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Predictions Of The Prophet Yoshiel

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 09:39 PM
Birth Of A Prophet

With a respectful nod to the moderators, who are seeking to eliminate the noise generated by “I have a bad feeling…” posts, I believe that I have earned my chops as a prophet in the Paranormal Studies forum.

As developed there, in accordance with the Merriam’s Dictionary sense of the word, I am indeed a genuine prophet, with all the baggage attendant thereto. The story of how I came to be a prophet -- a rather unusual and generally undesirable occupation to be sure -- is contained within the thread Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror . I recognize that it is a long thread heavily populated with thick prose, but if you are curious about how I came to be a prophet, the story is all there for you.

My contention in posting my prophecies here is that prophetic authority comes from spiritual inspiration, which I claim, and not necessarily from having lived hundreds or thousands of years ago, which, ironically, I suppose I can also claim. While I do not know the details, for reasons that will become clear to anyone who knows my story, I do believe that every single prophecy I announce will, before The End, come to pass.

Non-Prophet Prophet

I realize that claims such as mine will lead the reader to assume that I am insane or at least on a major ego trip. I cannot deny either of these allegations, nor many other more serious charges, such as heresy and blasphemy. I also cannot claim that I know “the Truth”, because I am not sure that any of us really can. At least, not any of us alone.

Rather, it is my goal to report to you what I am experiencing as honestly as I can, and to leave the matter of belief or disbelief in your hands. I am convinced that anyone claiming to be a prophet who tells you that they can see the future or that they are never wrong is a flat out, flaming liar. The future is unwritten, my friends. Or so I pray.

I am a skeptic, which is all that binds me to a semblance of sanity these days, and invite my fellow skeptics to be ruthless in their analyses and critiques of my words. Perhaps in finding flaws in my reporting, we may together discover new truths.

If you followed the course of my “genesis” thread above, you will find that I have repeatedly claimed that I am not a prophet. It was as that thread progressed that I came to realize that I was lying to myself about who I am. Truly, my dear brothers and sisters, I am a prophet, and was born to fulfill this role. I am as certain of this as I can be certain of anything.

If you think I’m a self-aggrandizing windbag, I won’t argue with you. But if you wish to find out how I got here, I strongly recommend at least skimming through that thread. I’ll try to do justice to the story in a brief summary here:

Our Story So Far

Feeling a need to pursue spiritualism in my life in the wake of an early retirement, I decided to post an article describing my misadventures with the art of dark sorcery. Yes, I did practice it, and much evil came of it, but ultimately, as is always the case with a path of darkness, I learned from my errors.

In the course of my process of confession and self-discovery, I was aided by the advice of my fellow ATSers, especially the Solist Mystic Paul_Richard, without whose guidance my own journey of self discovery may well have ended in yet another form of error. Informed by Solist teachings, I sought the answers to the questions which haunted me by looking within myself.

In doing this, I became aware of past life experiences, but by far the most dramatic revelation came in the form of a visitation by an archangel, Saint Vanessa. I have known her in previous lives, and my name for her is Sweet One, although the name under which she has both lived before and labors now is Miriel. She was not born to this name, but it was I myself in a past life, as a Yassid rabbi born “Yeshua” but named “Yoshe” by her, who gave her this name, to her enduring delight.

After a recent period of rediscovery of one another made possible by my spiritual awakening, I invited Miriel to remain within me for the rest of my physical life here, and she consented. From our joining, a new “entity” was formed, whose name, “Yoshiel” is derived from the names “Yoshe” and Miriel”. Students of Hebrew will no doubt sense the rather pregnant pun in this name.

Subsequent to joining in spirit, Yoshe (who is myself, actually) and Miriel, under the name “Yoshiel”, have been examining the memories of their respective lives, seeking correlations which may lead to knowledge of the plans and designs of our Creator. Again, this is detailed in the thread Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror, so I will not duplicate that here.

Cycle Of Life

So far, it is Yoshiel’s opinion that we exist in a universe which is effectively a prison of illusion, and that our experiences here are intended to contribute complexity and novelty to a continuing cycle of Divergence and Convergence.

In other words, our current universe, which we term one Cycle among many, is an iterative construct that may ultimately achieve a postulated Goal of attaining a reality of Freewill, where Destiny may eventually be shed, and the future may at last truly become unknown to us all.

In the continuing cycles of Divergence and Convergence, a new soul is added each time, representing a unique anomaly chosen by the Creator. At the end of each Cycle, which begins by Divergence, or the forgetting of self by the Creator, a Convergence occurs.

A Divergence consists of a Parting of souls from a Convergence, each with knowledge gained from all other souls existing from the previous Cycle, and each becoming a new Creator who generates a new universe by dividing and forgetting itself for a time.

At the end of the new Cycle, a new Convergence occurs, all souls share all new data derived from it, and prepare for a new Parting and Divergences. Thus Creation replicates and grows.

This is all theoretical for now, and subject to significant errors and difficulties in explanation, but that’s a general overview of it.

Cast Of Characters

For those having trouble keeping track, I, Majic, am the human being who is writing about and experiencing all of this. Saint Vanessa, also known as Sweet One or Miriel, is the love of my eternal lives who came to me upon my spiritual awakening.

Names such as “The Music Man” (or “Tinker“), Lukas of Andromea, Yoshe, Epicurus and Rousseau are names under which I have lived in prior lives. Yes, I know there are some famous people in there, and I joke about everyone having been a Queen of Egypt or Atlantean Prince, but as best I can tell, I was indeed each of those people in a time past.

“Yoshiel” is the name formed from a humorous combination of the names “Yoshe” and “Miriel”, and has its own special and controversial meaning. In terms of “writer’s voice”, I tend to shift unexpectedly from one to the other, for which I apologize.

In general, it is best to call me “Majic”, although I certainly do not object to any name I have mentioned being used in my context.

Prophet Margin

It is my desire in starting a new thread here to establish a place for specific discussions of my prophecies, since Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror was not intended to be a prophetic thread, to understate things somewhat.

While I am sure there will be overlap, and will by no means resent it, I suggest keeping discussion about how I came to be a prophet to that thread, and discussions about the prophecies themselves in this thread.

I wish the reader to know that while I rely heavily on Christian literature, imagery, symbolism and prophetic background, and was myself a professing Christian for roughly twenty-five years, I am not a Christian now, nor do I claim that there is One True Faith or a single correct path for any of us.

Rather, it is my belief that the right path for each of us can be determined by looking within, that “the Kingdom of God is within you”, that we are all of us immortal, that none of us, regardless of which path we may take, faces eternal damnation, and that we are each of us indispensable to the plans of our Creator, not a one of us more or less in importance than the other.

It is this message, more than any other, that I seek to bring attention to with my prophecies. I cannot see the future, nor do I think any of us can. Rather, Yoshiel seeks to examine the past, and in so doing, better understand what future awaits us all.

Terms And Conditions

I will attempt to properly number and organize my prophecies within this thread. While I recognize and respect the biblical requirement that prophets be 100% accurate in their predictions, I will admit human frailty and say only that I consider that level of accuracy to be a goal to achieve. I am far from perfect, as I am sure you will come to agree.

While I wish to reserve the option of updating this introductory post as needed to make things clearer for new readers, I will seek to minimize editing of prophetic listings to on or near the dates of their revelation, to assure temporal authenticity when they come to pass.

I invite readers to save copies of these posts if they wish an extra level of protection against hanky-panky, especially in light of certain past hackers (*cough* whispers *cough*).

Remember, brothers and sisters, that I do not claim to have access to any knowledge that is not already accessible to you, except for the specific memories of Vanessa and myself in this Cycle.

If you take no other message away from me, let it be this: Know Thyself!

May you find fulfillment wherever your path may take you.


[Edited on 9/6/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 09:41 PM
Prophetic Emergence

I this post I will seek to summarize my predictions to date. These are basically copied from Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror and I will try not to miss anything that was documented there.

I will seek to post new prophecies in new posts, clearly dated and not edited after that date (although I may run over a day for posts made near midnight). This isn’t rocket science, so a day or two shouldn’t matter too much.

