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Would you travel 2 hours to work?

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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:16 AM

Originally posted by mandroids
I have an opportunity to work at a great place, but it’s a 2 hour journey to get there. I’m very uncertain. I just imagine getting out of work at 5pm and knowing you have a 2 hour ahead of you.

Any opinions?

You don't mention if the journey involves driving or taking a train or some other form of public transportation. That makes a big diff. If you are taking public transporation, I know people sleep on the train on the way in most times. Driving would be really rough, possibly dangerous- just because of increased time on the road, a lot of $$ for gas, and can be stressful if you have to drive in traffic.

If I were you, I would be taking the job, then inquiring about staying at someone's house who lives nearby where you will be working- probably for a fee, during the week. If you can swing it, later on rent a room or something to stay in during the week. If you like the job and it's a good opportunity, then you should adjust your life accordingly. Put it this way, if you can eliminate 4hours of commuting time per day, that is 4 hours more where you can arrive more refreshed and rested for the job, and 4hours of OT a day you can put in on the job. If you actually take that 4hrs per day and use that time to work OT, that should reflect very well! With that competitive advantage, you should be first in line for upcoming promotions.

my 2cents...

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:47 AM
I guess it depends on the commute.. planes trains or cars
and if you really need to cash and can tolerate the travelling..

I hate lengthy commutes but due to a shortage of work around here on the Southern coast have always needed to travel to work (mostly London, Slough and places like that which have a 2-3hr each way commute)

Although the worst one was a 4+hr commute to and from Cirencester, now that hurt to leave at 4am and get back home at 11pm.. I wouldn't advise that to anyone bar the young and foolish
and yet I really do know too many people my own (40+) having to much such journeys each day to pay the bills... it is a killer on your home life.

So I would advise thinking what your going to get out of this and if there are any positives to where you are working, like being able to go out, go to a gym etc after work before heading home.. my partner and I did that in London.. we'd meet up after work for a meal and then travel home.. still screws up your home life but can make it manageable.

Hope you find and solution and by the way.. congratulations on the job offer

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