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Multi-Universe theory

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posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 12:57 AM
Thank you for further proving my point!!

Its all about relativity, which is an amazing thing.

So- the cells that live in my body have their little universe, and that is my body. Relative to Earth, and the celestial bodies that I can only see, those cells have a relatively small universe.

My universe, that which I am actively involved with, the universe that I interact with by viewing from my porch, is much bigger than that of my body's cells.

The REST of the universe, the parts I cannot see, or have never heard of, and the parts of it I may never heard of, is the portion of the universe that sees me as an atom in relation.

Math is important here. How far away is a parallel universe to us? In theory, it could be the paranormal universe, or the state of death, the universe that cameras can somehow see, but the average human cannot. The pictures of spirits and the like... in a different type of dimension than we are in, 2D or of some sort of energy field that helps spirits to turn lights and appliances on and off, but still in the same ACTUAL universe as we live.

So the trick is finding the math to create openings to that sort of dimension, or parallel, in order to further study the universe.

I dont want to get into the semantics here, but it seems that we are only arguing semantics. I dont care if a parallel universe is viewed as a "different" universe, I suppose, in theory, it is. My whole standpoint is that a parallel universe could be in the same exact place as you are standing or sitting, not in a different PORTION of the universe.

Or not, I dont know!

I believe that Heaven and Hell exist on Planet Earth, and they could very well be universes parallel to each other, if you want to see it that way, but I dont think that theres a different place(as far as quadrants go and all that out there in space- location lingo) that spirits go to after their lives end here, unless you want to count another sort of energy field here on Earth.

All in all, I DO believe in parallel universes, as far as the semantics go, but not in separate locations for those universes. So I believe there is one singular universe, and different types of energy in singular locations throughout the universe, which we call parallel, or multi.

Does any of that make sense? There are billions of different types of life forms, species, if you will, on Earth. People see ghosts all the time. Things live in water here, and survive even if they are single celled organisms.

There has to be different forms of energy all around us, and I think its a matter of logic and math to figure out what they are.

posted on Sep, 8 2004 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by Heratix
so what are you comfortable with it religion/physics/theories?

I don't like theories that can't be tested. Some multiverse theories are almost impossible to test. For example, causally disconnected multiverses. The universes in such a multiverse don't influence eachother. How do we ever know that our theory is true?

I am comfortable with falsifiable theories, theories that can be tested. Untestable theories are useless and that's why I don't like them.

posted on Sep, 9 2004 @ 10:19 PM
Sorry for taking so long to respond... I came down with quite a bug the past coupke of days and have been completely OOC...

About testable theories---falsifiable, and the lot...

Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in heaven, hell, spirits, people who've "seen the light"?

Getting back to basics here- Do you know how people get cancers such as leukemia, or lymphoma? What are the causes of Alizheimers? What actually causes people to be "psychotic"?

These are all testable, and probably provable, but we simply havent the rescources or intelligence needed to figure it out. We have alot of cases to study, but still no knowledge.

My whole entire point is, I believe that everything is testable, but its a matter of time before we figure out what to test.

If you dont know the question, how can you ask it? Theres alot of ignorance left in the scientific community.... people get so focused on the wreckage of the ship, they fail to see the ocean.

Better example: If they look any harder at that small lava rock, the volcano will blow up right in theor faces, and they wont even realise it!!!

posted on Sep, 11 2004 @ 04:53 AM
swell point. there are 11 demensions. the 4 we can relate to are easy to understand, the others is what confuses me. i believe there is a infinite number of universes, how could there not be? for every choice we make, there is a infinite amount of other choices we could have made. so there must be a universe that covers each and every possible choice. all working within the same guidlines of the universal laws. as we earthlings progress our understanding of these laws becomes more clear. the ultimate higher understanding will only be attainable through death im afraid. when we enter the realm of energy will we be able to see the effects of thought. we are masters of matter, where as paranormal entities are masters of energy. just like we can alter and manipulate matter in complicated ways, such as chemistry, engineering and stuff like that, paranormal entities are able to alter and manipulate dimensions and such. seriously though, i have no idea
there is still so much to learn! too bad we waste so much energy on fighting with each other, and wasting time, and slothing away, and polluting. i think all of the negative energy is gonna come back and get us! that is why we should all behave. respect the universe, for we are all one within the universe. some just have a more complex understanding.

posted on Sep, 12 2004 @ 03:00 PM
You are too cute!!!


I agree. Why sit here and argue points on how many universes there are rather than just enjoy our land and sunlight!!!

Have a great day! Thanks for posting that... you are smarter than you think, and HIGHLY aware.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 02:05 PM

Originally posted by MysticalUnicorn
This is a good artical to read. It gives you an in-depth look of the possibilities of more than 1 universe. There is arguments for it and arguments against it. It certainly has opened up my eye to what the universe it. even the title of the artical is "My So-called universe". It 's a page long but it's worth reading.

If you wish to read the artical, visit

It is pretty interesting as well to watch as many branches of science and respected individuals close in on this theory which rather than be disproved is becoming more and more of an accepted, provable reality.

I like to think my alter ego in another universe is taking more vacations, getting laid and relaxing a damn sight more than I am in this one, operating in the here and now.

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