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Mediumship/Clairvoyance/Psychic - Your Questions & Experiences

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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 07:50 PM
S&F I will post my experience here as well.

This is the perfect post for my clairvoyance experience both in the dream and by a person who had amazing abilities to tell me something about my future.

My story starts in a bus in Romania. I was coming from High-school in a bus going home. A man sat next to me he looked at me as he was approaching and said "can I tell you about your future" First I thought how strange way to pick up a young girl but then something told me say yes. So I said yes, why not? but I will step off in couple bus stops so you have to make it quick.

That is all I said. I have never seen that man in my life before or after that incident, he did not step off the bus at the same stop as me.

He looked at me and said . Your father is sick he will die. You will travel a lot in your life ,all the time over the oceans and water in the planes. This is all I can remember he said other things but this stuck to my had. I was thinking my father is the healthiest person I know and also I hate heights and the thought of flying all the time just did not seem right.

So as I stepped off the bus I said to myself what stupid idea that was and how untrue I laugh and never even gave 2 cents of my thoughts.

Now fast forward maybe 2 or 3 years I had a dream this people in black wearing hood like clothing came in the house I could not see their faces they looked out of this world and they took my father out of the house and as they reached the gate they said you will never see your father again ...The thing is this dream felt so real and so disturbing that I woke up screaming and crying and like my soul was hurting with pain.
Also my dad did not say a word with his arms at his back he just went with them that is what i thought was very strange in the dream.

I knew something is not right but then I said is just a bad dream.

Now fast forward not even 2 years. One day my father goes to do groceries he falls down he felt dizzy
this happened two days in a row then he ends up into hospital and he gets the diagnose PULMONARY CANCER 4th STAGE .

After that he only lived 4 months. As he started his decay that was very rapid I mean you could see from a day to another I felt shattered inside the same pain I felt is the same pain as I had in my dream . Something told me in my had the dream was to prepare to know. Also the person in the bus came to my mind .... boy he was right.

Not only he was right about that but 4 years after my father died I got married and I started working for a company that send me all over the place, I have to fly up to 28 times a year. So figure that one out. For the past 8 years I am flying every year incredible amounts of time and to be honest I still do not like it.

But Yes The person in the Bus WAS RIGHT he Predicted events in my future that could be no coincidence he just guessed that.

Also I believe everything happens for a reason. our lives are just strings unfolding just remember the string already exists.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

I was in a car crash, after which I had a near death experience, during which I met my spirit guide who told me he has always been with me. I didn't doubt it at all, because I have narrowly escaped death more than a few times and know that I didn't do that under my own power. This being was so powerfully bright and composed of purest intense love, yet he told me he was not God. He showed me higher realms. I say he, for lack of a better descriptive. Fully accepting of me, totally non-judgmental, a blindingly brilliant being with a sense of humour that made me feel totally inadequate and unworthy. (Doctors now say this type of experience happened as a result of temporal lobe stimulation trauma, which apparently has been induced in neuro labs.) I went on my way though, certitude in his presence, until in 2002, I no longer could feel him around. So whether imagined or not (I never could have that much imagination) I felt privileged and am grateful.

I admire someone whose gifts are used altruistically to help others, but a bit of advice re ATS if I may: If you encourage all your U2Us to post in your threads rather than message you, it will in the long run save you much time and frustration, imo. Cheers!

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

Please do show her or him the would be crazy if they knew who she was, how weird would that be..synchronicity in action.

She is such a beautiful child and my daughter and I felt so bad for her, she's just looking on in such wonderment. This was taken with a digital camera their was no actual film..I know nothing about cameras and the technical side of how stuff works for that matter neither does my daughter, she has 4 children and works full time as's doubtful she did anything other than down load from her camera to the fact I'm positive of it. Thank you for the thread..and thanks for being a kind and generous person..rare in this day and age Cheers Coco

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by maya27

One of the main reasons I felt the spirit child is because you can see her clothing through the rungs of the chair..yet her complexion is off..that's why I thought she was a cardboard cut out or something like that. I questioned my daughter after she sent the photo and we talked about the party..that photo was sent to every parent who was present..of course all these moms know each other very well, their husbands are all on the same boat. No one seen the child..not one of them knew who she was.

