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County Places 200-Pound Third-Grader In Foster Care

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posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 04:11 PM

Originally posted by antar
I hate when skinny people seem to think they know it all. Chances are you bias skinny people your day will come... More than likely.

Now where did the article state 'what' the child ate? Disgusting Governement funded School Lunches will and do put a huge amount of the weight on children today, even the 'salads' are loaded with fattening ingredients and dressings.

This has to be a parent who has allowed the system to step in and control her which happens everyday. She is probably poor and therefore feels powerless against the system. The stress of having them in your life can cause stress eating. She most likely has no support system nor money for a good attorney.

This is something which is dangerous and reminds me of the Thunderdome society, it is easy to judge and cheer when you think it does not affect you personally, but you just never know.

One more thing to ponder is that when this happens,is allowed to happen, how long before we see any child who is not up to their normal weight also taken away and the parent accused of neglect and slandered before all the facts are presented.

How many people do you know that as a child were called names just as painful as Obese or fat, names like toothpick, stickfigure, skin and bones, underwieght and the rest?

If they can take a child for their weight it works both ways.

I almost feel like starting a new thread about how the msm and society has taken being overweight to towering heights above anything which imo is unhealthy on so many levels. I recall as a young woman how when I was a size 4 , in those days it would be equal to about a size 1 now, that I was told I was fat. Body image is so important to self esteme and feeling good about oneself in general. But when there is negative input from the begining like this young child is living through, experiencing, his chances of ever having a normal outlook is almost nill at this point.

I suppose the best that society and the judges of this childs life can hope for is for him to become obsessive about being fat and masking all of the cruel terms with words like "helthier, live longer, diabetes, chronic pain and the rest.

But really it can go both ways and I would venture to bet that once everyone becomes skeletal in stature, when being fat is something of the past and a rareity the focus will then turn to the unhealthy aspects of being too thin. It is always something, anything to keep people from loving themselves.

There are simple procedures which can go in to the brain and with a little snip and clip, leave the individual without the fat gene, it could completly irradicate all obesity from the genetic level but then the big pharma and the diet aids would go broke over night.

As if there are not more important issues in the world today, making issue with childrens weight by the same industries that are helping to make them fat in the first place is a scam job, a red herring and a diversion from the things that really matter.

Get more healthy food to the markets and fast food operations, to the schools and snack isles in the grocery stores. And not just healthy but affordable.

For those of you who find obesity offensive and disgusting, consider the fact that many people find morbidly thin just as offensive and ugly. Yes ugly, unattractive, unhealthy, neglectful, unsightly.

I would rather have a child who is slightly over weight than one who is frightningly underweight. If you have ever watched how fast a child can lose weight when they get sick, you know how risky it is to encourage them to have negative habits of being too skinny especially with all of the virus conspiracy going on in the world today.

Check out some searches for yourself but I will leave this one for you>

Severely underweight individuals may have poor physical stamina and a weak immune system, leaving them open to infection. According to Robert E. Black of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, "Underweight status ... and micronutrient deficiencies also cause decreases in immune and non-immune host defenses, and should be classified as underlying causes of death if followed by infectious diseases that are the terminal associated causes."[4] People who are malnutrative underweight raise special concerns, as not only gross caloric intake may be inadequate, but also intake and absorption of other vital nutrients, especially essential amino acids and micro nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

In women, being grossly underweight can result in amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), infertility and possible complications during pregnancy. It can also cause anemia and hair loss.

Underweight is an established[5] risk factor for osteoporosis, even for young people. This is a particular insidious consequence, because the affected persons do not notice the danger.[6][7] After the occurrence of first spontaneous fractures the damage is often already irreversible.

Being underweight causes increased mortality at rates comparable to that seen in morbidly obese people.[8]
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posted on Nov, 28 2011 @ 04:23 PM
I watched my chubby son get the flu one year and by the time he was back to health he had lost almost all the chubbiness!

