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Black And White!

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posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 07:09 PM
Americans and their egos, you got to love them. Now I am not judging all Americans and I know that some crumble their toes, when the see what their fellow Americans say and write, you should have thought about acting the world police, before you let the United Nations being build on your soil.

The reason the world is split on whether to support you or not is basically the “You are either with us or against us” what gives you the right to say that?
We sympathies with you, we mourned with you and we helped you after the 9-11 attacks, and then we get the above message, you are the most egocentric country I have ever met, even china is more influenced by outside factors than you are.
Also you spit on the countries that went with you in Iraq, anyway is that the thanks we get from letting OUR fellow country men and colleagues die in YOUR war?
We are not stupid we know that you put Sadam to power along with his Bath party, we also knew that it was your government that supplied him with the weapons of mass destruction, and we also knew about your former president Bush’s OIL deals in Iraq.
That is the primary reason we didn’t want to go down there and clean up your own mess.
But still we backed you up and went to war, my country hasn’t been to WAR in over 150 years and we still backed you up, I think you owe countries like Australia, Italy, Pollen and Denmark an apology for your egocentric statements and whining.

It has never helped the world that we invaded Afghanistan or Iraq, it never had anything to do with war on terrorism, some guy hides in a cavern and you drop 150 billion tons of bombs on their country?

Some other guy who is a real psycho hides in his little trashed country and we invade with one of the largest military campaigns since World War II?

When I view what has happened from the outside I see OIL nothing more nothing less, it’s an excuse to secure fossil fuel!

Now in stead of just writing what I see as wrong I will come with a proposal, I think your country should think really hard about.

In order to stop things like terrorism, we need to help the countries where the terrorist are fostered, not bomb them, we should aid them instead so they can see with there own eyes that we are not the bad guys, but when we kill their family it is pretty hard to see who is the enemy, is it the guy who helps us and fight the Americans or is it the Americans and their allies who bomb, rape, torture starve and kill us?

You invaded a country on it knees with a big parade of key victories my a**, 60% of the Iraqi population where CHILDREN because you own presidents father made a genocide on the country back in the 90’s, also based on false excuses as we also know.
Back when old GB where president the Iraqi administration made a formal inquiry as to how the USofA’s would respond if they invaded Kuwait, you response was that you would do nothing as you were pre occupied, NOW if you really wanted to help Kuwait should you not have warned them and perhaps made one of your famous FIRST STRIKE DEFENCES known to the rest of the world as ATTACK or INVASION.

Now I really must say this I support America and I respect America, but when you whine like you do with “no one likes us” “no one helps us” “no one cares about us”, some one has to say the truth to you.
We will help you and the reason we did even though we could see the truth was because NO not that you saved our arses back in 45 but that we think we need to send out a picture of us united instead of divided

Again before I get flamed I love America really I do that is why we choose to bleed for you.

Word from a Danish Citizen



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