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Mediumship/Clairvoyance/Psychic - Your Questions & Experiences

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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 10:13 AM
I want to believe, I really do. I feel that there is so much more to this life, that there are so many things all around us, the workings of the universe intersecting in numerous dimensional realities with us being at a nexus of sorts. But besides a few "paranormal" experiences that I still am unable to completely say for sure if they happened, I really do not know...

If there was someone out there that could prove something to me, show me, say something, that would change my life. I have asked God, and spoken into the silence, alone, without ever an answer. I have even looked deeply into the littlest of things to find meaning or answers, but have found none besides occasional coincidence.

I believe there is more, that a paranormal other dimensional spiritual reality exists, but I feel alone, and fear that a shred of proof will never materialize for me until the day I pass...

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by DJM8507

Try just saying "I need proof". Maybe you are unconciously blocking? Really open your heart chakra.

Do you do any kind of voluntary work?

I strongly suspect that it was my voluntary work within AIDS & HIV: Buddying, Providing 2 free massage clinics of 4 hrs x twice per week over a few years, Awareness and Fundraising, and writing a monthly article on Essential Oils, which fully opened me and took me to a whole other level.

I gained just as much as I received. And I have nothing but gratitude for being given the strength and talents to have carried out the work I did.

I would highly recommend some sort of Hospice, Palliative care type of V work, and if you do it from the heart and for the right reasons, you will be supported by Source. In ways you could hardly have believed, or hoped for. Compassion for others is a mighty powerful tool to have.

It's World Aids Day today.

I will be taking 30mins (UK time) to do a healing mantra & Meditation for those who have passed, and those who live with the virus, and their loved ones. Please feel free to take some time & join me all who can.

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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 01:07 PM
Well, I seem to make random premonitions quite frequently. They range from answering questions before they are asked of me, to predicting seemingly unpredictable newsworthy events.

I do these things in many fashions, but never on purpose it seems.

I painted a picture of a sky-scraper on fire and falling over weeks before the events of 9/11. I made a quip about Dale Earnheardt dieing in a wreck the day before it actually happened. I sometimes dream about inconsequential events that I later realize in life (strange that they seem meaningless, though).

I make many random associations and vague predictions that I don't recognize as such until they have come to pass. There is one instance, however, that is incredibly mundane, and yet the most solid evidence, to me, that there is something to this:

I had come home from work, and I was very tired; so I decided to stretch out on the couch and take a short nap.

I had a brief dream just before being awakened. It was actually more like a false awakening. I thought I had been awoken by my wife. She was standing in the entry to the living room holding a sheet of paper. She excitedly told me that our house had won second place in the neighborhood holiday decorating contest. She was surprised because the decorations were not very elaborate at all. I congratulated her, and pondered the moment.

Then I woke up for real. I find my wife standing in the the entryway holding a white sheet of paper. She tells me that our house had won second place in the neighborhood holiday decorating contest. I congratulate her, although I am puzzled... I ask "Didn't you tell me that once already?" She tells me no, they had just left the front door, and I had been asleep the whole time.

Being an individual who tends to stand on logic, I immediately begin to form explanations. The only one that holds water is deja vu. But it was not deja vu in the classic sense of "Hey, didn't this happen before..." or "wasn't I here some time before?" without any real memory of the exact event or time frame. This was a very vivid recollection of just moments before. I true memory, and I was clearly aware of the dream having just happened. It undoubtedly stood far apart from deja vu. I had actually pondered the dream for a few seconds before the circumstances repeated themselves in reality.

I then thought, well maybe I heard my wife talking to the people at the door in my sleep, and translated it into a dream. I realized though, that the dream mirrored reality exactly. Every detail of the dream was exactly as it happened, and appeared, only minutes later. Not to mention, I cant hear that part of the house from where I was laying.

Interesting, eh? The real question is, aside from the few big guys that I missed, why do I predict such mundane things? Is there really some significance to them, is it completely random or are they the result of something trying to prove to me that it really happens? If the latter is the case: I get it! There's no doubt for me any longer. That still doesn't tell me what good they are, though, if I can't recognize them or control them...

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 01:27 PM
Good gracious me!!!!

I have had a mega busy day catching up on work I should have been doing, whilst I was (yes, I'm looking at you here Unwordly lol) "Promoting my services" on the other thread

IF you sense a teeenie bit of sarcasm, I would hone down your psychic skills a little more, because that comment is LOADED with it lol!!