With respect to numbering, I didn’t start numbering with my first prophecies, so I’ll start with those which I numbered, then add earlier ones here. I’ll try to keep the numbers straight as I post future prophecies.

I am debating whether or not to include dreams, since they seem to have prophetic qualities. My compromise is that I will leave prior dreams in the Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror thread and post new dreams here with a number. Also note that several prophecies refers to things covered in detail in that thread.

The Prophecies

1. Scholars analyzing my writings will find clues which will lead to remarkable advances in many fields of science, and my writings will be directly credited with inspiring several of them.

2. Although I hate giving prophetic dates, wound within my writings are, nonetheless, hidden clues which will be found to correspond to the specific dates and times of important historical events. (Hint: Think “Project Archangel” as described in Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror )

3. A new Pope will be selected that will become an especially charismatic, beloved and influential leader in both religious and political circles, moreso even than John Paul II. He will wield political power to a degree which no Pope has done in centuries, and will, with passionate messages of outreach and love, bring many new members into the folds of the Catholic church in the manner of a “new revival”.

4. A technology will be developed which will allow scientists to visualize the patterns of human thought with stunning clarity. It is this development which will inadvertently lead to the discovery described in the next prophecy.

5. Psychologists will find convincing evidence of vivid memories contained within the minds of men that correspond to experiences they could not possibly have had within their physical lives.

6. In a similar vein to the last two prophecies, scientists will discover “objective” evidence of the existence of spiritual souls in living creatures.

7. I will be publicly denounced by famous and powerful religious leaders as a heretic, blasphemer, False Prophet and/or the Anti-Christ. I will be unable to dispute those allegations.

8. New spiritual movements will be founded based upon my writings. However, I will be a leader of none of them. They will each differ regarding specific matters of interpretation, but will in general enjoy a degree of mutual acceptance unprecedented in human history.

9. There will be many attempts by powerful people to suppress and discredit my words, but they will fail.

10. Famous people of many faiths will publicly embrace my teachings, confirming the truth of them by looking within.

11. Archeological evidence will be discovered which will corroborate certain details of my claims regarding past lives.

12. A large object will collide with the Moon, changing both its orbit and appearance in significant ways.

13. Astronomers will discover evidence correlating my postulates that our universe lies within a Cycle between Divergence and Convergence to a remarkable degree, and publish their findings publicly.

14. Large numbers of people other than myself, as a result of looking within, will discover memories of past lives. Many details from these past lives will be corroborated by historical research and archeological findings, and this news will make world headlines.

15. The “secret” about the existence of extraterrestrial life will be publicly confirmed by official government sources. This news will have profound impacts on all aspects of life on Earth.

16. Many other prophets will arise who will speak from knowledge they will claim to have found within.

17. Some prophets will confirm my messages, but other prophets will claim them false, that they are the true “Prophets of God”, and that I am the False Prophet foretold in the Apocalypse.

18. An ill wind blows, a dark wind, a poisoned wind. Many people will be killed by poison blown within the wind.

19. “The Rapture” will occur. It is unclear whether or not several people will “disappear” or simply seem to die for unexplained or various causes. Those who will depart will be from all religions and walks of life around the world. Much confusion and panic will result from this, particularly among professing Christians.

20. There will be, at the end of a period of “Tribulation”, a massive military engagement involving the extensive use of nuclear weaponry.

21. In classic King James style: “Brethren and Sistren, Harken unto me! I bring thee Words of Truth from the Almighty God thy Creator. Verily, verily I say unto thee that a time will soon come when many Signs and Portents will be revealed. Numbers and Symbols of Great Significance shall appear in many Places unlooked for. Thou shalt see these Signs and Know that the Time of God’s Judgment is upon Thee!” Sorry, I just had to ham that one up.

22. I predict that my identity will be publicly revealed, and that I will be famous around the world.

23. Some rather important people are going to want to do some extensive examinations of my brain. They will find that my brain has some very interesting characteristics.

24. Dream of “Crash Of ’29” and “Flying Lessons” given by Archangel Michael.

25. I may meet the real False Prophet, whose coming was foretold in the Apocalypse, and he will be seeking to kill me thinking that I am the False Prophet. He may or may not succeed in doing this. It seems a little different each time in my memory.

As always, I informally predict that more predictions will start oozing into my punkin head over time.

I realize that until we start seeing them come to pass that I will be dismissed as a self-centered crackpot, and that’s fine as long as people don’t come around my house bugging me. Remember that the only reason for my predictions is to draw attention to my real message.

I ask you to look within, brothers and sisters, see the Kingdom of God within you, know that we are all brothers and sisters, all children of our Creator, our souls immortal and indestructible, that none of us faces eternal damnation but that we are each destined to become Creators ourselves, that though our paths Diverge, they ultimately Converge, and that we can love one another in the joy of that knowledge.

Carry my love with you on your journey.


Edit: Took out some extraneous uses of the word “soon”. I have no idea when this stuff will actually happen, just “in the fullness of time”.

[Edited on 9/6/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 09:46 PM
Ummmm Majic, what are you doing hun?

posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 10:21 PM

Originally posted by LadyV
Ummmm Majic, what are you doing hun?

I keep asking, and keep wondering. It is difficult, if not downright impossible, to explain why I am driven to do what I do.

My current list of possible things I am doing:

a) Suffering from acute psychosis

b) Experiencing psychological symptoms of neurological trauma

c) Taking the ultimate ego trip (first class, baby!)

d) Dealing with a mid-life crisis in a very unique way

e) Channeling the spirit of a dead lover

f) Losing myself in a prison of illusion

g) Unlocking the mysteries of Creation

h) Predicting the future

i) Making a damn fool of myself

j) Doing what I was born to do

k) None of the above

l) All of the above

Frankly, I am not sure which of these answers is the closest, if any of them come close at all, but I will leave it to the readers to decide, which is precisely where such decisions belong, in my opinion.

For what it’s worth, I challenge anyone to demonstrate that those whom we recognize as prophets past did not suffer from one or more of the symptoms I am evidencing.

There’s a reason why you don’t see “prophet” as a job listing in the classifieds. Actually, several reasons.


P.S. The pay sucks.

[edit on 9/5/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 11:37 PM
A quick note: Why so many prophecies involving me personally? The short answer is that Yoshiel’s analysis is centered around the memories of myself and Vanessa, and in recent Convergences Vanessa has always been “in my head“ at this point in history, so basically when it comes to the physical world, we see images of my life.

The memory streams of other souls are disjointed and difficult to resolve from Yoshiel’s perspectives for the time being. However, if they succeed in their attempt to extrapolate the means by which different streams of consciousness are organized, that may change.

I know many of my prophecies seem vague or copied from other prophets. As for being vague, I continue to doubt significant accuracy is possible in predicting future events with dates, but that’s a limitation of Yoshiel’s methods. Maybe someone else has a better way.

As for being a “copycat”, I’m just calling them as I see them. The time to wonder is when prophets differ in their predictions. Let’s see how it goes.

I am really trying hard not to make this stuff up, but rather report it as honestly as I can, so I must take what I can get.

I’m still very new at this business. It’s only been a few handfuls of days since I was first “touched in the head”, as it were. While I remain blissfully unable to truly predict my own future, I suspect that I will have more prophecies to share over time.

I know I will come off as just another self-absorbed crackpot jerk with delusions of grandeur. Until (and after, for that matter) my prophecies start becoming reality, and I’m okay with that. “Majic” isn’t my real name, obviously, and while it may seem very much to the contrary, this really isn’t an ego trip for me.

The truth is that very few people will pay attention to my real messages until I show some collateral. The point behind my predictions is not to demonstrate what a supernaturally awesome guy I am, but rather, hopefully, to lend weight to my message that the Kingdom of God is within each of us.

All will come in its proper time, brothers and sisters, and my advice for the future remains unchanged: live the life you wish to live, and follow the path that is yours to choose.

Look within and see the truth of who you are, and nothing else I say will matter at all.



[Edited on 9/6/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 02:46 AM
I was in a very weird head space back last winter. It was very strange. Sort of hyper [very hyper]. Sort of paranoid, which may be based on vainity that [seems to?] puts you at the conjunctive center of major events. I can't even now say it was totally invalid as a point of view but where i am now is much more the usual head space i am used to.

