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Back To Innocence ( Lyric )

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 02:16 PM
This is a little something I wrote last week. I'm going through some personel issues right now and this lyric was born through those. I don't write these nearly as much as I used to. I've only done two of these in the past year. Mainly I still do it just to see if I've still "got it". I also do it because it does helps me somehow to get through tough times that can throw some pretty heavy # at me. With the moon at the right cylce, candles for the light and the right kind of music, this process some call writing can still be at the point to where I feel that something is merely pushing the pen for me.

Hope you like it.

So the world has you jaded and torn
your eyes show a soul bitter and worn
this isn't your better nature
so far away from the love you can offer

the time has come to get back to innocence
that helped define you in your youth
you see the light in your childs eyes
the light you had when you saw the truth

the truth that shows life unbiased and clear
not a care in the world, nothing to fear
something within you still see's that
it's not too far gone, you can still go back

this process is different for every soul

and so you stand in the light that served you so well
you feel you've done your time in hell
but you know it won't be exactly the same
there's no way it can be, it's just part of the change

that everyone goes through in their life
the nature of it all is a double edged knife
you walk fast and hard, learning from the heat
all the while heaven is laying at your feet

and before you know it, you're jaded and torn
your soul is reduced to being bitter and worn
but if you see it as it happens, as you're crossing that fence
it's not too late to get back to innocence

there is no majic fountain of youth
no elixer that will give you an unending truth
there's only the light that shines inside
that you have to remember to keep alive.

The Berne copright convention applies. If I'm mistaken, mods, plese notify. Thank you.

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