On a serious note, hope you do not think I have left you all!!! I will be sitting down shortly, going through and answering the forum posts - I managed the U2U's earlier. I want to thank people for being so honest, trusting and just darn right beautiful. Really, the things that you have shared have stunned me, moved me, at times even upset me (as I wish I could do more) - but the forum, and my existance upon it, is just like a voice in the wind without everyones interaction.

I am REALLY looking forward to sitting down soon, with a nice brew, and getting stuck into whatever has been posted on the thread!!

Love you guys - you are absolute gold

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or not to be
- that fellow ATSers is the question

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 03:07 PM
Thank you for the wonderful thread.

I am not clairvoyant- even if I would like to be- but I came here to talk about three
events/experiences that changed the way I used to think.

1. My mother died some years ago, due to a brain tumor she was not aware of. One day she came back home, complained about a headache, lay down on bed and got into a coma. She never came out of it. Some months after her death, I woke up in the middle of the night with the clear feeling that she is sitting in the room, at the foot of my bed. Instantly I was up, my heart pounding in my chest as I was so scared. She never came back after that.
2. Some years forward, I was standing in front of my house, about to leave on a trip, when I saw my neighbor. He was walking down the street, stopped and smiled at me. I was about to go and talk to him, but instead of that I just waved my hand and climbed into my car. Three days later I returned home, to find out that he passed away. I asked his daughter when it did happen as I saw him on that day. She got all upset, thinking that I am making stupid jokes. It turned out that he died in the hospital, a few hours before my seeing him in front of the house.
3. The last experience was a pleasant one: two years ago I was doing my routine meditation. It was a tough period of my life as I have lost my job. I was meditating and praying for help to come. Suddenly I felt a huge wave of golden light, full of love, washing me, getting into my body. I have never experienced anything like that before. Instantly I started crying; it was so wonderful, overwhelming and soothing. It did not last long unfortunately, and as much as I tried to bring it back, I failed. Now I can do my meditation, I can ‘see’ the bright light, but that amazing feeling of being unconditionally loved has not returned. Yet.

Right now I am drawn to go to Sedona. I am not sure why, but it’s just something I feel I have to do. Or perhaps it’s because I have read about the energy vortexes present there.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

Hi Cosmic.

Your story that you have told so far is fascinating, thank you for sharing it with us here (apologies it is taking so long to get through all the messages!)

What I would say, and I put on my Audio Engineer/Mediumship hats on at the same time here - is that tinnitus thing, with some practice, should be workable. Firstly I do have an understanding of that condition, a relative has it, and I experience it occasionally after playing loud venues or working on my headphones too long! Personally though (and that is from where I speak on this matter) - when it comes to a spiritual connection, I do not "hear" as such. I simply get the impression of having been spoken to - so the ear does not play an actual role in receiving the information, to the best of my knowledge anyway. I hear as if it has been whispered and I am left with the word impressions in my conscious mind, but without an actual person speaking it to me - I hope that makes sense. The constant sound of tinnitus however, would make it difficult because in some regard it is very similar - you are hearing noise, that doesn't actually exist which I can understand would make it potentially difficult to "listen" quietly in mind. Sound itself after all, is a result of fluctuating air pressure, or "sound waves" that our ears, and brain then interperit into "sound".

Also, I believe some excellent strides have been made in the field of tinnitus research, and whilst I have not extensively researched this I recall that there are now technologies available that play a tone into the ears, matched to the frequencies in question, and can seemingly provide much needed relief! After all, tinnitus is an electrical transmission of information by, I believe, the receptive hairs within the inner ear, being compressed and therefore constantly switched "on". A bit like pain receptors can if consistantly being triggered - resulting in a physical pain, but without a trigger as such. It is like a light switch being left on - the circuit is not broken, so we constantly hear that sound.

That is my understanding, apologies if I have the wrong idea of what you are describing here - but I hope this may be of some help to you. I think if you are inclined to connect, the distractions from this noise may well be the source of issue in this case.

All just my opinions of course, but I do my best with the knowledge I have to hand


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by sylvie

Thank you for the suggestion Sylvie! A friend of mine was due to do some work with her, not sure whatever happened to that - you've jogged my memory I must chase him up and ask!!

