

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posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 10:27 AM
After a week of no exports from Southern Iraq due to a series of attacks on pipelines in that part if the war-torn country, insurgents have now attacked pipelines in the north causing a total cessation of exports from Northern Iraq to Turkey. Authorities are estimating no northern exports for at least a week.
SABOTEURS set ablaze a vital oil pipeline between the Iraqi city of Kirkuk and Turkey today, just a day after the fire that had halted all northern crude exports had been extinguished, an oil official told AFP.

"We had extinguished the fire Sunday at noon but unknown attackers reignited it Monday at 9.30am (local time) by setting fire to the oil that had leaked on both sides of the pipeline," Ahmed Ali, from the Northern Oil Co, said.

"It will take us another 24 hours to put it out again," he said.

Two days after the initial sabotage on Thursday, NOC security chief Ahmed Hassan Ghafif had said pumping to Turkey was halted until further notice and that the repairs would last a week, further crippling an ailing national economy which heavily relies on oil exports.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The cessation of oil exports from Southern Iraq last weekend represented a $60,000,000 loss in revenue per day for the Iraqi people. Estimates of loss of revenue on the northern exports has not yet been supplied.

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