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Massive False Flag Just Before or After Christmas

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:24 AM
reply to post by supine

You say what statement, check the video of the Ron Paul and other candidates being questioned by wolf blitzer a couple of days ago. One of the candidates installed fear in the audience by saying "our cities at risk". If this is not designed to create fear I dont know what is!

You say what am I planning? Well thats a little abrupt! I could ask you the same thing! Like why would you want to know, who do you work for, should I expect a visit from your bretherin?

I am planning to do what I have always done, wake as many people up as possible, using videos, dvds, pamphlets and just talking to people and so forth. Does that answer your question?

Now answer my question, why do you want to know what I am planning, for what purpose?

Appologies for any typos, I am on my government monitored phone.

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:29 AM
Wrong reply to
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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:41 AM
You are the one who needs to get their facts straight. The ones I have seen in SW Arizona are configed for weapons. Guess you have not seen everything, as things change all the time and this has been done for well over three years.

There is not a lot of info out there and what is there is muddled. Here is one: tagon&storyID=news/ghwk07103.xml

I did not come across my info through a classified source or at a time that it would have mattered so I can say whatever the hell I want.

Originally posted by ManFromEurope

Originally posted by jcord
What I mean is do not go into too much detail, such as naming a location. If you turn out to be correct you could receive a visit from global hawk.

Get your facts straight: the Global Hawk, as I HAVE seen it, is completely unfit to carry weapons. This bird is for reconnaissance only.

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 06:47 AM
There might not be time for any false flag!!!

posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 08:43 AM
reply to post by jcord

Well, I have reliable, if not quotable sources for this: The Euro Hawk, devised from the Global Hawk, is completely unfit for weaponry.

Those are Tier II UAVs, cramed up with cameras and whatnot to get the best information on everything which is going on in their target areas. No weapons. No weapon slots. No possible weapon brackets on the wings.

Maybe the Airforce did try to get a "pay-once-get-all"-super-UAV, until they realized that those completely different roles are unable to be fulfilled with a single UAV.
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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 09:59 AM
I think that it will be after Christmas that we should be looking at for that major effort to begin the sequence of events that lead to their desired NWO ending. I will explain.

Any major false flag like a terrorist nuclear first strike that leads to global war, a major impact from something from space, alien contact, alien invasion, ET disclosure, solar CME and or weather disturbances and the multitude of other events that have clearly been planned to support the NWO agenda, should all be timed around a date after Christmas.

I will support my claim by saying that a while back I posted here on ATS my findings of a new ritual being opened using the number 13 and 113.

I showed how the start of that 13 code ritual began on 10-28-11=13, the end of the Mayan end date was the beginning of a new ritual using 13 as its base.

Then I found that there are exactly 13 days from 10-28-11 to the start of a 13 day window involving some key dates that exactly 13 days after 10-28-11 is 11-09-11. This showed us a window.

I showed how there were 13 days between 11-09-11 and 11-22-11 by showing that the first date was exactly 13 days from 10-28-11.

I showed how 11-22-11 as the 13th day of a 13 day window was exactly 13 months from 12-21-12, the other known Mayan end date.

Then I deduced that by knowing the 13 day, which was 13 months from 12-21-12 that the magic hour and minute had to be 13:13 hrs.which is military time for 1:13PM.

This showed me the 1313 and 113 use of numbers which then led to my finding that the NASA GCN 11133, that big Red X in the pacific is associated with the the date of 11-09-11 and 11-11-11 which had a EAS test, a United Nations exercise at GCN 11133 and other things that denoted more use of 113 a further evidence that my ritual and numbers findings were factual.

Since then I have also gone back to review my ritual studies and have also discovered that this ritual began while in the new and rare astrological sign that began on 01-01-11 call Ophiuchus, the snake wrestler because this is being called the "13" astrological sign.

On March 03, 2011 when the ritual opened with Japan Fukushima, the date 03-11-11 when reversed becomes 11113.

03-11 becomes 113 in reverse and I show this to you as reference and background to what I have already posted here on ATS, because I have recently discovered that their many failures on 11-09-11 with EAS test and other ritual failures were shifted to a new ritual time line.