I will take your advice on this, it is indeed a book that I have always wanted to read so I may wrap that up and pop it into a stocking for me to enjoy over the Christmas holidays - that is, if I ever catch up on the U2U's lol!!

Great suggestion, a trip to Amazon it is!!


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by SunflowerStar

Hello sunflower,

A really kind and generous post thank you - and I am glad you are enjoying it!!

What I hope will also come from this thread, through a sharing of each others experiences, are techniques and tips that can help us all better understand and even develop our abilities, and our relationship to the obvious myriad of different energy forms and mysteries that life provides us in this area

Some amazing posts so far, I am doing my very best to read and consider every one of them - and obviously reply to as many as possible!!

Thank you everyone - and thank you also for your patience as I find my flow on the forum.


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by lisa2012

Thank you Lisa2012 for sharing your experiences publicly with us.

In such an emotive situation, it can become clear that certain people seem to have a connection so strong, that it compells them to approach total stranger to deliver messages to us. And whilst in many respects, it is unnerving and possibly darn right frightening to be on the receiving end of such an experience - likewise, from the perspective of having been a deliverer of messages at times, it must have taken great courage to approach you as he did.

Also I believe everything happens for a reason. our lives are just strings unfolding just remember the string already exists.

I have doubted in the past that things happen for reason, only for them to have happened for a reason. A lesson I have indeed taken heed of (even though I may not always listen!) - however experienced we are though, we remain students of this mysterious journey we call life.

Thank you again Lisa

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by aboutface

Thank you for sharing that story!

The experience I had in meeting with a 'guide' was indeed also a fleeting one, but once I began to discuss the matter I oddly felt him in my presence again. Being such a difficult thing to gauge, I often wonder in times of feeling a little more alone, are they actually off helping others in more need than ourselves?

Think of how we are with our own friends, often we can go months for various reasons (years in my case occasionally) without seeing a friend - but upon meeting, it is like no time has passed at all, yet due to things going on it was clear we needed to focus our attentions to other areas... or maybe even people.

I wonder, is a spiritual realm that perhaps co-exists alongside us somehow, a representation in the same form - and that those that guide us, appear when we really need them and perhaps know when to allow us freedom along our path.

Thought provoking I find this - alas, I have no answer lol! I often also wonder, perhaps we aren't meant to - after all, faith with not be faith if it was known fact...

I admire someone whose gifts are used altruistically to help others, but a bit of advice re ATS if I may: If you encourage all your U2Us to post in your threads rather than message you, it will in the long run save you much time and frustration, imo. Cheers!

This is a great point, I think if it feels too personal I will always do my best to respond in U2U - but likewise, sharing experiences within the thread opens it up to people with differing expertise/opinions can really be of benefit... indeed that is why I came to share mine

Thank you for you kind words - they are much appreciated, and I extend that to everyone who has interacted on this thread so far.


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 07:08 PM
reply to post by itscocobaby

Thank you for the thread..and thanks for being a kind and generous person..rare in this day and age Cheers Coco

I believe that, the world has been kind enough to share some of its mysteries with me - probably for no other reason than I have a "flappy jaws" - ie, I chat alot, and therefore it decided to put it to good use, instead of what I used to inadvertently use it for - which was "putting my foot in it"

I have a wonderful friend, very succesful in the field of self-development, and as kind a person as you could wish to meet. Extremely intelligent, very giving, and very very gifted. He also believes in his words "he got chose to do it, because he has a big gob". He reminds me often, of the context of our existance in relation to the wider universe and mysteries and wonder it holds - and in reality, how insignificant in the grand scheme of things that he see's himself - in a positive, humble fashion I might add.

Had I not been fortunate enough to have people like him and my others friends over the years, as an excitable character I may have gotten carried away with good intention. As it is, now more than ever, I think it is good to show people that you can be good, decent and it can be rewarding to do so! There are many distractions in life, and I believe the majority upon this world have good hearts and are missing something a little deeper in their lives - and projecting that desire onto material goods (which I do also like, I must confess lol!)

So that now, remains my motivation for sharing my personal insights - After all, if you have not been made aware of something, how can you experience it, and make a conscious decision to either follow it - or ignore it?

I have much of my knowledge thanks to the generosity of others - my mantra in life now as a result is to "pay it forward" and I hope to repay the faith they showed in me.


