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Wisconsin DA charges 6 y.o. boy with a first-degree felony for playing doctor with 5 y.o. girl

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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by webpirate

Definitely politically motivated. From the facts section of the complaint:

(3) The 5 year-old female and her 5 year-old brother are the children of a significant political figure in Grant County. The 5 year-old children's mother,
who is the wife of the aforementioned political figure, is described by Defendant
Kopp as having witnessed the act. See Wisconsin State case no. 2010JV000068.
(4) The brother (not named because of his age) engaged in an act upon "D's" body; however, he was not charged as was D.


"D" is the little boy being charged, and the complaint alledges that the brother of the sister that "D" played "doctor" with, did the same thing to "D", but no charges were filed.

Disgusting that people will stoop as low as charging that a 6 year old is a sexual predator for political gain and spite of thy neighbor

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by ZombieJesus

this is disgusting. And it may backfire if it's political gain they're seeking. I hope they know the backlash that is going on about their decision.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 03:21 AM

Originally posted by caladonea
reply to post by Alien Abduct

There is already a thread on this....

That thread is crap. They didn't site their opinion, they didn't add to the story, they didn't start a discussion topic, they didn't site multiple sources like I did. Yes they posted the initial story first but what they posted had no substance. This story deserves more than an un-opinionated un-researched OP I think this story deserves a little more attention than that.


posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 03:49 AM
Thanks Zombie, I'm going to post a bit more from the source you sited so that some of the more important points don't get over looked..............

O.M.F.G. Guys, look at this, read this scandalous crap. This is something straight out of a book or maybe a lifetime movie, the plot thickens and the motives become apparent........WoW

This is primarily a 42 U.S.C. §1983 action in which a 6 year-old child identified as "D", joined by his parents, allege violations of their U.S. 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendment Constitutional rights.

In the Fall of 2010, three children, namely "D" and two other children, each 5 years-old (brother & sister) were playing "Doctor" with their guest, D. Two of the three children, one of which was D, exhibited behavior that according to retained experts, is normal childhood behavior; however, the Grant County District Attorney (Defendant Lisa Riniker), asserts that the behavior was felonious.

She charged one of the three children (rather than two), specifically 6 year-old D, with a Class B Felony, namely "1st Degree Sexual Assault." Defendant-District Attorney Riniker wrote in her opposition and response to efforts by D's attorney to have the felony charge dismissed because D is 6: "The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to.

The legislature did no such thing." "D" suffers from ADHD. He allegedly touched his 5 year-old female companion inappropriately.

She Case: 3:11-cv-00773-slc Document #: 2 Filed: 11/15/11 Page 1 of 252 is the daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County, Wisconsin. Although, the political figure's 5 year-old son (present with his 5 year-old sister), allegedly committed a similar act, the son was not charged. Instead, only "D" was charged.

D was investigated by Defendant Moravits of Grant County Social Services, whose regional supervisor (Ms. L) is the political figure's wife's sister-in-law, and is defined by the political figure (and by Ms. L) as the aunt of the two aforementioned 5 year-old children (of the political figure). Moravits wrote a scathing report critical of "D" calling for his prosecution and assuring the parents of D that in Grant County, Wisconsin a 6 year-old is and was not immune to criminal prosecution.

But as to the other child, the political figure's son, Moravits did not call for the laying of charges against him. Until last week, the District Attorney (DA), Defendant Riniker, was (or caused the) addressing and sending mail to 6 year- old D, rather than to the parents, and that the DA refers to the 6 year-old not by his first name but as "Mr._____" (last name redacted because of the child's age).

Furthermore, she sends or causes to be sent to the 6 year-old paperwork that tells him that he could go to jail if he does not show-up for court. Plaintiffs also seek injunctive relief to cause the Defendant Riniker to cease and desist from abridging the Parents (Plaintiffs) First Amendment rights by her pressuring the parents of "D" to force "D" to admit guilt when the boy says he did not do the act and, additionally, that the DA is demanding and pressuring the parents to sign a consent decree.

Plaintiffs assert that injunctive relief is necessary if the prosecutorDefendant Riniker will not cease and desist of her own volition, since the public interest favors governmental policies that encourage Prosecutors to act with discretion and to consider the Best Interests of a Child.

A Consent Decree that bodes with a process that causes a 6 year-old to appear as a Sex Offender when he attains the age of 18 is not in the public interest. The public--Wisconsin residents especially-- favors policies which hold that children can play "doctor" without being labeled as sex offenders or deemed guilty of the Felony known as First Degree Sexual Assault

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:04 AM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

Yes...I think you are right....your thread does have more substance.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:17 AM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

These people in positions of authority seem to forget its their responsibility to be able to handle these situations and not let this simple child's play even get into the system....Foolish..Crap....These Are little kids???...Kids Are in the the process of learning..Should you have a life long felony charge as a result of learning???

If this is acceptable decision making...God help us all

Thnx for the post

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

These stories are coming out more and more all the time. It began when some states began charging a few kids with extreme crimes and wanted to try them as adults. All at once kids are being arrested everywhere and charged with the craziest stuff. Where are these peoples brains and what are they trying to prove? We already know the mentally unstable are in control of the US.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:30 AM
There's tax dollars at work for you.

Utterly ridiculous.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:31 AM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

The DA who would push this case is lacking in common sense beyond what I can put in words
Thank you for posting...everyone needs to see this...The attack on our children has begun

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 08:40 AM
My son gets notes sent home from time to time. He is in pre-kindergarten, and he likes to get naked at nap time. He is dressed when they lay him down, and naked when they get him up.
The teachers think it is pretty funny, but we are trying to get him to stop it.