At any rate..I would love to see the Owl..thanks for the reply Cheers Coco

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by delionqueen1

Oh wow cool okay let me see if I can join..thanks for the advice..I'll post them and see what they say..Cheers Coco

Okay I sent a request to join..who knows maybe someone there can tell us more about the mystery child.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

"NORMALLYWEIRDDUDE" is not the way to be taken seriously about a very serious subject. That right away caught me...and I'd have shared many experiences and situations with you....but your screen name negated that happening. So I wont. Sorry.
PS. Its not necessarily "cute" to show your humor in an otherwise non-humorous issue. Good luck with that anyway.
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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 12:15 AM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

I dont trust mysteriousstrangers.

Just kidding, I agree these are serious topics, and I guess your experiences have had enough of an effect on you to be careful where you share them, I respect that.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 01:25 AM
Hi and welcome to ATS. So I truely believe we all have spirit guides and guardian angels, for some reason I have always referred to my spirit guide as Chloe and my guardian angel as Max. This is kind of a weird question but can you tell if that is really their names?

Take care-Watcher

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 01:54 AM

Originally posted by mysterioustranger
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

"NORMALLYWEIRDDUDE" is not the way to be taken seriously about a very serious subject. That right away caught me...and I'd have shared many experiences and situations with you....but your screen name negated that happening. So I wont. Sorry.
PS. Its not necessarily "cute" to show your humor in an otherwise non-humorous issue. Good luck with that anyway.
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I don't see how his screen name takes away ANY credibility from the subject matter.
You also instantly assume he was trying to be "cute"
What was the point to your post? You should take your negativity elsewhere, I'm probably not alone in thinking it is not welcome here.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 02:22 AM
reply to post by Bex33

The point is this: Those of us who are either involved or experienced in this not take it lightly. There are enough non-believers and those who may call it the work of the Devil...that its not something to discuss with everyone.

And if he/she/they are in fact "gifted", "affected" or just curious...their sincerity in understanding the subject is more than evident in those who have the ability, practice it..and share it with others of like minds.

His intent may be honest....but the presentation of what he's requesting and stating... appears slightly otherwise. If he in fact is sincere...he will know and understand why those with this ability...know bettter than to get into the symantics of it all. Many consider this a blessing, others a gift and still others...a curse from Satan.

And one clairvioant/psychic recognizes another. We just stay away from the discussion altogether with those who strike us the opposite way. Perhaps I should have as well.

I hope you can understand.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 02:26 AM
reply to post by el1jah

Thanks. That strikes me as sincere. See my response below please. Its just that its taken seriously by practioners and not generally discussed openly...even as much as I have shared here. And one can recognize that sincerity in another.

Thanks very much

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 03:04 AM
A final explanation: Perhaps youve heard of these crime/murder/missing persons cases on tv where they speak with a psychic...and the psychic says "I dont volunteer to help unless and until they ask me"?

Theres a reason for that way of thinking.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 03:38 AM

Originally posted by NormallyWeirdDude
reply to post by DrHammondStoat

Well I hope you will permit a little humour as if I had explained this to anyone else, I'd have been immediately accused of "gas"!

On a serious note? You are obviously quite open minded, and as I was reading I was first considering the hypnogogic state - that between the dreamworld and waking state, where the two can become a little blurred! However, you then got up and interacted with it!!

For it to physically "evade" capture is also most bizarre, removing the likelyhood of potential environmental phenomena (although, that could never be fully ruled out of course). Also, many witnesses have described seeing clouds of smoke/gas/fog etc when experiencing a paranormal event - quite eerie I find, and even when I have done medium readings I have made it perfectly clear to my 'visitors' - if you dare show yourself, this reading is FINITO! I can be quite the scaredy cat by all accounts

Not having seen it, and taking your experience at your word (which we all must do to a large degree on here), and which I have NO reason to doubt - it is quite possibly the beginnings of a form of paranormal or spirit manifestation. This is the first time however, that I have read of someone trying to catch it!! But as I say, I have read quite a few reports as to this being the beginnings of an actual physical manifestation. I guess it could also be a strange energy form we know nothing at all about yet - so little is actually known for certain. And mentioned earlier, an evironmental phenomena is not totally out of the question - if not a quite unlikely.