Another thing is that I find the human body so amazing, and if the body first begins to bloat from the GMOS, antibiotics and all of the toxins going in, eventually it will trend into the other direction because there is always a balance in all things.

Wait until the food shortages bgin to hit the powerful countries... it is comming my friends and to have a little meat on your bones from the onset, especially in children, it will buy a little time. If they are going to starve the world, allow the world to starve there will come a day when to see a bit of healthy glow and some weight on people especially the little ones will be a welcome sight.

I agree that this child at 200 lbs needs help but to compound his misery with shame and seperation is delusional and only serves to destroy his young life and disempower his mother. It is so so sad.

posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 12:05 PM
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

This child was not being hit, nor was he malnurished. Soooo, where is the reason to remove him from his seemingly stable home? The only reason that I can think of for CPS to take this mothers child away is because the neighborhood did not like to look at him. Not only that, but the mother was trying to cut down on his eating, but classmates were giving him food to make up for it. How is it the mothers fault for what the children did? Yes, she did not discipline him enough to stop eating junk, but that is not a reason to remove him. Considering that she bought him a bike as well, she clearly is not standing in the threshold of the door denying him access to the outside. Simply get rid of the food in the house that is drenched in trans fats, chips, candy, etc. and replace with healthy options, and maybe he would exercise more with a treadmill because he would like stay home. Rather, CPS thought that it would be easier to take the child away from his mother, who by now must be devastated, and possibly give the child severe psychological damage that could very well lead to him eating even more. Congrats Big Brother, you clearly know what is best for your children.

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 12:43 PM
This really bothers me. Look at all of the obese babies on Maury. They show these children wearing nothing but a diaper, pigging out on fried chicken and all kinds of other foods. I'm sorry, but in my opinion, there is something wrong with the CHILDREN, not the parents! I have 2 kids and 9 nieces and nephews, A "normal" child does NOT eat and eat and eat! I don't know a single child who can eat as much as they claim these obese babies do. Many children will only eat until they are full. If I have a child who is constsntly hungry and I don't feed him, then I am neglecting my starving kid! You can't frickin' win with these people!

Being a parent is scary these days. I can understand taking a kid away for being abused....but fat? come on!

posted on Nov, 30 2011 @ 07:57 PM
My daugher is in foster care. She was only slightly overweight when she was taken (although that wasn't the reason given for taking her). They put her on a restricted calorie diet. Now, she weighs a lot more than when she was taken. She was wearing size 10 adult clothes when taken. She was actually losing weight while she was still with me. Now, she has trouble fitting into size 16 clothes. She wears XL and 18s at times. If this type of thing happens to this boy while he's in foster care, they may just well kill him.

She is forced to exercise 45 minutes a day at her foster care home as well. The exercise obviously does not help with the weight problem she developed at the hands of the government.

Her foster parents receive more money from the state to take care of her than I did in child support, yet for many months she was fed only cereal and bologna sandwiches. She was being better provided for before she was taken and with a lot less money. And now, she constantly complains of hunger. And the more she gains, the more she tells me about how they restrict her diet even more. Most of what she eats is at school. The foster mom doesn't feed her much of anything.

And her foster parents constantly degrade me to her, telling her how lazy and worthless I am. The foster mom is emotionally abusive towards her. My girl has got to the point where she is scared to get any dirt on her for fear the foster mom will find out about it. She was never like that before.

So, CPS takes her from her home just so they can force her to grow eight dress sizes and try to brainwash her against her birth mother. When she was taken, she was rebellious and didn't want much to do with me. Now, after they got ahold of her, she is defending me and wanting to be with me more and more all the time. She no longer views me as "mean mom" who won't let her have any fun. The foster mom is ultra religious and won't let her do much of anything. Their actions backfired with her, but how many children out there have they succeeded in poisoning against their mothers?

This young boy will be traumatized by this experience, and he will probably gain even more weight in foster care. However, the government will never view themselves as neglecting a child.

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