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Who should play Jessica Lynch in the movie?

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posted on Apr, 11 2003 @ 10:36 AM
You know there will be one....

Jessica Lynch

My vote is Reese Witherspoon...

[Edited on 11-4-2003 by Gazrok]

posted on Apr, 11 2003 @ 11:15 AM
Why do they need to make a movie about everything these days. It was bad enough that she had to live trough that now she has to watch the horror she probably went trough on a movie screen?

posted on Apr, 11 2003 @ 11:37 AM

posted on Apr, 11 2003 @ 03:34 PM
I thought there'd be more suggestions...

Like Drew Barrymore, Jaime Presley, Sarah Michelle Gellar, etc.

posted on Apr, 11 2003 @ 03:56 PM
I think your Reese Witherspoon suggestion is good, the pictures do show a resemblance.

How about Meredith Monroe from Dawson's Creek? Click here for pic

Or Elisha Cuthbert from "24"? Click for pic

posted on Apr, 11 2003 @ 05:15 PM
how much will be fiction?

Why yes I fought off 20 men with only a spoon then feasted on their brains that is until they sent the elite ninja assasins after me which i killed 5 of then they tossed a grenade at me.

No disrespect towards her, I felt sorry for her but what about the other soldiers? don't they deserve the same attention what about the guy in the first gulf war that had broken leg and pelvis and they tortured him then threw him out in the desert about 10 meters from a road and some irregulars found him and told him the war was over.

posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 09:20 AM
I guess it would be too much to ask to simply allow her to recuperate and get her life back together without Hollywood making a mockery of her suffering for a profit?

posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 09:30 AM
I think any self respecting actress would refuse to play the part, then again they are in hollywood.

posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 12:59 PM
Bruce Willis

posted on Apr, 12 2003 @ 01:17 PM
he has my vote

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