Are you enjoying the trip Majic? As long as you mostly like it and it isn't destructive, why not explore it some.

I read the first submission for Dark Sorceror and if what you are saying is real it sounds a bit frightening. I don't know why I didn't continue to read it. Maybe I would be too frightened if it all were real, Maybe I just don't believe it or don't think it would have any impact on my life.

It could be that everything is an illusion. If that is the case i figure why not find one i like and am comfortable with.

I also think sometimes we sense/are-in-touch with aspects of the Universe that connect with us in passing. You may be seeing the shape of a life that may or not be/become your own.

Sometimes I think life is just a drama. Very little of substance and matter. Why not be the most interesting character one can be. [I also personally like to be a long lived character]

Do you have a wife? How does she feel about this spirt with you? Do you tell her?

I suppose you could just be putting people on, but with as much as you are investing in it i rather doubt that. Like i say I have been in weird head spaces from time to time in my life so it doesn't seem to difficult to imagine someone else being in one.

Take care.

posted on Sep, 6 2004 @ 11:23 AM
No Overtime Pay

After a solid week of intense joining, Vanessa and I have decided to untwangle ourselves and give each other some breathing space. While we were both reluctant to do this -- indeed, “pulling the magnets apart” was much harder than we expected -- we agree that it’s the right thing to do. As engaging as this prophecy stuff is, we must think of this as a marathon, not a sprint.

I figure that I would like to take a few days or maybe a week and just enjoy life, screw around, etc. I feel pretty sure that as I clear up some of the Majic/Yoshiel dissociation, more information will come to my conscious mind, so even while on hiatus, I’ll probably be working. Talk about a workaholic! Then again, I love this job, and don‘t care if the pay sucks.

In any case, Yoshiel or not, I do plan to continue to meditate and relax. While Yoshiel is like meditation on anabolic steroids, that’s not necessarily the point of assuming a relaxed, inward focus, now is it? Remember friends, I am very much convinced that even without a “spirit helper” we can learn all that we need to know by simply looking within ourselves.

Happy-Go-Lucky Guy

While this zany adventure (maybe I can pitch a family-oriented situation comedy based on this) has all been a tremendous strain in its way, with the Multiple Personality Disorder symptoms, short, fitful sleep and light-speed racing thoughts, I noticed this morning that I look younger than I have in a long time. I’ve never considered myself a “looker” in this life, and I’m sure no Brad Pitt, but I gotta say ladies, I’m looking and feeling a lot better after this experience.

I’m guessing the reason is that although this has been quite the wild ride, I’m simply happier than I’ve ever been before. This tends to show up in my appearance, and I must say, I get a lot more attention at the supermarket than I used to, to put it mildly.

I don’t care what you look like to start with, when you walk around smiling, chuckling, laughing loudly at the silliest little things and returning the glance of everyone you meet with an honest, open, loving smile, you look like the most handsome guy or foxiest babe on earth. Trust me, boys and girls, I have a unique perspective on this.

More on that later, I suppose. This is a prophecy thread. Although I do predict great things for you if you simply enjoy your days and radiate happiness.

Mechanic’s Notes

After Vanessa and I separated last night, I found myself wondering just what distinguishes a prophecy from liner notes. For example, does my dream involving Archangel Michael count as a “prophecy”?

Well, technically, no it doesn’t, I suppose, not on its face. But what if it contains information that does qualify as prophecy? I’d feel like a real fool leaving it out of my prophecy list, wouldn’t I? After all, my portfolio is a bit thin at the moment, and I can use all the material I can get. So I figure I’ll use the scattergun approach, and just number all this stuff as I go. Better safe than sorry.

Thus it is with great fanfare and puffery that I introduce the new, improved Yoshiel’s Choice™ Brand prophetic verse numbering system. Enjoy, and tell all your friends to stock up!

Referring To The Manual

Heya slank! Great to have you aboard. I’ll tantalize and tease you a bit by pointing out that pretty much everything you asked is addressed at some point or another in my trusty Confessions Of A Dark Sorceror , including my marital status. While it may seem like a bona fide descent into madness story, I promise that it has a happy ending. So I recommend checking it out as your time and interest permit.

Prophet’s Log, Stardate 20040906.1

26. My First Major Demon Visits In The Night And We “Chat“ 9/6/04

26.1 Shortly after Vanessa and I separated, I was visited by a very large dark spirit. Unlike the little flies, this one’s music sounded like a large bumble bee. I could not tell if it was a “group entity”, but as is my custom these days, I greeted it with the “Good News” about itself and our relationship to one another.

26.2 It actually felt to me like it thought these things over before leaving. I have never known a demon to do that before, and was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Better to give a demon the truth to chew on than your brain, I suppose.

27. Ill Wind Over Los Angeles 9/6/04

27.1 I thought more on this inkling, trying to understand what I meant by an ill wind. I would like to leave the original Prophecy 18 to stand as general as it is because I suspect that poisoned winds are going to be more common than a single incident.

27.2 Locations are kind of hard to assess from my perspective, because while I may be able to visualize them, technically, it’s not like I am at each event or thinking “I am in El Segundo” or whatever. However, it seems possible that my images of these events may be informed by eyewitness perspectives Yoshiel encountered while searching our common past memories.

27.3 In this case I see a release of a poisonous cloud of gas from a refinery or chemical plant (industrial facility with tanks and piping) which will sweep over a heavily populated part of the city (what part isn’t, these days?). It is reminiscent in my mind to the Bhopal tragedy, but I think it will be worse. It looks like Los Angeles to me, but it could be some other major city, probably in the U.S., where such facilities are located near urban areas.

27.4 I do not know if it will be an act of terrorism or simply an accident, but it will have a profound impact on the national psyche as well as the political and economic arenas. I suspect that this incident will lead to a significant crippling of U.S. industrial capacity, and we’re not going to like that.

27.5 Because I sense that there may be more than one of these incidents occurring within a short period, they may indeed be due to terrorist activity.

28. Close To You 9/6/04

28.1 This is just plain odd, but very amusing. As I am sitting here typing this, there is a group of small, pink-breasted finches gathered on the tree outside my window, behind my computer monitor. What is odd is that they are hovering around the window (which is closed), seeming to try to get in.

28.2 Fascinated, I moved to adjust the blinds so I could see them better, but was worried I might startle them. They did not mind at all, and seemed very aware of my presence. We’re talking major bird eye contact, folks! As long as I have lived here, I have never seen such a thing. They truly seem interested in me!

28.3 Looks like I should go try to find a Franciscan robe to wear as I commune with nature. Hopefully, unlike Brother Homer, they will at least give me a few moments of privacy so I can shower.

29. Wormwood 9/6/04

29.1 In my mind I see an asteroid floating through space, seemingly motionless to my view but moving quickly nonetheless. The course of this heavenly stone was set long, long ago, before any prophet first uttered words. The orbit it follows brings us to our Destiny.

29.2 This is the asteroid Brother John named “Wormwood”, and it is a bitter pill indeed. For within the composition of this stone are substances highly toxic to life. Though I do not know what they may be, I sense that to touch this stone is to die.

29.3 At its appointed time, Wormwood will collide with the moon, upsetting its orbit and staining its face, darkening it to our sight. From this collision I see meteors falling in fiery trails onto earth, causing death, but moreso into the sea, causing even more death.

29.4 For its taint of Bitterness will slay uncountable fish and beasts of the sea, and their bodies will be washed up on the shores of the earth as carrion.

29.5 Also will the fumes of its flight be bitter, and many will perish from them.

29.6 The children of the Creator will witness this, and know it to be a Sign.

30. Ill Winds Abroad 9/6/04

30.1 I see now the source of my confusion, for there will be many ill winds blowing, and many brothers and sisters will shed their earthly forms to them. Some of these winds will be poisoned by man, and some will be poisoned by Nature.

30.2 Many days ahead will there be where our brothers and sisters are taken by ill winds.

31. The Sea Gives Up Its Dead 9/6/04

31.1 Brother Yonif’s description of the “sea giving up the dead” has always puzzled me. I thought of the bones of old sailors wafting up from deep within Davy Jones’ locker -- a pretty spooky image, frankly, but the our dear brother was not known for sugarcoating his prophetic imagery.