Also remember, no skeptic can ever take away your own experience. You know what you saw and interacted with, how it behaved, and the impression it left you with - it is personal to you, and no-one can take that away - I am sure many of us upon this thread, and with an interest or experience in this particular field, have met with ridicule or resistance upon discussion many many times.

So the question is, how did it feel to you? I hope I have been of some assistance

Thank you for sharing your story with me - these experiences are fascinating to read about!


Thanks Dude (normally weird that is

I have had quite alot of sleep issues and am familiar with hypnagogic states. It's hard to explain to people who haven't experienced similar things but I can tell when something is just a product of that sleep state or if it is something 'real' that happens to be appearing in such a sleep state.

As to how did I feel? Well as I'd said, as I came out of the meditative state, my natural reaction was to explain the 'cloud' as something mundane. It looked quite dense, a dark grey and was about 6 or inches in diameter. I have a black and white cat and my first thought was that it must be some fluffy cat fur ( as there was definitely no smoke in the house) that was somehow floating inches from my face. That's why I tried to grab it to make sure!

The 'cloud' definitely moved away from my hands. I got the feeling that whatever it was, it hadn't expected me to open my eyes so soon and see it. I didn't get a scary vibe from it at all, just a kind of 'whoops she's seen us, we better get out of here' type of feeling. It was all over in about 5 or 6 seconds.

In a way I was hoping you would tell me what this thing was but I find with this type of phenomena that the more you explore, the more questions we end up having. Thanks for your thoughts.

....On the subject of humour I think it can only be a good any subject. I thought the name 'normally weird dude' conveys the sense that you may seem outwardly very normal yet have such 'weird' abilities, all in a light manner which betrays the kind of person you are. Nothing wrong with that!

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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 03:40 AM
reply to post by NormallyWeirdDude

When I was in college, I visited a very old lady who was known to be psychic and prophetic.

When I sat down to talk with her, she spoke of many things, which later came true.

One subject in particular really got me interested.

She told me she smelled a strong odor of marijuana when I came into the room. No, I wasn't a smoker of MJ. I was a student of art related subjects and went to classes with and worked on group projects with many smokers of the weed.

She told me she saw someone who reminded her of the image that westerners associated with Jesus, he had long hair, a beard and was wearing sandels.

She said she felt the evil within him and that nothing good would come of my visit with him the next day.

She told me, .

"Stay at home tomorrow."

Well, the next day I was to go to a friend's house to work on an art class project with him and some others. He fit the description she spoke of. I can't explain it all, but it just wasn't the physical description of him, which, at the time, seemed to apply to a lot of people I associated with in college. But the image that formed in my head, when she spoke of this guy, was vivid.

So, I stayed home. And that afternoon, when I would have been at my friend's house, the police burst into the house and destroyed all the objects of art there, gathered up a few ounces of the dreaded weed and carted everyone off to jail.

A few of the folks spent some time in jail, but not my friend who lived in that house. His dad was wealthy and bought his son's way out of jail and all was well for him, but not the rest.

Had I gone to my friend's house to work on that art project, I would surely have missed the rest of the semester and have lost my scholarship monies.

Oh, too, this dear old lady also spoke of some things that would occur between my then girlfriend and me. She was very detailed in her descriptions........and they all came to pass. And, 37 years later, I'm still happily married to this girl. But not without going through a personal hell, just as this dear lady predicted.

