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Was there was a second creature in the Patterson footage?

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posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by predator0187

Great find. Glad to see you're keeping up on things. SnF Pre.
Bigfoot No. 2 ? Can't call it, but who cares if there
is really ? Sure a short glimpse of something towards the end of the footage could ,should and had better turn out to be another one. But it isn't going to out shine the undebunkable" Patty " footage.

See this footage coming out of 1967 would've been exposed as a hoax, if it were a hoax ? As technology
progressed in photography a hoax should've been exposed at any time along the way up to now.
Well that hasn't happened. in fact the exact opposite is happening.
" Patty " was caught offguard, as if to cool for school she gets up and strolls across campus. Immediatly towards
where we finally now see some long unnoticed movement that is suggestive of another creature.

She was caught also during the day when they seem to be very much nocturnal. I belive these things are out
there and that they are intelligent enough to stay off the radar. I think they may be eluding us because they know about entrances leading down in the earth that we do not. They may easily come and go by the use of boulders
to hide an opening somewhere. Something very odd going on where Sasquatch are concerned.
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