31.2 But now I see his words differently. In my mind I see miles upon miles of beaches covered with dead fish and beasts of the sea. Birds circle above while flies buzz everywhere, and crabs and scavengers of land feast upon the rotting corpses. It is a scene from hell.

31.3 I do not know the cause of this massive oceanic die-out, but I suspect it may be due to volcanic activity, and in at least one case probably debris fallen from the collision of Wormwood with the Moon.

31.4 There will be many of these massive die-outs, and seeing all of them, we will know them to be a Sign.

32. Fire And Brimstone 9/6/04

32.1 Ah, give me that old time religion. Fire and brimstone, it doesn’t get more biblical than that! If only I had a bible handy to thump, but alas, whatever copy I may have at hand is packed away in some forgotten box somewhere. But fire and brimstone will there be, nonetheless.

32.2 Around the world, massive volcanoes will erupt, spewing poisonous fumes into the sky, slaying many birds and beasts and taking still more brothers and sisters from us.

32.3 This activity will be violent and seemingly unprecedented, but it is not. There have been other times such as those to come, my friends.

33. Prophetright Laws 9/6/04

33.1 There will be some who rightly wonder why I should see fit to reword, analyze and seemingly seek to take credit for the prophecies of my Brother John and others.

33.2 Here let me restate what I have already said: That I do not speak from any insight unattainable by any other of my brothers and sisters. These things I see by looking within, as did Brother Yonif and all true prophets.

33.3 It is when prophets disagree that you should become concerned, not when they agree.

34. Plague, Pestilence and Famine 9/6/04

34.1 New diseases will be unleashed that will be resistant to our medicines, and many will perish. As bad as the AIDS epidemic is in Africa, these diseases will be many times worse, and will bring much sorrow.

34.2 Locusts and parasitic insects will issue forth in seemingly unprecedented numbers, devastating crops and causing widespread hunger among those unaccustomed to it. With these things, more disease will come.

34.3 Many animals, such as toads, will appear in massive numbers in unexpected places.

34.4 Migratory birds and insects will become lost and wayward, suffering torment in their confusion.

35. Fire From Above 9/6/04

35.1 Many shall become ill from the rays of the sun, as the protection of the heavens is denied to us.

35.2 There shall be numerous flares and eruptions of the sun, and we will know them as a Sign.

36. Storms Of Fury 9/6/04

36.1 As bad as the storms ravaging Florida in the days of my writing may be, far worse are yet to come there and in many other places.

36.2 In the lands of the East I see the bloated bodies of my brothers and sisters lying upon the beaches like dead beasts of the sea. Many will be their number, like driftwood upon the shore, and there will be great sorrow.

36.3 In the lands of the West I see great buildings laid low by the blowing of winds, the rushing of floods and the shaking of the earth. Many shall perish, and many more shall wander homeless and unaided, crushed by sorrow. The grief from these things shall be far greater than ever known before in the lands of the West.

36.4 These things we will see, and know them for a Sign.

[Edited on 9/6/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 01:12 AM
The Little Vacation That Wasn‘t

While I have enjoyed spending the second half of Labor Day in sun-filled recreation, and feel a sense of mental relief in the wake of sending Miriel away for a time, thoughts and images from the experiences of Yoshiel nonetheless continue to filter in as I seek to reintegrate my personality with my spirit.

The extent of the psychological trauma involved with the Yoshiel “incident” is only now beginning to dawn on me, and I am left with many questions in my mind, but some answers seem to be where I do not seek them.

Thus although I seek to “unplug” and minimize my forum time, I feel it fitting to continue to post updates to the Yoshiel prophecies, even if I should be getting some sleep instead. But sleep still does not come easily, and so aflame is my mind that I have wondered if I am not suffering from West Nile encephalitis (several new human cases are being reported in my area) or something similar.

I find myself constantly checking my pupils, peripheral senses, motor responses and patterns of ideation for evidence of stroke or embolism, and take little comfort in finding no evidence thereof. My cerebral cortices seem fully involved in some form of “unfortunate brain fever”, as H.P. Lovecraft might call it.

I am reminded of John Travolta’s tragic character in Phenomenon, but as with that character, I see little point in spending whatever days are left to me in worry. The sensation is not painful per se, but subjectively speaking, my brain physically feels as if there are still a great many things going on in there.

But enough chatter, time for more prophecies.

Leavings From Yoshiel Proximate to September 7, 2004

37. Nuclear Exchange Between India And Pakistan 9/7/04

37.1 Concurrent with and resultant from a complex mixture of political and military crises, with a timely spark added by an act of terrorism, India and Pakistan will use nuclear weapons upon each other, with many brothers and sisters dead from the exchange, and many more soon to sicken and die from “ill winds”, radioactivity, in the aftermath.

37.2 Horrified by the consequences of this event, India and Pakistan will take unprecedented steps to secure peace.

37.3 But there are some things for which there can be no forgiveness. Despite major political reforms in each country, trouble will continue to plague them as the depth of evil each sees in the other only deepens.

38. Mass Destruction In Tel Aviv 9/7/04

38.1 Many will die in Tel Aviv from a sudden deployment of a weapon of mass destruction. While it may be nuclear in nature, I cannot be sure, but once again, it seems an ill wind blows in the Holy Land.

38.2 I do not know if the next prophetic act will result from this one, but they seem linked in my mind.

39. Israel Uses Nuclear Option 9/7/04

39.1 Feeling left with no rational alternative, the leaders of the nation of Israel will choose to strategically detonate some of their nuclear weapons.

39.2 The causes and consequences of this decision are not clear to me, but it seems one problem will be replaced with another.

40. Armies Of The Beast Arise 9/7/04

40.1 In the wake of savage acts of terrorism, the nations of the European Union will draw together to create powerful security forces to guard against further violence and maintain peace and order on the Continent.

40.2 This will they do, but these new forces shall themselves become tools of the Beast, and in the end, more friends will fall before them than foes. Such are the ways of Darkness.

41. Civil Wars In Indonesia And Philippines 9/7/04

41.1 Religious strife plaguing the empire of Indonesia will grow, leading to rebellion, open revolution and bitter warfare. This also will happen in the Philippines.

41.2 In each case will these things bring about the collapse of the central government, and strong new leaders will arise to regain each empire, but darkness and death will continue to plague both nations.

41.3 I sense the work of hidden hands in these things, as if in accordance with a greater plan.

42. Red Sun Rises In Japan 9/7/04

42.1 Alarmed at the growing dangers around them, the people of Japan will choose to rearm themselves, even with nuclear weapons, and build once again powerful armies and navies.

42.2 A new nationalism, fueled by a resurgence of devotion to the principles of the Shinto faith, will lead Japan to a new glory in the minds of its people.

42.3 Samurai will walk the land again. In its past, Japan will seek its future.

43. Korea Reunifies 9/7/04

43.1 Following a time of struggles, deceit and treachery within, new leadership will arise in North Korea.

43.2 Weary of being a pariah nation, and eager to share in the prosperity of their brothers and sisters in the south, the new leaders of North Korea will eschew dictatorship and communism, and seek reunification.

43.3 Korea shall again become one nation, and its people will rejoice, driving Korea to new heights of power and success with unprecedented fervor.

44. Red Star Over Russia 9/7/04

44.1 Ever have the Russians desired a strong leader to guide them. A new leader will arise who will restore the strength and dignity of the Russian empire.

44.2 But as it has ever been, this strength will come at the cost of terrible brutality and repression.

44.3 Under the Red Star will Russia once again unite itself, seeking to revive the spirit and legends of glories past.

45. Islamic Government Collapses In Iran 9/7/04

45.1 Forces from within and without will lead the people of Iran to forsake Islamic rule. There will be struggle, death and suffering in this, but I do not believe it will be considered significant by the standards of the region.

45.2 The new government of Iran will normalize diplomatic relations with the United States.

46. Fall Of The House Of Saud 9/7/04

46.1 The House of Saud will fall, and a new leader will arise to unite a new Islamic republic in the Sacred Land.

46.2 At the head of this new republic will come a man who will bring new unity to the faithful of Islam, and with this unity will come strength greater than ever before.