Heh. The woman told me I would forget all she had told me about me and my girlfriend, that there was nothing I could do to prevent what was to occur. And that, eventually, all would be well, and I would remember her words to me, after the course of events was completed. And it all happened, just like she said it would, and I only remembered her words to me, once all was well again.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 04:04 AM
Hi, I am glad you decided to post something about you having certain abilities and it does show the fact that there are people waking up from this dream. I wanted to tell you my story and I do hope for a reply, maybe, hopefully you can help me. It first started with me seeing the color purple wave in and out of my vision in the dark. I thought it was just my imagination getting a lot stronger and I was somewhat worried about it. I became obsessed with this purple floating in front of my vision its a blob like and moves in every shape doesnt stay still, it seems like it kind of is being sucked into the blackness of the night. Then I started to notice that its not just shapes at all, its actually faces! Faces of beings, eyes, alien looking faces, or demonic looking faces. Sometimes normal looking faces, or mean etc. After noticing its faces or beings floating in front of me I then one night felt a HUGE sensation down the right side of my body, and electrifying extremely enjoyable sensation. I didnt know what it was and it kept pulsating through my body from head to toes I just loved it, but was a little scared at the time. Now that same energy I use when I listen to music, makes music MUCH more enjoyable. I then experienced my first sleep paralysis and didn't know what to expect or do about it so I just calmned my self and made it go away with no fear. It then kept happening to me and I realized that when it does happen I can go full lucid dream and dream about what ever I want, which was amazing at the time because I am big into music and it was just a beautiful time for me. I continued to lucid dream and found out that I could leave my body when ever my body locked up liked that. I would explore outside and I could go through walls I was just amazed by my new ability. Now this is where it gets very interesting, one night I decided to go upstairs and explore, I went upstairs and seen something small on the couch which I believed to be our small dog's spirit. I then went to touch it and immediately woke up. I then went right back into state of mental bliss and went to check on my grandparents, for some reason it crossed my mind. When I got into their room I seen two black figures hovering over their faces looking right into their eyes, I was shocked, immediately the two entities looked at me with glowing yellow eye's real quick like, somehow moved me back to my body like a reverse film if you would of recorded me floating up the stairs fast! I then kept on trying to help my grandparents and everytime I would be sent back to my body in reverse like something was behind me pulling me. About 2 weeks after that I was going to try and lucid dream, but out of know where a ghost figure of a girl it looked like swatted at me and I opened my eyes and seen a green goblin looking creature holding my astral body! I then tried to wake up instantly and it hopped off my bed and ran out of my line of view. A little while after that I was going to try to leave my body once again and out of know where I hear this LOUD growling basically yelling at the top of its lungs at me very deep deep vocals. I woke my self up scared to death. This growling, yelling kept occurring for a long time making me not want to practice out of body travel or lucid dreaming any more. I then looked at it one time and in a 2 dimensional manner I seen its face, it looked like a lion but more demonic looking with huge teeth and it was laughing as it pulled my astral body towards it, I just closed my eyes and decided to let it pass in great amounts of fear. Later down the road of life, this same voice kept appearing and one night it told me that i was the chosen one, and that everyone is going to experience great pain and suffering and that the end of times is near. I was also told I was going to be helped when I asked for it by softer sounding voices but I haven't heard them since. along with all these experiences, with my eyes open no meditation needed I can see silhouetted spiraling eye's floating around me, and distortion around real close to me face, at any time of day. I see flashes of lights at night, which I presume to be spirits causing a mini super nova because thats what it looks like. Just to show me that they exist. The spiral lights are blue, white, green and red, mainly take the form of eyes, or just a spiral. I can now see all kinds of faces when I am awake in the 2 dimensional form, alien looking faces, some looking tourchered. Also this same deep dark voice told me that I was going to be imprisoned forever, I asked it why and it just ignored me and smug sort of laugh sound or disregard for my question. Please maybe you can help me to understand. I have showed to fear to this deep dark sounding entity and it made the same HMMF sound and then left me. I hope you reply to me. I sure could use the advice.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by mysterioustranger

I've tried to stay out of this but it keeps coming back up in successive replies. There is absolutely nothing wrong with his moniker. Nothing. "Normally weird" only says to me that he considers to be normal what others (archaically already) consider to be weird.

I've had years of people cutting off contact with me when I mention that I'm an intuitive healer. Colleagues, friends, my own family included. But I'm not going to hide it and I'm not going to have conniptions when someone calls me a fraud or a danger to others. I know what I am. The fears of others are best dealt with by themselves.

