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Al Queda: What's in a name?

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posted on Sep, 5 2004 @ 11:59 AM
I propose that "Al Queda" is no longer a faction about which we need worry. This based on the simple fact that Al Queda has committed the largest scale terrorist-style atrocity the world has endured.

The name is spent. No one is going to call themselves Al Queda anymore just for the simple fact that it is now a phrase that will ring bells and raise flags everywhere were it to be used or mentioned. No group with cruel intentions and great expectations would ever botch thier operations by attatching such a stigma to it.

Since September 11th, there have been probably hundreds of new fundamentalists gangs spring up with just as many new names. Just look at the new names we hear coming from Iraq alone, which haven't existed until now.

I'm afraid fighting Al Queda from now on will be only a wild goose chase. No group of psychotic criminals of the global terrorist genre would ever affiliate themselves with Al Queda and expect to succeed, in their right mind or otherwise, which is inevitably the case.

The heartening thing to me is that it seems that all the new, small groups would rather work independently of other groups, probably for their own self-serving glory in Allah, rather than attempt to organize into a viable threat to the free world.

"How about the Christ Punchas?!" -Moe Szyslak


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