Both of my boys, age 5 and 4, think it is hilarious to run in the room naked, do a little "weenie dance" and run out before you can say anything.

All the boys and girls of my friends pee in the yard when they are swimming at the house. The tile is too slick to run in the house. None of the parents have any problems with letting the kids get out of the pools, run to the end of the deck and pee, and then jump back in the pool.

When I was about 13 or 14, the next door neighbor girl was 8, and the kid across the street was 9, and they got caught in her playhouse "playing doctor." They went even further than the kids in this story, they had instruments! They older brother (my age) walked in on it, almost had a heart attack, chased the poor little boy back across the road (luckily the younger one was fast). Nobody called the police. They grounded her, called his parents, and nailed the playhouse shut.
No more alone time for those two. The rest of us thought it was hilarious!

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 09:06 AM
Most likely this child will grow up to be a sex offender of some sort, so why is it so wrong to destroy his life now instead of later on? Many on ATS believe sex offenders are mentally destroyed without any hope of rehabilitation and if that is the case then this is the appropriate action to take against this boy, and he should possibly be given the death penalty. I suppose we should only hope that soon in the future we will be able to genetically screen fetuses for this "sex offender" disorder and then we can force abortions in order to save lives. Then move on from there to genetic abnormalities that result in violence or murder and abort those babies as well.

Or I suppose that instead, if society removed the insane stigma against disorders, crimes, and offenders and shifted towards screening and helping individuals early in life prior to the commission of any crime then many lives would be saved from trauma, injury or even death. But our society tends to put a band aid on problems until it is too late and the harm has already been done.

Nearly all of our society's problems are a symptom, a result, of the true issue with humanity, and a failure of our system to adequately provide for, and help those in need. Combine this with artificial scarcity and inequality and you have the recipe that destroys lives.

Pain, Suffering, and Death are all preventable artificial creations of our modern society which directly feeds into a mob feedback loop that only makes things worse.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 09:40 AM
That's it. What a waste of more money, and for no good reason. Please let's just do this WW3, Rapture, Apocalypse whatever end game scenario you believe in. We have obviously have reached our peak performance as a species. Brain power and critical thinking seem to be diminishing across the globe.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 09:52 AM
Man I remember when I was 6 my mom had a roommate who had a daughter that was 2 years younger than me. We kissed each other on the mouth all the time, and once I was in the bathtub and she had to come in there and use the bathroom. I said, "you show me yours, I'll show you mine."

The point is, I'm not a sex offender. Sensual relationships at a young age are perfectly natural. How dare we impose laws against what is natural? I mean he was 6, and she was 5. It's not like he was 20 and she was 5. Stories like this make me hate my government.

Somebody send that DA the link to this thread after it has more replies, so he can get some feedback on his decisions and see how wrong he is.
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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by Alien Abduct

Children are naturally curious....and I bet 90% of society has played doctor and patient when they were children...I know I did...I remember it...I was very young...and It was all completely innocent.

I feel such compassion for this little boy....I fear for the emotional scars....he will have....and the therapy he will need. I just hope his parents are loving, understanding and will fight for him.

As for the DA and the Judge....I think they are exploiting the situation and trying to make public names for well as the parents of the girl.

I am just wondering... will this case be a legal example to be used in the future...

What's next arresting babies because they burped wrong!

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:16 AM

Judge Bill Dyke.

Is this name a joke? Like Mike Hunt? I can't see how any rational, living human being can take this case seriously. Is this a gullibility test on us? If it's not, I'm leaving this country, I'd rather take my chances with Al Qeda than with the kind of judges being pumped out here.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:19 AM
This is precisely why we have a jury system in this country that empowers the jury to say "No bill!" and refuse to allow these boneheaded fascist prosecutors from lining their resumes with absurd 'conviction' rates simply because "they can."

Most grand juries are brainwashed into thinking they have to abide by the prosecutors intent when these cases are brought to them to determine if charges will be brought; but every now and again some intrepid citizens see things like this and challenge the prosecutors by saying "What the hell are you doing?"

Considering that our nation suffers the highest prison population and the most ineffective "correctional" system (gag) it seems fitting that this prosecutor be singled out as a poster child for idiotic judgement and lack of professional ethics. Of course the judge must have been razzle-dazzled or something too, because frankly, any moron knows that this is not abnormal behavior.... and that's the key isn't it? The prosecutor wants to prosecute normal childhood behavior.... what's next, charging kids with felony theft every time they snatch up a toy to play with out of someone else's hands?

..... are we learning yet?

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:33 AM
As sad as this whole mess is, the bottom line is that the kids will be more scarred by the trial and attempted conviction than they ever would playing inappropriate games at that age. There is no way they can understand what is happening and what the consequences are for this kind of stupidity on the courts behalf. The prosecuting attorney, the judge and the people who started this whole mess should go see a butt doctor to get thier heads out of thier ... nether regions.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by JibbyJedi

I'd rather take my chances with Al Qeda than with the kind of judges being pumped out here.

Yeah, because in the middle east, the little girl could be sentenced to a stoning.

But you are right, this is seriously messed up. What is wrong with our legal system. Who let these folks grow up to become district attorneys and judges. They have some serious common sense issues.

Butt doctor.

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 10:54 AM
I'm sorry butt nothing shocks me anymore, NOTHING!
We are in some strange times indeed my friends and it is only getting weirder by the day.
I sometimes step back and look at this world we live in as though I were an Alien from a distant galaxy and I wonder to myself, "WHY in the hell do they do this to themselves"?

"Why don't you all just STOP IT"!?!?!?!?!?!

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 02:13 AM
This is a joke, right?

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