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Portuguese workers strike over austerity measures

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 03:35 PM
as everyone can see it is not only americans who are upset with the Gov and its greedy support of profit to the 1%.

the Fitch agency praised protugals budget cuts and austerity measures but not enough to keep them from cutting their rating...

“The strike is a sacrifice for the good of the country,” said Manuel Carvalho da Silva, secretary general of the CGTP union, which along with Portugal’s other main union the UGT had called the strike action.

“It is a red card to the government for its actions that are driving the country to poverty,” da Silva said as he stood in front of a billboard listing cancelled flights at Lisbon’s airport.

Amid the disruption, the Fitch agency praised the contested budget, saying it was well-designed and contained significant expenditure reductions, but cut its rating of the bailed-out country by one notch to ‘BB+’ because of high debt levels and weak economic outlook. Source

the article goes on to say that portugal's unemployment level is set to rise to 13.4% and most of the people protesting are civil servants and soldiers,,,
how soon until we realize this system of credit and cash is just a tool of control. value is placed through the individual and the masses not labeled by a few agencies who are able to print paper to create value...

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