Who can lead me to the Brotherhood of the Snake?

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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 12:08 PM

Originally posted by Enkitha2nd

Originally posted by jimnuggits
This question is for those who know and accept the true reality of our creation.

It is not a thread that is seeking to change your mind concerning your beliefs, but an attempt to find the modern trail of an ancient Brotherhood.

Did the true Brotherhood of the Snake become assimilated into the Masonic framework, or somewhere else?

Has the battle been won or lost? Is it still being fought? I would appreciate any information, esoteric, ciphered, or just blatant that may lead to the true protectors of humanity.

Thank you in advance!

Any who incarnate that in past incarnations have ascended to higher planes/consciousness incarnate as Ascended Masters and will in each incarnation go through the schooling of Modern Freemasonry and or the likes that touch on the Ancient Mysteries without being an actual member of the Fraternity or Order as they are destined to become of that in a higher Circle. It goes to say : " Kings are not born, Kings are made, and those born to be a King are the only ones with the right to be made a King. " The process of being groomed is longer or shorter depending on your spirits station. The Brotherhood of the Snake is not apart of Freemasonry. The battle is neither won or lost, the battle is within YOU as an individual. White and Black checked floors are representations of the battle - the right and left, white/black, right/wrong. It is about becoming balanced - knowing both sides so that when Kinghood is achieved your rule through logic rather than through emotion. Ruling through emotion is by the manipulations of others and you are not the true ruler at that point. Energy is based on frequencies and vibrations...Like minds attract each other. Becoming a seeker of truth is to lead yourself to higher truths than what an unthinking and unquestioning person in the common public realizes even exists as they are content with being told what to do, when to do, and how to do things, including their thinking. Imagine if others give a group of people their thoughts, then those who give out others their thoughts already have control of their actions - for the most part, Total Control. A Seeker of Truth is controlled by no one aside from his own Intuition. Depending on how bad you want to find the Brotherhood will determine whether or not you find them...there is always a way...Through the power of imagination you have the ability to will anything into manifestation. Troubleshoot ways in which to obtain the answers you are seeking regardless of how many denials you get, how many misdirections you may get, no matter how many unanswered questions you get. Good luck to you.

Brian Brown - Chapter 1

Hi Enkitha2nd!

Did I get you right that your whole post was a "quote"?
If so - good luck with that!
I mean the "imagination" business...

All the best


posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 02:03 AM
I've been studying them for a long time. There is actually a website that claims to be the actual Brotherhood of the Snake. There are tons of crazy comments on the page too. Check it out. www.thebrotherhoodofthesnake.com... I finally just joined this forum tonight after searching for info on the Brotherhood.
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posted on Nov, 9 2013 @ 08:00 PM
Brotherhood of the snake isn't this another name for the Rosicrucians, they have a snake symbol with a knife (ouroboros), or something connected with the Orphic mysteries.

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