Your problem with this guy's online name is completely out of line. Perhaps a bit of time spent in introspection would do some good for you.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by mysterioustranger


Can I just say that I understand what you are saying. However, NWD is a genuine guy. He has brought a good energy. And in all my time here on ATS, this is the first thread where some of us have had the chance to come together and talk more openly about this subject.

I am even considering being quite open here. Something I wouldn't consider doing normally on ATS.

I look forward to discussing some experiences with you. And, although I have seen them around in ATS, I have never had the chance before to connect with COSMIC, SILVIE, D H STOAT, S F STAR, KYRED, ABOUTFACE, ELIJAH and all the others.

Please stick around, and lets all keep on track with the subject matter. Lets not let flamers get the upper hand. By bickering over the name with "Weird" in it.

Infact lets all band together to keep out the Trolls.

Hope you stick around and contribute to the subject matter. Maya.

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posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 08:45 AM
A couple of days ago I started using Setting 3 on my biotuner. It delivers electricity to acupuncture points behind the ear and putting you in certain states of mind (excitement, calm). Well, after using setting 3 for 20 minutes ("Schumann Resonance") I felt weird in the tub. My mind started coming up with really bizarre thoughts. I felt like a voice that was mine but not under my control telling me that the next month would be very challenging and I should be strong. Now I feel like this voice is protecting me throughout random times in the day. Am I having a legitimate paranormal experience or just OCD? Keep in mind I was diagnosed with OCD 10 years ago but haven't felt it in some time.

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 09:23 AM
Very good words and threads, its so good to have a place like this. In the last time I had quite some spiritual openings and maybe you have some answers for me... I am not new, but all is getting faster and faster, that I barely can't follow -

However, the last thing i experienced was quite strong, that i laugh at the thought of it. I became aware, after intense meditation, outside together with good people, that there is another plane so to say, that many people share... it's kind of interwoven with the world of matter, but those who are able to reach the plane, know a great deal about each other... their mood, their spiritual erngy, and somehow the thoughts... they share it freely and there is a great sense of joy and love. It was an amazing experience, quite short, maybe one hour. It was like watching behind people's, stranger's physical bodies and being welcomed... like a plane where those who participate share one vibration, one mind... it's difficult to put in words, cause i am not used to it... and i had the impression, that many people share this plane, at least it is not uncommon to meet someone when you go through a crowded area.

Those who do not participate, they seem dull and dark through, i suppose, the third eye. Somehow bad, even evil. The most common behaviour seems ugly and brutal for those in the know, and i am quite deep in the mud of this physical plane... well, at least i struggle

My question now is, if you and the others could unveil something. It was especially strong around women, and somehow it felt even as if it was a conspiracy of the women. Most of them know the truth, but nobody would ever admit, because the material power lies in the hand of the men who face the wrong way. Women know, but they use the men and they enjoy it, cause they know that this world is only transitory. Men's reasoning now seems like the stupid illusion of maya, and the truth is around us all, only that we are not pure enough, spiritually, to be welcomed to this plane.

Obviously that shakes a bit the fundaments of my worldview. There was a shortstory I read, which is in retrospect quite disturbing: It takes place in ancient times in egypt, i think, and most women talk through telepathy and manipulate the men constantly. One woman wants to speak up, but she gets killed via telepathy. After my experience that story sounds totally possible to me...

Hare Om

posted on Dec, 1 2011 @ 09:38 AM
Love, Love, LOVE this thread!!!

First I want to say thanks to the OP for bringing this subject to light.

Second.....the picture of the little girl made my heart drop and I feel as though she is sad ..which made me sad.

Since I was a little girl I have been fascinated with mystical "stuff" and or thoughts. I love studying and reading about the unknown AND I too have a passion for metaphysics. For me... it is all tied together and enlightening.

My problem lies with myself. I do not meditate. I smoke and drink and so I think to myself I cannot "be" where I want to go so long as I do not do what's "right" by my body and mind, therefore the thought of trying to see what all is "out there" in my mind is delayed me. I hope this makes sense.

Anyways.... I am intuitive and very empathetic towards others and situations, however for some reason I limit myself and I am not sure why...other than possibly guilt.

I have many experiences to share and will do so as I begin the dialogue with you and other posters.

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