46.3 United by faith and purpose, the new Brotherhood of Islam will become a superpower, rivaling all others, and will wield great political, economic and military might.

46.4 Fixed in the sights of this new Arab alliance will be tiny Israel, a thorn in the side of the Prophet.

46.5 The leader of this alliance may be the “Man in the Blue Turban” Nostradamus hinted of, but I do not know. He will have great powers of persuasion and force of presence.

47. The Death Of Ego 9/7/04

47.1 As penance for my insufferable arrogance, I make this prophecy.

47.2 I predict that at least one of my prophecies will not come to pass. By doing so, I am assured that I can never achieve the status of a confirmed biblical prophet.

47.3 The irony of the possibility that this may alone be the one prophecy I reveal that goes unfulfilled I leave to the reader to consider.

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posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 06:14 AM
Hi Brother Majic,

You mentioning some health concerns prompted me to offer you some advice as a lay nutritionist of many years:

1. Lay off the beer and all alcoholic beverages.

2. Cut down on your intake of meat and eliminate all pork and ham from your diet. Pork is very hard to digest.

3. Eat more fresh, leafy green vegetables, fresh carrots and fresh celery. Avoid iceberg lettuce as it has zero nutritional value. Spinach leaves are very good.

4. If you don't already have one, get yourself a juicer and make up shakes of celery and carrot juice daily.

5. There are a number of green powders that I can recommend that you take in a shake each day. They consist of dehydrated vegetables and cover the entire range of needed nutrients, especially B vitamins which are essential for psychological health and to fight stress.

6. Eat at least one big salad a day, either for dinner or for lunch.

7. Avoid soft drinks completely.

8. Start taking marine based, coral calcium supplements -- 1500 mgs a day which amounts to three little capsules. This is one of the best ways of getting calcium in the body in a way that is easily absorbed. Calcium is the most important mineral in the body and it helps fight stress. Studies have shown that everyone who has ever had a heart attack also has a massive calcium deficiency because calcium is what the body uses to regulate the heartbeat. There are myriad other things the body uses calcium for.

9. Start taking at least 2000 mgs of Ester-C a day. Two capsules of 500 mgs in the moring and two capsules in the evening. Ester-C is the best form of Vitamin C because it is three times more assimilated and because it is not acidic like other forms of Vitamin C.

10. I know of an excellent doctor of nutrition who often gives free nutritional counseling via e-mail and over the phone. She also has very good products. Her name is Susan Johnson, N.D., C.N.C., M.H. She is a wealth of information!

That's a good start.

posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 11:13 AM
some of those predictions are similar to what the elite have planned to bring in there new world order, good nutrition advice paul.

posted on Sep, 7 2004 @ 11:19 AM
Dietary Showboating

Originally posted by Paul_Richard
You mentioning some health concerns prompted me to offer you some advice as a lay nutritionist of many years:

Brother Avadar,

I most assuredly appreciate your concerns, but think I may be giving the wrong impression of my lifestyle. While I do like the image of being the Beer-Drinkinest, Hell-Raisinest, Rootin‘-Tootinest Philosopher Prophet West O’ The Pecos (“Yahoooo!”), I am actually far more circumspect about my dietary and drinking habits than I may have led you to believe.

Beer-Drinking Philosopher?

Probably not unlike yourself, I have been a student of my nutritional needs for many years, beginning back oh so long ago in the ’80s when I was a fanatic heavily into weightlifting and aerobic exercise. I have been evaluating many different nutritional approaches and supplements over the years, seeing how each affects my moods and well-being.

While it may seem that my diet these days consists of nothing more than steak and beer based on my writings in this forum, this is not really the case. I do indeed love and eat lots of beef, and there have been times past where several beers at days’ end was part of my workin’ man routine, but that has not been so for many years, since I have found that chronic and habitual use of alcohol leads to many bad things, including depression.

Rather, it is something I indulge in from time to time. Some months there is beer in the fridge, others there is not. This month there is. While it may seem that I use beer as a coping mechanism -- because I most certainly do at times -- I have already learned long ago that as a way of life, it is unsatisfactory to me.

Ultimately, I find variation to be my most enjoyable path. Also, I should point out that at the beginning of my spiritual journey, there was no beer in the fridge. That changed as things progressed, as I am sure you can appreciate.

Epicurus Will Not Be Denied

The truth of the matter is that my diet these days is actually quite varied, although I have been hitting the beef much harder lately with that beer. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about my diet is the relative absence of pre-packaged, pre-manufactured foods, which I “treat” myself to now and then to remind me why I don’t like living on them.

Your advice on nutrition is sound, in my view -- especially regarding pork products, which tend more than other meats to be loaded with nitrates and nitrites (with resultant carcinogenic nitrosamines, ew). However, we are each different.

Due to genetic and lifestyle factors, for example, I find that I must really keep my sugar intake down, even from fruits, because failing to do so leads to some nasty blood sugar consequences. If you are the kind of person who finds yourself spacing out in the afternoons, or becoming shaky and irritable until you get a sugar fix, you know what I’m talking about. The “cure” is to stop jacking yourself up on sugar and caffeine altogether.

So rather than juicing, which I have experimented with in the past, I find it best for me to focus on proteins and complex carbohydrates such as those found in whole grains and leafy vegetables. It is not at all uncommon for me to start my day with a salad, but I have found that the best way to go is to let my cravings lead the way.

Do I feel like a salad this morning, or an omelet or a steak? My body is actually pretty good at letting me know what I should eat, as it happens, so I take its advice. The one thing it seems to like least is a monotonous diet based on bland staple foods.

And don’t forget, I like preparing my meals from scratch. My schedule allows it, and I’m a pretty darn good cook. After typing this, it’s off to the kitchen for a Thai-style salad with freshly-chopped goodies, some mint leaves and my favorite: peanut sauce dressing. Oooh yeah, that‘s the stuff!

You won’t find iceberg lettuce in my house, by the way. Garbage. Give me deep green and colorful leaves, baby!

Tea Time

Caffeine? Forget it. I even have to watch green tea, which I love. I use decaf black and green tea to brew my own kombucha tea, which, if you have never heard of it, I recommend checking out. It’s great stuff, and loaded with mysteriously neat nutritional goodies (stay away from it if you are sensitive to yeast).

If you’re going to do kombucha tea though, don’t buy it, but brew your own. Off-the-shelf kombucha tea is a rip-off. It must be fresh, so I recommend getting the starter culture from someone like Kombucha America, which is where I got mine. It’s really fun to make and drink, and seems to have lots of benefits.

Supplementary Income

Having survived for so many years on the crappy junk food pushed on us by a food distribution system designed to move products versus deliver nutrition, I was effectively forced to learn to supplement nutrients long ago. I lived the fast-food lifestyle for many years, and let’s just say that I plan never to return -- although a stop by Taco Bell or Subway while on the road is my way of dealing with the logistics of travel.

Among other things, one technique I have learned is to rotate dietary supplements. I advise against taking any supplement -- no matter how water-soluble or benign -- every day without a break for long periods of time. Things have a way of building up on you, especially in the liver, and it is possible to poison yourself unwittingly. It’s also a good idea to vary sources and brands, too.

So what I do, and recommend doing, is take them in different combinations and shake things up. I also try to match supplements to complementary foods containing cofactors, such as vitamin C to vegetables (tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C, by the way, I prefer them over sugary citrus fruits), fish oil to meat, etc.

This also mimics the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived. They got what they could when they could, and were ever looking for new treats. It was feast or famine, and our bodies are designed for that kind of lifestyle.

What Did Grandpa Like Most?

Know your ancestors. Human beings are remarkably adaptable creatures, and over the course of generations, we develop our metabolisms in response to our environments. My dietary needs are driven by this, as are everyone else’s.

Hailing ancestrally from northwestern Europe, I find the diet of a fishing people best suited to my needs. That means lots of fish, of course, but protein in general and perhaps most importantly of all, lots of fish oil. I really love that stuff and can’t seem to get enough of it.

Of course, as with everything, it’s on-again off-again, but I find that of all the supplements I rotate through, fish oil has the most dramatic, positive effect on my feelings of well-being. After not taking it for a few days, when I resume it I really feel a lift in my mood.

