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Strange dream (telepathy)

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 07:17 PM
I only remember fragments from the dream, here they are:

1. It was a mental hospital type of environment, quite futuristic
I'd say. The corridors were bright in lighting and everything looked
very sterile (except the sleeping chamber with red lighting and smoke)
Well, I woke up in this sleeping chamber. Each "bed" was positioned
around some sort of spherical device, that seemed to glow. I tried to
get up and *bump* I hit my head on something. The bed had a glass
on top of it.

2. We had educational classes there, about how to behave in the environment we were bound to. All the patients had same kind of
sterile hospital pyjamas on. I remember there were strict rules
about everything and we always had to be in groups. The teachers
were bald and very beautiful, very human, but had some alien
twist on them.

3. At some point I wasn't under the disciple as I should have, so
one of the teachers started to stare me, while I was planning
to revolt. I learned that she had read my mind through telepathy
and therefore discovered, that it was possible to send messages
just by a thought, and I could do it aswell.

4. There was clearly a trust and companionship with one of the
teachers, which appeared to be female (the same and
only teacher I had the telepathic link with) Her role in the dream
was to help me solve tasks which were adressed to the patients.
She always warned me to change my thinking-"mode" when
other teachers arrived, in case they would notice I was able to
communicate telepathically.

5. The tasks given to the patients included lot of walking outside the
hospital, which reminded me of scouting. We were given some sort
of weapons too, but i can't remember how they looked. I think they
were some sort of firearms.

6. At the end of the day we gathered in the sleeping chambers.
(This part I remember most vividly). As I mentioned already, the
chambers were nothing like the rest of the facility. They had
eery red lighting in it and some smoke coming from the spherical
device in the center of the room. Now to the most vivid part:
We were preparing ourself for a resting session. I laid down on
the bed and teacher laid down as well, next to me on her own bed.
Then I got this message from the teacher telepathically "It starts
now, hurry". At instant the environment got more scarier and
had some strange metamorphosis going on around it. Like the
reality was shifting from one to another. This is the procedure
with was imperative to start the sleep (?) -While laying down I
had to place a round device, which seemed to eject some smoke,
on the pillow just above top of my head. I also had to make sure
the glass-top was in place.
Suddenly I felt very weak. There was a tingling sensation in
my brain. Then I woke up from the dream to the reality as we
know it, thus not having a clue which is the real reality -the one
we are all witnessing at the moment, or the one described above.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:34 PM
i kind of had a dream like that. i was out with my friends and we stopped at a small pizza place (like the random kind they have on the streets of big cities). we went in and everything was normal until i went to the bathroom. the women's bathroom said out of order, so i decided to go to the men's. not that i would do this in real life, it's a dream. so i opened the door and entered this weird room that was nothing like a bathroom. instead it was a bunch of weird-looking men laying in red quilted beds. the whole place was a blend of futuristic and medieval castle-ish. i was wandering around wondering where the bathroom was, and i was getting really creeped out. there was a weird evil sense about the room and as i was wandering around i saw someone i knew (not sure who it was) who was one of the men in the bed. i was super creeped and tried talking to him, but then some other guy was like "you're not supposed to be in here" and grabbed me. then i woke up.

posted on May, 1 2009 @ 09:54 PM
I have had some very eerie dreams where I am not where I am supposed to be.
Not the same as you 2 but twisted none the less.
Usually concerning my grandfathers old house.
My room was on the second floor.
I would go upstairs and turn there corner to my door but when I opened the door, there was another staircase to another floor of the house that I was not supposed to know about. The staircase would only appear at a certain time and I just caught it. I went upstairs to find and entire floor that looked as if it had been abandoned. Everything exactly as it was left. Covered in dust. I had this feeling that this secret room was that of my departed father.
I would look around, often finding strange items. Like a 1/2 eaten petrified sandwich. Old books and records dating back to 1975, which is when he left this world.
I feel as if this was his mental sanctuary. Left abandoned due to his untimely passing. I stumbled upon it by accident, but felt as if it was not my place to be there.
Numerous times. Different areas of the house. Even the entire thing, only in exact reverse. Always old and always, abandoned.
And always, not my place to be there.
I will likely dream of this tonight now.

I similarly, have a hard time telling that world or this upon waking. I half expect to wake up there and not where I live now.

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 06:58 AM
Okay, I just going to put it out there.

On Galactic or Planetary Activation Organization there are channeled messages that refer to Crystal Light Chambers that are being built (underground) to assist humans with ascension. Only sharing info, not promoting either websites or the info contained therein.

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