Shifting a ritual to a new ritual requires special conditions and requirements. As a result of all the recent NWO failures, the NWO have begun new moves that started with their new 13 coded ritual.

The main reason I contend it will be after Christmas for the main event is because when the NWO shifted their ritual, they shifted to one of many possible items that are already in the works to support their intentions.

Anyway, I had to mention all the 13 and 113 usages because when the NWO shifted their ritual, they did so with the NASA Grail mission that while originally scheduled for lift off on 09-09-11, weather delays pushed the lift off to 09-10-11.

The payload carried "TWIN" satellites, Grail A and Grail B. After separation and a few orbits around earth to build speed necessary for proper trajectory to the moon, both Twins were both officially considered underway on 09-11-11.

Now here is something else you are going to have to consider in all this.

Grail A arrives on 12-31-11 while Grail B arrives on 01-01-12.

It is exactly 113 days from 09-10-11 the day the NASA Grail Mission lifted off to 01-01-12.

If that weren't convincing enough, now look at my final bit of evidence and then you decide if you think that it will be after Christmas or not.

01-01-12 can also be seen as 113. Look at it and see the 113.

This is why the many NWO failures did not manifest. Those other events while still in play were changed because of all their failures.

With new events that support a global war being the coming reality, we should remember that it is a ritual and since they have shown the ritual to continue through the end of the year, I am left to conclude that while a minor event could get things going, the major event wont be until after January, because if you study the NASA Grail mission to map the moon down to the core, other dates later in the year appear to be set for ritual usage.

I thank you for your patience and as I stated at the beginning, I have posted all this and more right here on ATS and is part of record, so dont think that this is not my original work or my own ritual studies findings, because I am the originating source.

As I continue observing their ritual efforts, I will report or post as necessary to discuss those matters that help to better understand the thread at hand as an effort to add needed discussion.

Thanks again. Keep 13 and 113 in mind.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving ATS.

posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 10:08 AM
reply to post by MaxBlack

After christmas makes more sense to me also. The economy will pick up just a little as people do thier shopping for each other, this will undoubtedly givethe banks more money. It would make sense to crash the economy properly after christmas

posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 11:52 AM

Originally posted by jcord
What I mean is do not go into too much detail, such as naming a location. If you turn out to be correct you could receive a visit from global hawk.

Rather creepy you used those words, This morning I awoke to a LARGE hawk IN my house trying to eat my pet parrot. The point I make with this post is I never believe in a chance happening or an endless random chaos. ALL things happen for a reason. I TRULY hope for all our sakes the original poster is wrong in his gut as far as a NUKE being used on the USA or anywhere for that matter. But TPTB are getting fearful of our their so called "Slaves" awaking to the Idiocracy/Dictaorship of Fools. I fear that they will do somthing drastic to hold the quo long enough to seize FULL power.

All I can say from the bottom of my heart is this, BE PREPARED! even if your NOT a fighting person, Dislike Fighting ect. Buy Food, Meds, Gold,Silver, (only if you can or believe money will still exist for barter) and a twelve gauge with ammo or a good rifle. Even if NOTHING happens, You never have to fear anything- CME's Nukes, Al-CIA-duh or REAL terrorist attack.

That is why they will fear us because unlike them we do not need a teet to suckle on like they do. Be strong!

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posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 02:11 PM
Well we already had a massive false flag attack. As the result we had various partiot and victory acts, more measures for corporatism, wars of conquest. I really do not see the need for a false flag attack again so soon.

posted on Nov, 29 2011 @ 03:14 AM

Originally posted by TheMindWar
reply to post by jcord

Lol, not too sure what you mean about scapegoat. I know I wont be, as I am not in the US. That said however, i do honestly believe that all of us on ATS see TPTB at different levels to a degree, I think there are some here who do not think TPTB are capable of such an act, where I see TPTB are capable of anything to further thier agenda

Not saying I believe this will or won't happen, but what makes you think, if it did, that only t he US would be affected?

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