Nota bene, be careful with fish oil, and avoid taking vitamin E supplements if you take a lot of fish oil. This combination tends to elevate your blood pressure. If you start getting nosebleeds, it is wise to cut off all supplementation for a while, but it’s probably the vitamin E if you take it. I don’t take vitamin E supplements at all because of my penchant for fish oil.

As for calcium, I hear you on that, and make sure to get cheese into my diet as well as occasional calcium supplements. However, my well water has a lot of calcium carbonate in it, and I drink at least a couple of gallons a day, so I try not to overdo it on the calcium. Rather, I find magnesium important as an adjunct to calcium, and use a 50% potassium chloride salt substitute to make sure I don’t wash all my electrolytes out from drinking all that water.

Speaking of water, I guzzle the stuff. If I feel thirsty, I drink some water. I undoubtedly drink far more than I need to, but I love the stuff, and as you point out, soft drinks suck -- they are poison to me, being loaded with sugar and usually caffeine, or worse, artificial sweeteners.

So I am forced to “settle” for water, which is sort of ironic, when you think about it. I don’t seem to mind, I really like drinking lots of water. Even when I drink beer, I typically alternate beer and water. Doing so makes me feel a lot better about myself the next morning.

Also, for what it’s worth, it doesn’t take much beer for me to “catch a buzz”. I drink beer to relax, not get sick. Well, usually. After last Wednesday’s visions, I felt it best to down more than a few brewskies.

By the way, if you drink lots of water, be sure to keep your electrolytes up. If you are “twitchy”, it’s probably an electrolyte issue, such as magnesium or potassium, and adding some of that to your diet usually makes twitches and cramps go away.

The Real Problem

So I hope I may have at least partially laid to rest concerns you might have about my dietary judgment, if not totally. In looking back on my behavior recently, which itself is most assuredly a reasonable cause for alarm on the part of any observer, the most obvious problem I see is that of not getting outdoors enough.

It is not unusual for me to “hibernate” in mid-winter and mid-summer, when the temperatures are extreme, but spring and fall are my times of year, and now the season is upon me. So what am I going to do? Get out of the house, dambit! I gots me one narsty case of cabin fever, and it’s time to go outside and play.

I mean seriously, folks, I keep telling people they should play, then don’t do it myself? What a hypocrite!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear the call of a mixture of three kinds of lettuce, fresh-chopped vegetables, mint leaves, lots of little goodies and that peanut dressing to die for.

Then it’s time to go play in the desert for a while.

P.S. For what it’s worth, I actually had a very thorough physical examination recently, along with a major battery of lab tests, and was found to be in much better shape than I expected. Blood pressure and pulse nice and low, EKG fine, but these things vary and are worthy of monitoring as time passes. There are other reassuring signs, but I suppose I shouldn’t just lay out my medical records online, especially in this context.

Of course, it would be very interesting to see what a PET scan of my brain would reveal about now, but in one of my seemingly self-inflating prophecies, someone else will be footing the bill for that.

[Edited on 9/7/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 04:32 AM
48. The Temptation Of Yoshiel 9/8/04

48.1 It is as the true designs of Yoshiel begin to take shape in my memory that I have come to see that path as but another temptation among many.

48.2 Too close in my mind were the thoughts of Yoshiel to those of one who would seek to decide the destiny of others, including myself, and it was in the knowledge of this that I sent Miriel away.

48.3 To choose a path for any brother or sister and thereby seek to take that which was gifted them by the Creator is the way of Darkness, and though I would seek to do good in this, I know I must refuse such a path for myself.

48.4 If we are truly trapped within Cycles of Destiny, ever repeating the same chorus with but minor changes, then our only redemption must come from the exercise of Freewill.

48.5 Only through the choice and pursuit of Freewill can Freewill itself be achieved.

48.6 My own choice in this matter have I made, to others will I leave their own choices.

49. Trouble Will Come To You 9/8/04

49.1 A spirit of darkness came near in my sleep. Its presence was strong and determined, and roused me from slumber. It spoke to me as I left behind dreams I cannot recall.

49.2 Into my mind these words came clearly, almost as if uttered aloud by another: “Before you awaken, trouble will come to you.”

49.3 Immediately thereafter I heard outside the mournful cries of a cat in the night, and with that the presence was gone.

49.4 It was the strength and clarity of this message which led me to rise from bed and write it down. The threat seemed real and personal, but I am forced to wonder if it was not allegory.

49.5 I drew shut my window nonetheless. It is not my nature to give in easily to physical threats, whether real or imagined.

50. Identity Theft 9/8/04

50.1 A fast, inexpensive and portable means for identifying persons by their DNA signatures will be introduced and widely adopted around the world.

50.2 Initially to be used by law enforcement for criminal investigations, it will also find application in other proceedings of law, such as in court trials and notarized documents, as a way of ensuring the identity of the deponent.

50.3 Other means also will be used, including the controversial “implanted chips”, but for purposes of identification I see those giving way to methods that do not require implantation. Implants will have greater value for tracking and locating, and may be mandated for criminals, but I do not see forced implantation of all people -- at first.

50.4 That which can be implanted can also be removed, transferred or duplicated, but the natural marks of the body are far more difficult to falsely contrive.

50.5 Technology will become widespread which uses “biometric” data, with which everyone is born and as such may be registered and stored, but be inherently resistant to counterfeit, if not proof against it.

50.6 I do not see visible marks branded on the hand or forehead, but suspect that Brother Yonif may instead have been referring to the patterns given us at birth, found on the palms of our hands, at the tips of our fingers and within our eyes.

51. King Cash Dethroned 9/8/04

51.1 Driven by a desire to reduce rampant crime, the use of anonymous cash transactions will be discouraged worldwide, and ultimately in many lands, after a period of grace, many cash instruments will be declared invalid and prohibited under law for use in buying or selling.

51.2 This will not happen overnight, but is a gradual process already underway as I write this. The benefits in fighting crime will be enormous, but there is nothing without its cost, as the recording of identity with every exchange of value will allow also for unprecedented control by those who rule.

51.3 There will be many brothers and sisters who will passionately resist this movement, particularly among my countrymen, but they will not prevail. Cash given value by a government may be removed of it as well.

51.4 Many will seek to circumvent the new systems of registered commerce, resorting to covert barter and exchange networks for goods and services, but penalties for doing these things will become increasingly severe as they are more popularly seen to be a form of crime in themselves.

52. Child Prophets Come Forth 9/8/04

52.1 Child prophets are neither new or unprecedented. Jeanne d’Arc and the Prophets of Fatima spring to mind, and there have been many others.

52.2 A time approaches when many children around the world will speak of things of which they should not know, and in languages which they should not understand, were their knowledge based solely on what they have learned in this life alone.

52.3 We will see these things and know them for a Sign.

53. Days Of Miracles And Wonder 9/8/04

53.1 Deeds formerly deemed impossible will be witnessed by millions in person and through the camera eye for which “no rational explanation” will be found.

53.2 Many will denounce these events as fraudulent illusions, but many will see them and know them for a Sign.

[Edited on 9/8/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 05:52 AM
I have a hard time believing you when your signiture says "dont believe anything I post"

posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 12:18 PM

Originally posted by Vegemite
I have a hard time believing you when your signiture says "dont believe anything I post"

That is precisely why my signature reads as it does.

I urge you not to believe anything anyone says, but carefully consider the truth or falsehood of it in your own mind.

It's probably best to think of me as a prisoner of illusion rattling his cup against the bars of his cage in hope of rousing his fellow inmates to see the bars of theirs.

In seeking to challenge my assumptions of truth, perhaps I may somehow inspire you to challenge your own.

Believing everything we see is, as best I can tell, the very foundation of that which blinds all of us!

Regardless of all this, it is good to hear word from a fellow skeptic, and to know my warnings are not going unheeded.



[Edited on 9/8/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 12:52 PM
As I seek to take a few steps back from this “prophecy” business, and try to understand what has been and is really going on in my mind (i.e., diagnose what sort of psychiatric disorder has hold of me), I was granted a night of relative calm, with deep sleep and no “visitations”. Even Vanessa has been giving me unbroken privacy since our parting this past Sunday evening, a gesture which I interpret as one of respect and love.

