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Who are Mulsim insurgents in Iraq?

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 08:25 PM
Who and what is a Muslim insurgent? As one ATS'er said "terrorist = angry Arab," but we know there are two sides to every story. Since understanding your enemy is key to defeat I provide excerpt from great free online book "The Bear Trap" in which they Pakistani who helped fund Muslim fighters in Afghanistan described the guerillas:

Mujahideen means Soldiers of God - those who fight for Allah in his war against unbelievers - It is an honour, a duty that is welcomed by the true Muslim. Unless you fight in a Jehad you cannot be a Mujahid. The Holy Koran states that a man killed in a Jehad becomes a Shaheed, a martyr Commanders would never report that they had had so many killed in an operation, but rather that, 'God be praised, we had five Shaheed'. The Mujahideen's willingness to die in battle stems from the promise by Allah that Shaheeds go immediately to Paradise. No matter how many sins they have committed in this life, to die as a Soldier of God ensures complete forgiveness. A special place in Paradise is assured. Shaheeds are buried as they fall, in the clothes that they died in, bodies bloodied and unwashed, and without coffins. They go to Allah exactly as they died for their faith. There is no greater glory for the Muslim warrior.

It is not only the man who dies in a Jehad that is venerated. There is reward also for those who fight and live. Such a person is called a Ghazi, and Islam promises him rich rewards in Paradise. According to the prophet (peace be upon him) the Mujahid who spends one night on guard duty has performed equally with the ordinary man who prays for a thousand nights.

The battle cry of the Mujahideen is 'Allah o Akbar'- God is Great. They will shout this as they rush forward, as they fire their weapons, when they see a target hit, even on training when no enemy is in sight. It is a cry that has been heard down the centuries - Still today it can inspire the modern Mujahid, as it did his great-great-grandfather amongst the same crags and rocks when he confronted the British invader.

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