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Take My Wealth, Please: 1 Percenters Who Fight for the 99 Percent

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 07:49 AM

Occupy Wall Street is slowing down a bit as winter sets in, but the conversation it inspired is still gaining momentum. Millions of Americans who once viewed themselves in general terms like "middle class," "struggling" or "comfortable" now see the world more sharply divided into two groups: the 99% and the 1%.

But even in the middle of the protests, the division isn't as stark as one might think. From the beginning, some of Occupy Wall Street's strongest supporters have come from America's richest families. Who are these wealthy few who have crossed the boundary, and what are they doing to help the other 99%?


i have always disliked at the times i have been to occupy L.A and heard people yelling something inappropriate about the "1%". a few times iv'e appropriately asked them if they can just "chill" with the language.
"the 99% will protest until the 1% join us and we become the 100%" - some guy at occupy l.a

we stand with the 99percent
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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:05 AM
If anyone deserves help its the homeless and poor families who can't afford to feed their children, for crying out loud stop donating money to unemployed 20 somethings who sit outside wall street banging on drums, if you are going to donate money donate it to a frigging homeless shelter or woman's shelter or to a foundation to help find cures for diseases!, one guy on here was bragging he bought an ows'er a new camera because he felt bad for the kid having a crappy one. "I spent 1000 dollars on a camera for this kid now he can film better", WOW, WTF?, I watch this ows every day on live stream, I will occasionally see someone over 40, everyone looks like they just walked out of a dorm room and its a halloween themed what hippy from the 60's can I look like party.

Priorities, for crying out loud, don't forget the donations to the OWS, last I heard it was over 500,000 dollars, that was 3 weeks ago, wonder what it is now.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:07 AM
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I'm sure there are plenty of people who would be more than willing to help them "redistribute" their wealth.
They are doing this purely as lip service. Nothing more.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by OUTofSTEPwithTHEworld

If they were really concerned they would ask for their money to be taken. They would be giving it away. Talk about a con job.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 09:01 AM
reply to post by redrose123

Yet when asked to pony up, these philanthropists seem a bit tighter with their wallets then their PR would suggest.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 09:06 AM
reply to post by SirMike

Yep. I would like to see one example, just one, of a 1% person actually giving money to someone from the 99% and actually showing them how to keep it, and multiply it. There is no example of this because they are never going to do it. As the old saying goes, it takes money to make money. So unless you already have it, you are screwed out of the gate.

I know there are some who have luck, being in the right place at the right time, but that is not the norm. For the rest of us, we can have a comfortable life, but we will never be over that seven figure income.
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