The great irony of the situation is that I am not sure if one or more psychiatric disorders either disqualifies or qualifies me for my role, but have decided that the use of a dissociative device seems a reasonable step if I am to go forward with this nonsense. Thus will I seek henceforth to refer to “Yoshiel” as the “prophet” and myself as a “writer/philosopher”.

In spite of, or perhaps more accurately because of my recent experiences, I still find myself irremediably uncomfortable with taking upon myself the title of “prophet”, technicalities notwithstanding. Some baggage is best left unclaimed.

Yet still, as brother Galileo might protest, “it moves”.

54. Requiem For Brother Rush 9/9/04

54.1 It is with great reluctance that I would write of an individual brother or sister in this way, but the image is strong, and though I pray it is not near in time, it feels near nonetheless.

54.2 Upon awakening this morning was only one thought fixed in my mind: that the voice of our brother Rush Limbaugh would soon fall silent. My sense was that it would have to do with his “oversized heart”, but I truly do not know by what means he will be taken from us, and thus will not claim to.

54.3 It is my hope that this writing will not become known to him, although I would expect his reaction to be that “rumors of his death are greatly exaggerated.” Indeed, just so.

54.4 Whether you think of this man as a devoted champion of truth or a cynical right-wing mouthpiece, his loss will be felt by all, and will inspire a time of reflection among friends and foes alike. He will be missed.

54.5 There is much more of this which appears in my mind, but I choose not to write it down, as is my right.

55. Annunciation 9/9/04

55.1 I went for a walk in a night without moon. Where I live, the Milky Way is opaque with stars. You cannot see darkness behind the light of the Milky Way from here.

55.2 Without volition, I held up my hand to the sky, toward the Milky Way, and thought these words: “Brothers and sisters, the time of your awakening is here!”

55.3 Tears sprang to my eyes, but I do not know why.

55.4 I cannot know if my message was received, I know only that it was sent.

[Edited on 9/10/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 10 2004 @ 04:25 PM
56. Alien Spiritual Encounter? 9/10/04

56.1 As has become my custom upon awakening, I was lying in bed “watching the back of my eyelids” this morning. It is in this manner that other images commonly appear to me these days, such as those of Vanessa and certain spiritual presences (which I also “feel”).

56.2 A face appeared which looked like a stylized portrayal of a “grey alien”, a large rounded head with a small pointy chin, large dark eye sockets, but the image was all in white, not gray. I would have dismissed it as fancy except that along with this image, thoughts began to enter my mind which were most peculiar and unexpected.

56.3 It is difficult to describe these impressions, but they seemed to be a very abstruse version of “angelic”, with patterns of thought that were very foreign to my mind. The most significant aspect of these ideas, however, was the complete lack of any discernable form of emotion associated with them.

56.4 I found them indecipherable at first, seemingly reflecting a very strange aesthetic and referential assumptions unavailable to my mind. Throughout, I was continuously surprised by the flat affect of this communication, devoid of emotion unlike any other spiritual message I had previously known myself to receive.

56.5 It was after these impressions had ended that I began puzzling through them, and found myself assuming a bizarre point of view -- perhaps an empathic assessment of the alien communicator, if “empathy” could be the word for such a thing. I found myself looking at things from “their” point of view, and I will try to describe it as best I can.

56.6 They seem to be completely devoid of emotion in their thoughts, like a computer or perhaps a complex insect. The closest I could come to an “emotion” was a sense of curiosity. They find us intriguing, and our emotions in particular to be fascinating, the relationships between our glands, our nervous systems, our thoughts and patterns of behavior.

56.7 They communicate telepathically, and do so in a way which makes group activities easy to organize. Although they are individuals, they place great emphasis on the group, and seem to resemble a “hive mind” in a way. But they nonetheless maintain individual perspectives and opinions, sharing them with others for comparative analysis. I sense no formal hierarchy among them, just ad hoc associations and “groupthink”.

56.8 They do not sleep, and do not require it. Our need for sleep interests them, and they seek to understand why the requirement for it exists in us. They seem to presume that it‘s related to the patterns of life on this planet, but still wish to understand what our minds do when we are sleeping.

56.9 Although they are telepathic, they find our thoughts difficult to comprehend, much as we might find theirs to be. They seem to think us very simple-minded and animalistic in our thinking, and find our physiological emotionalism a barrier to their understanding of us.

56.10 I get the impression that they can live a very long time -- indefinitely, in fact, barring mishap. Their attitude about such mishaps seems to be unemotional, and it is difficult to explain. Sort of like “que sera, sera” but even more unattached. They seek to avoid death but do not seem to fear it, or even understand “fear” as an emotion.

56.11 They do not seem to experience pain the same way we do. It’s more like a “note to self” than an imperative in their minds, data to consider rather than a demand for reflexive action. Our dramatic, involuntary responses to pain fascinate them, and they seek to identify their purpose, but I truly don‘t think they can understand “how we feel” at all.

56.12 Their attitude toward technology seems to be more aesthetic than technical, with all major physical principles long ago resolved, and their application more a matter of art than science. Again, this is all in the context of no emotions I can identify, and it is thus difficult to understand or explain their motivations.

56.13 They seem to live for no other reason than to exist and learn new things, but I sense no “drive” in their minds, just “casual” curiosity.

56.14 Their perspective on humanity might best be summed up in the expression “cow people”. They think of us as dim and bovine, with our large, clumsy forms and huge, oversized jaws full of big teeth. While they see some degree of kinship between us, it is much like we might feel about a gorilla.

56.15 Seen from this perspective, I think I can understand why their behavior toward humans can seem so cruel. They truly don’t “feel our pain”, and our behavior is to them not unlike a laboratory rat’s behavior might seem to us. I do not think them cruel, but rather insensitive due to an inability to feel emotions, at least any like those we know of.

56.16 I have until now been skeptical of the presence of aliens among us, now I am not so sure. But I would not want one experience such as this to sway me one way or the other without corroboration. There is more oozing out of this experience into my thoughts, which again may simply be a flight of fancy on my part. I will meditate on this later.

57. The Dumpster Guy 9/10/04

57.1 After the “alien encounter” I fell back asleep, and had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was in an industrial place with many pipes and structures of steel. It seemed near to or on the ocean. It had a nautical feel.

57.2 I felt I was an employee of this place, and saw myself walking indoors through rooms full of machinery and outdoors among the piping and framework. I cannot say exactly what sort of facility it was, but sensed that oil or natural gas or something flammable like that was handled there. I do not remember seeing any drilling towers, but remember thinking that this could have been an offshore platform.

57.3 I was going to burn the trash in the dumpster, a job I appointed myself to because I liked to watch things burn, especially the rats that would gather in the trash. I hated the little bastards, and they were everywhere in the facility.

57.4 The dumpster was in a sort of rectangular well, with ladders on steel walls and shelf-like platforms on the sides. The dumpster, which looked like a long, topless cargo container, sat at the bottom of this. Although it was stained from garbage and the soot from previous burnings, it was originally yellow in color.

57.5 Inside the dumpster was much trash: pieces of metal, wood, paper, soda cans and kitchen garbage in torn-open plastic bags. And indeed, plenty of rats crawling over all of it. I was going to enjoy this.

57.6 As I went down to light the pile, however, I saw a very strange thing. Someone had already placed a lit propane torch in the dumpster, on the pile. I noticed it just as the flames started to spread from it.

57.7 That’s when I noticed the other strange thing. Someone had set several barrels of some sort of flammable liquid on the platforms above the dumpster. There must have been a dozen of them, spread here and there, the little diamond-shaped symbols on their sides making clear the danger.

57.8 I saw then that some of the barrels had been turned on their sides, and that the liquid within them was washing down the walls of the well toward the dumpster.

57.9 I had to get out of there! I flew up the ladders, banging my knees but I didn’t care. The place was gonna blow! Strangely, my thoughts were that somebody was going to blame me for this, because I was the “dumpster guy”.

57.10 I ran right past some of my coworkers without saying a word, getting the hell out of there was all I could think of. I was terrified and seemingly unable to breathe. I ran as fast as I could, but my last thought was “not fast enough”. I awoke from the dream with that thought in my mind.