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 07:18 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Thank you for your post Mysterious

I of course respect your judgement, it is indeed your own to retain. Of course our experiences in this area are deeply personal, and some feel at ease discussing whilst others don't - I'm not here to pry, or push - simply to offer some of my life experiences in the hope it may be of some comfort to others.

I would like to politly ask that though, if you so choose, that you read into the posts, and not simply a name, which I made up on the spur of the moment to make a quick response, to a thread I didn't start, on a forum I usually just browse with interest. That being said, it wasn't actually my first choice (which was more akin to your own name, believe it or not) - or indeed second, both of which were taken already, which is no surprise on a forum of this size!

If it helps, as I point out - I am just a "normal" guy who started having "weird" things happen - and my nickname happens to be "Dude" - mostly because I am a music producer/radio guy, from a generation bought up on films that used the word in that context alot. It really holds no more definition than that. I am certainly not going to come on here with a glorious name, pertaining to me something I am not. My friends & family think what I do is odd, as do I at times - but it doesn't change the deep held respect I have for it.

I hope you also can accept that my respect for the energies/visitors/subtle energies that are around is what led me to taking my time out of an incredibly hectic schedule, of which much is dedicated to helping charities (for free), to be here to simply take away some of the stigma that is attached to this subject area. IE - yes, it does happen to "normal" everyday folk like me.

Anyone can develop these skills I believe, should they so choose - I am just a Normally Weird Dude here to do what they can to help.

I wish you all the best, and hope you find a place you feel comfortable sharing your experiences if you so choose

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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by Watcher777

Hi Watcher!

Interesting question... my personal experience of this, was at a time I was informed I had a guide, I was provided with a very clear place to research them - and indeed a name. At the time, I confess, I thought it was my imagination running a bit wild - but the info did indeed come from the same place that 'visitors' tend to drop their projections into... so I gave it a whirl, and pretty much fell off my chair when I found them!

Up until this point, my understanding - all be it, very little, was that spirit guides were often given a name perhaps that we could relate to easily. However, having had the experience I had - I am left leaning towards they may well actually BE their names.

Obviously, if you feel their presence around you, and they are serving you well, then I am not too sure the name matters - unless you would like something evidential for yourself, such as I was very fortunate (and incredibly honoured and humbled) to receive.

My advice ultimatly though, and I am afraid it will be the tired old cliche (usually tired and old, because they work well however) - is to trust yourself... If you're in communication, and you are comfortable, try to ramp it up a little and ask them
- Have no expectations, so that you are as relaxed and receptive to their answer as possible, and see what happens!

Who knows, they may just surprise you
(I would add the caveat, of POSITIVELY here though!)

As I say though, it may well be if they are here to guide and help you - they simply impressed upon you names, that you felt comfortable and at ease with. Think what you might do, if you were the guide, is a good way to consider it. I'd just want to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for my, erm, 'guidee'? Is that even a word?

Great question - I hope I have have helped even just a little, and thank you for your kind words and taking your time to post.


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- Spelling... again

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

Having read a few more of your posts, after replying to the initial one I feel you have just stepped headlong into the field of subjective opinion.

It is PRECISELY this kind of nonsense I am trying to stamp out, a sense of self-importance that in fact fuels the fires of skeptics and the fear of others to venture into this path. I will simply not tolerate multiple posts of a disingenuous nature. Your initial point made judgement of a name alone, and not wishing to share - this was fine.

I am humbled when spirit chooses me to deliver messages to others, and because of my respect for others far more capable than I in this field, and more suited, I simply offer it in service as and when it is required - from a place of altruism encouraged in me by some very enlightened teachers.

I have had the "devil" accusations levelled at me, by some VERY close to me, as this began happening to me intensively, and I was frightened and initially felt VERY alone, it did indeed feel like a curse - I felt grateful to find other people to discuss it openly and freely, in a similar fashion, and to ultimately discover the wonderful connections that CAN be made with due care and attention to correct practice.

That being said I am on an ANONYMOUS forum here, speaking to those with an interest of what my experiences I have - that is ALL I have to offer. In the great scheme of things it is little, but I will do my best to help others who may need a little reassurance on their spiritual path. I am here trying to encourage others to EMPOWER themselves, and follow their hearts and minds, not spread fear and further mysticism.

