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Cops Refuse To Evict 103 Year Old Woman

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posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 02:51 PM

Cops managed to not pepper-spray a victim of our country's absurdly creditor-happy finance laws for once in their lives this weekend when they refused to evict a 103-year-old woman and her 83-year-old daughter. Progress! Deutsche Bank JP Morgan Chase has been attempting to evict 103-year-old Vita Lee and her daughter since 2009, over a mortgage "taken out years ago by another family member." The Lees have been attempting to work out a deal with the bank, but the bank really needed their house, and sheriff's deputies and a moving van showed up outside the Lee home over the weekend. Only:

I wouldn't have been able to evict this woman. Also, it was actually JP Morgan that decided to evict not the company listed above (Deutsche- Oh wait both are listed...). I hope this woman gets to keep her house and that the bank does end up working with the family to make it happen. I think once this gets a little more attention thrown at it from online discussion the bank will have had their hand forced into letting this woman stay. You don't want to be known as the company that evicts 103 year olds.


posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:03 PM
There are exceptions to every rule.The bank needs to forgive the loan and leave these eldery ladies alone !
This is very sad and a bad reflection on the bank.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:05 PM
Thread going here on same topic: Full disclosure: I started it a few hours ago.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 03:14 PM
Thank you - at last a media article with some sense of dignity and soul.

If only the Police could assess every situation with the same empathy.
As for the banks...don't get me started.
When are we going to live in a world without money?

Much Peace...

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