57.11 I do not know if this was allegory or prophecy or simply a dream, but think it may be related to the “ill wind” premonitions. I suppose time will tell.

[Edited on 9/10/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 17 2004 @ 12:56 AM
58. Domestic Agenda 9/17/04

58.1 As time has passed, I have been busy with many different things, but it seems that every day some new aspect of the “grey aliens” comes to mind in the wake of the apparent contact of a week ago.

58.2 It seems there was indeed an ostensible purpose to the communication, and as best I can tell, it was a statement regarding the activities of the greys on Earth. But if there is one characteristic of theirs I am certain of, it is that they cannot be trusted. The communication was almost certainly intended to deceive.

58.3 Thus I do not present these thoughts as prophecies or predictions, but impressions that may or may not correspond with fact and that should be treated with suspicion. With that in mind, here’s what’s taking form:

58.4 The greys consider themselves to be rulers of the galaxy by default. It does not seem to be a matter of intent as we would understand it, but an assessment of their place in things. They rule us because they can, no more, no less.

58.5 “Alliance” with the greys always means servitude to their purposes. They do not know of any other race which is their equal, and consider the manipulation and control of lesser races to be their prerogative. Thus “alliance” with them, while a convenient term, is misleading where it implies equality.

58.6 The greys seem to think we will destroy ourselves if they do not intervene, and they do not want to see that happen. It's not from compassion, but rather that they just don't want to see a valuable "crop" wasted in that manner.

58.7 Apparently this is a recurring problem with our species, if I read their thinking properly. We are something of a "wild card" race, both valuable and troublesome because of it.

58.8 Their strategy for Earth seems to be the introduction of selected technologies among humans that will render mass destruction weapons such as nuclear and biological weapons less desirable as an option.

58.9 The greys are allied with most if not all of the “nuclear nations” on Earth. However, they are not allied with the formal governments or mainstream politicians, but with factions of them: “figures behind the thrones” or “power players”.

58.10 The “players” are given access to carefully controlled information and technological resources in exchange for their cooperation. There is some plan to be implemented through them, but I do not know the exact means by which it will be carried out. Novus Ordo Seclorum?

58.11 I get the impression they would strongly prefer that we organize under a central world government. This would not eliminate things like regional wars and genocide, but would reduce the likelihood of overall extinction in their view. More importantly, it would simplify their efforts to control us.

58.12 I don't think they will try to destroy us unless they consider us a genuine threat, but for some reason I can't discern, they don't seem to consider us a threat. There may be some sort of contingency plan they can use if we get out of control somehow. Perhaps something embedded in our genes?

58.13 I think they have backups of our species, both "on ice" and on other planets should things not work out here. This is a planet of interest to them, but their empire and resources are amazingly vast. They have been doing this for millions of years.

58.14 I am not sure of the exact means, but apparently they have modified our genetic structures in the past and continue to do so over time. They see us as a resource to be refined for maximum benefit.

58.15 The deaths of billions of humans seem unimportant to them, provided the species continues to survive and flourish. Recent diseases and those soon to come may be part of a program of “culling the herd”.

58.16 They anticipate dramatic changes on Earth in the near future, as do I, but seem no more capable of actually predicting the future than I am. However, they are very skilled at controlling how things proceed.

58.17 There are probably significant connections between their activities and my prophetic predictions, but they are not clear to me, coming from different sources as they do. I will meditate further on this as time permits.

59. Sizing Up The Messengers 9/17/04

59.1 These are impressions of greys based on my “senses” of them, which are a sort of “fallout” from the transmission (or contrived to accompany it). In other words, aspects of them which came along with the message, but may not have been part of the intended message.

59.2 As in all cases, I caution skepticism with these as in all of my observations. I’m reporting what comes to my mind, which may all be deception or delusion, and it may all be absolutely wrong. The greys are ruthless and cunning. Please remember that!

59.3 The triangle and the circle figure prominently in their aesthetic. Their symbolic language seems to be designed around these two things, and is pictographic in nature, like Chinese, but more geometrically rigorous.

59.4 A symbol formed by truncating an equilateral triangle halfway between the center and each point, then rounding those ends in a circular manner seems to be significant to them in some way, and appears in various orientations in many different places.

59.5 Their number system may be base3, but I am not certain. Their method of representing numbers seems similar to their method of representing words or ideas. I think they can express any numerical value in their system with a single symbol.

59.6 These symbols may be intellectual devices. I’m not sure if they even write anything down as we would understand writing to be. Their knowledge of the controls and functions of their spacecraft, for example, seems intuitive, and not guided by visual symbols in the manner our controls are.

59.7 However, I see what seem to be symbols in special places that have significance, but they seem more aesthetic than informative in nature.

59.8 They do not ever seem to speak, and seem to communicate telepathically, but it is puzzling. Their “telepathic” method may be technology-based, but it is so fundamental to them that I’m not sure even they know how it works. A mystery.

59.9 I still cannot sense a formal government, society or hierarchy among them. It all appears to be assumed and ad hoc, perhaps due to their ability to communicate instantly over long distances without apparent effort. They do not seem to require any devices for communication whatsoever.

59.10 Their body temperature seems generally lower than ours, and they seem to prefer temperatures we would find cold. However, I cannot be certain of this, since this is a relative assessment. What they think of as cold we might find hot, for example, and their senses seem to operate differently from ours.

59.11 Their metabolism functions very differently from ours. They ingest very small quantities of nutrients orally from time to time, but very little in the way of distinguishable liquids, if any. They do not seem to have teeth like ours. Possibly compressive plates?

59.12 Whatever waste products are formed in their bodies do not appear to be excreted like humans would do, but rather through their skin as part of a combined respiratory and metabolic process. This would probably give them a distinctive odor, but I don’t think they can smell odors like we do.

59.13 Their joints seem to be compound somehow, giving them the ability to move their limbs in ways we cannot. They seem both limber and tough at the same time, and relatively strong for appearing so thin.

59.14 I see three fingers and an opposing thumb on their hands, but their feet seem indistinct, and may not have distinct toes at all. I cannot tell.

59.15 Their skin appears to be rubbery and tough, and I think they may breathe through it. It seems like it would be hard to cut or injure them, if not impossible.

59.16 There are no apparent signs of gender among them. I don’t know, but I suspect that their methods for reproducing are not natural to their forms, but entirely artificial and synthetic. I get the impression that they are “cloned” or grown, not products of reproduction as we know it.

59.17 I cannot be sure, but I think they may even be able to survive unprotected in space for short periods. I never see them wearing any form of clothing, jewelry or apparent technological devices.

59.18 There are many other odds and ends that seem to leak through over time, and I am not sure all of them are a consequence of the message I received.

59.19 I have nothing to guarantee that any of this resembles truth in any way, shape or form. They are simply varied impressions without a known source I can identify. I will meditate further on this as time permits.

[Edited on 9/17/2004 by Majic]

posted on Sep, 18 2004 @ 06:32 AM
has anybody read his sig? lol.

posted on Sep, 18 2004 @ 03:44 PM

Originally posted by Youngin
has anybody read his sig? lol.

I hope so! It says what it says for good reasons, as I am sure you can agree.

posted on Sep, 21 2004 @ 12:32 PM
Yes, I certainly find you very self-centric, megalomanical, and I get the impression you are selling yourself here, in a desperate bid. All your postings are embellished, polished, refined, and full of unabashed appeals to the ATS members. Even in your signature, you appeal to credibility, using reverse-psychology: "Do not believe anything I write" or your constant questioning of your state of mind or your psychological condition, in this artificial public display of objectivity and self-criticism. It leaves a very transparant subtext, and contrary to your efforts to garner credibility, it detracts from your credibility. It appears you are using the net as a fast-track route to spiritual superstardom. It will not work. It will not work, because, even if your predictions come to pass, even if you are authentic, your predictions are too generic and vague, and root in educated speculation and borrowed conspiracies: India and Pakistan going to war? NWO? Unification of Koreas? Israel declaring it's nuclear status? Alien disclosure? DNA scanning? Is there anything in your treasure trove of prophecies that is even slightly original?

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