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9/11 Test For Web Sleuths

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posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 06:21 PM
As I have been going over countless websites about 9/11, I came across this one and IMO thought it might be of interest to others who do not believe the Government’s reasoning behind 9/11.


The Nuts and Bolts of Bush’s Treason
by Stefan GrossmannJuly 4th, 2004

Summary: If you are a top 9-11 researcher, this will not provide you any essential new information. If you have not studied 9-11-1 closely in hundreds of hours over the past two years and over nine months, then you will find many clues and details that you probably were not aware of.

If you still believe that Osama bin Laden organized 9-11, that hijacked planes were used in the attacks, that Arab hijackers flew them, and that the buildings fell due to raging fire infernos, then this article will dramatically change your belief system. If you do not wish to learn the truth about 9-11-1 then stop reading here.

In four parts we will learn that
1 north tower was hit by a missile
2 south tower was hit by a missile
3 the twin towers did not fall from fire
4 the twin towers fell through bombs.


posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 06:46 PM
OMG. Not again!

So now, it wasnt just the pentagon hit by missiles, but both towers as well! Wow. And to think America and the world, both on TV and at ground zero, were convinced they saw disntinctly a Boeing 757 hit. Wow! So thousnads upon thousands of eyewitnesses, plus TV news camera, were all wrong! It was a missile!

And that "tan smoke" Was rising from the ground! Like bomb smoke! And all this time I thought that big tan colored cloud was dust, debris, water, and all sorts of junk flying out from the building! And when i saw the plane hit...errr..I mean, missile of course.......... I remeber seeing black smoke initially. Must be a TV trick to confuse me!

And all those peopl;e on the ground who claimed they were chiking on kerosene fumes, and covered with jet fuel....right. of course, the govornment was using mind control rays to make everyone think they were smelling and covered with kerosene.

My verdict: this guy is a grade A moron who gives the rest of the conspiracy community a bad name.

Its loons like this who make serious investiagtion into 9/11, and possible conspiracy theories, look like raving loons.

Ill throw him in the same cat as the idiot who started the pentagon missile theory.

posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 09:56 PM
When you look at something like peak oil, even if 911 was a fraud it pales by comparison. The thing i worry about is if they pulled off 911 & Oklahoma City, will they now turn to nuclear warheads and claim that al-Qaeda acquired that?

To Skadi, what anyone believes or not does not change the truth. It is less obvious that the WTC was a fraud. The pentagon was obviously done with a missile laden global hawk UAV. Any question just look at the pentagon's own security tape. The pictures of the wheels and engine in the wreckage consistent with a hawk and NOT a 757.

People believe in heaven without one iota of evidence. Some want the clouds angels harp version, some want the 72 virgins version. You have to ask yourself, am i believing because i want to or because the clinical facts support it.

People are funny. I don't understand them.


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