1 post of opinion yes, 4 in quick succession of such tone - questioning the validity of my own experiences, and those whom I have helped, and I am afraid I must stand and defend myself.

Still, I have be warned a plenty that not all posts will be positive and supportive
- and still even now, if you are indeed yourself a medium/light worker/psychic etc - then keep up the good work, because contrary to your apparent opinion of me, I FULLY understand how challenging it can be - and the more hope in the world right now, the better.


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by DrHammondStoat

Thank you Dr Hammond for understanding where I am coming from

I am sorry I could not provide you with a more definitive answer - I feel, it would be deeply dishonest to offer more than my opinions, based upon my own experiences and research in the field. It also sounds like you are acutely aware of the different psychological states you can exist in, and of course seldom does anyone know your own experience better than you yourself!

If you got a sense of presence, and almost personality it sounds, from the strange cloud - all the experiences taken at face value would certainly lead me to believe in the beginnings (or likely end, giving it further consideration), of a physical manifestation of spirit!! It is quite possible you have been fortunate to encounter something many would love to see. (Though, not me personally, I'm a bone fide scaredy cat when it comes to physical things like that lol)

And yes, the point of humour is not to belittle, in fact it was aimed at myself and the reactions those around would give to me! It is also to lighten the mood a little, so everyone can feel relaxed - communication is generally facilitated by this as most of us know

On another matter - slightly related...

I did much research years ago, into other types of physical manifestation - including those using a plasmic fluid that apparently a "physical medium" can release from their body - but what you are describing does not even remotely resemble this, so don't worry lol! Physical mediums are rare, and they put their lives at risk when taking part, it did cross my mind momentarily when considering the manifest forms I am familiar with - but there is no chance of this. I did think you might find it interesting though.

It was a phenomena far more prevalent many decades ago, and is rarely discussed nowadays - but those of you with a keen interest in the different forms manifestation of spirit can take, may wish to research it further. It is a truly bizarre phenomena! They are know, to the best of my recollections, as "Physical Mediums" - I recall some pretty impressive evidence around if you care to look for it! (Slightly off topic apologies again, but it may be of interest to you

And 'Dude' is just fine by the way


posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

I have much of my knowledge thanks to the generosity of others - my mantra in life now as a result is to "pay it forward" and I hope to repay the faith they showed in me.

That's very kind of you to acknowledge the generosity of others..I have known people in my life who just couldn't grasp the idea of "paying it forward" What they fail to realize is when you do "pay it forward" the universe rewards you with a surprise of some sort just when ya needed it..thanks for the replay Cheers Coco

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 09:19 PM
reply to post by maya27

I've also worked with the dying with AIDS and on a very personal level.

Sometimes people wear their hearts on their sleeves. It's not too difficult to read what people are thinking.

Thank you for your big heart.

I will refrain from my "feelings" about others. Sometimes, its just easy to read.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by CosmicEgg

I still hold my opinion. Thanks. Us of like talents need no introspection...or defending. Thanks for your observations.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by maya27

In all seriousness tho...try to understand my thought process. He is fine, can use any name he/she likes. I imply nothing bad about his character.

How would it be interpreted by the masses...if Sylvia Brown refered to herself as "that Weird Witchy Fortune Teller"? It takes away some credence to her abilities. (Am Im sure not defending her or whether she has any talents at all) Its just a reference.

One needs to be serious to be taken seriously, right? There is a time and a place for humor. My only point.

And in that referred to talking more about this. As we tend NOT to talk about this in open can always U2U me, and Ill respond. That way, no one has to defend against the trolls, the anti-prophets-mediums-work-of-the-devil folks. This is a serious subject.

Thanks for replying.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

No disrespect at all meant sir. My apologies. And I do in fact read all the threads (please review mine today to others here).Im sure if you in fact share this gift with can not only appreciate where I was coming from, but also why.

The denyers are many, the non-believers too. In time you will see this is not something you have to defend. It is also something recognized by others who share this ability. Thats all. And, I know you do...know.

Never defend yourself. It is un-necessary and pointless. Discuss all you wish, but shy away from the nay-sayers. No matter how much you'll never convince them its real. And it is...real.

Good luck, and I extend myself and experiences to you privately off-forum.

A Buddist monk friend of mine gave me this: "Always go forth with...Peace, Love and Light...always".


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