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Who can lead me to the Brotherhood of the Snake?

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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by bulla

Thank you Bulla,

my understanding and knowledge grows each day.

what of moses stick that he cast on the ground that caused the rain ( mist )

that conundrum escapes me a little,


posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by Icanseeatoms
reply to post by bulla

Also as you well know bulla, in the Dreamtime of the Australian Aboriginal mythology, the RAIN BOW SNAKE is the deity of WATER.

Clouds, fog, mist, rain,

what is the significance of the 2 degrees of 360 degrees, is it the refraction angle of the observer.
also the 4 snakes, do they represent the cardinal points of the compass ie, north, east, south, west as i suspect.

on here or u2u me is fine


Yes the two from 360 only gives the penitential observer, only one degree from the northern and only one degree from the south, being in all only one degree to catch site of the event, and ones eye must be positioned within the iris or you see nothing

However I add that this one degree can enlarge depending on how large the event is, being a garden sprinkler @ 2 Mt width of misted spray, the viewing area is only .5 of a millimeter, wide but can be caught and recoded on a sheet of white copy paper in fact photographed

Taking this to one full frequency wave length,that being 66.6666 Mt, this then gives you 33,3333 millimeters width to view, but is still only 1 degree

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 04:26 PM

This is a good place to start....alot of information.
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posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by bulla

Yes Bulla,

if the earth were an eyeball, the 1 degree angle of north and 1 degree of south actually reminds me of the magnetic north and south poles.

starting out from the centre of the earth that 1 degree would from our view point in the surface of the earth be exaggerated to its present angle of magnetic difference between true north and magnetic north.
just my opinion.


posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 04:46 PM
reply to post by isyeye

I am afraid there is no such external information or film nor for that mater any reference, whether by book or scientific paper, given this, the only other place where you could find such information, would be within the Mayan codex, to this I have my own, being the bulla codex, and it is the currant and updated version, that includes the 21 December 2012 and beyond, if it is annoying you I can stop posting, however explaining is the best I can do, as its all coming directly from memory,is that not good enough, and don't ask for links as there is none, other than I have already provided, all be it, I do have an empirical Litmus that you can demonstrate on a repeatable bases that Proves up what I say is correct

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by bulla

RE your assumption as magnetic north, there are few people that realize that all rainbows are polarized, being they can only accrue, within the polarization of magnetic north south this puts the White crown broadside to the solar king and far out in space where by it is a fixed blade of light that when one adds earths speed of rotation to the equation then the blade at say the Ionosphere is exceeding that of light speed and a collision takes place, causing Photon splitting, cause Pranic energy or supper magnetic s to occur that then generates the Ionosphere

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 05:03 PM
Is it the same group as this?

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by bulla

And I do hope you understand that I am overriding, the known laws of physics, and introducing an older set of the laws of physics, that comes directly from mother nature its very self, that just so happens to coincide with,With the eye of Horus and also his discovery like mine is all compassing and complete being equal

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by lampsalot
Is it the same group as this?

Not even remotely related but like you I did check it out and dismissed it

posted on Dec, 2 2011 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by bulla

Also buried within this data is the complete answer to the Bermuda triangle, as yet I have not began to explain, the doorway to that dimension, that is also opened by the serpents, as the 66.6666 long frequency waves duplicates at this length and can be 60 miles long at sea within a sea fog, or there being 3 wave lengths in two hundred meter and everything is corresponding to the Meter and or I kg, = one liter of HydroH2o (water)

And is the reason that mariners were always frightened of being becalmed or in a glass out, where the oceans surface goes like a mirror, as this is the time of the convection process's that produces, the Luna Queen, the Queen of mists, and why they the mariners speak of strange sitings and strange lights in the water

the Lockness monster; see the the serpent within the mist upon the lock

Get it brothers and sisters

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 01:18 AM

Originally posted by jimnuggits
This question is for those who know and accept the true reality of our creation.

It is not a thread that is seeking to change your mind concerning your beliefs, but an attempt to find the modern trail of an ancient Brotherhood.

Did the true Brotherhood of the Snake become assimilated into the Masonic framework, or somewhere else?

Has the battle been won or lost? Is it still being fought? I would appreciate any information, esoteric, ciphered, or just blatant that may lead to the true protectors of humanity.

Thank you in advance!

The serpent is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Considerable overlap exists in the symbolic values that serpents represent in various cultures.Mucalinda, the king of snakes who shielded the Buddha from the elements as the Buddha sat in meditation. An example of a serpent used as a negative symbol is the snake who tempted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, as described in the Book of Genesis.

The Brother Hood of the Snake is more of an, Understanding the Bothers (and Sisters, as Humanity Nature and The All) Comprehending, the brothers that are the bases of many myths and legends Appearing as Allies and Rivals, Adversary or Enemies Battling to the Death. Twins in mythology are often cast as two halves of the same whole, sharing a bond deeper than that of ordinary siblings

The Maya Hero Twins are the central figures of a narrative included within the colonial Quiché document called Popol Vuh, and constituting the oldest Maya myth to have been preserved in its entirety. Called Hunahpu and Xbalanque in Quiché, the Twins have also been identified in the art of the Classic Mayas (200-900 AD). The Twin motif recurs in many native American mythologies; the Mayan Twins in particular could be considered as mythical ancestors to the Mayan ruling lineages.

Jacob renamed "Israel" by an angel Jacob the younger twin brother of Esau
Genesis 25:25 narrates Esau's birth, "Now the first came forth, red all over like a hairy garment; and they named him Esau." In Hebrew, the name Esau means "hairy" Esau, a "son of the desert" Esau is frequently shown as being supplanted by his younger twin Jacob (Israel)

Cain is a crop farmer and his younger brother Abel is a shepherd.[7] Cain is portrayed as sinful, committing the first murder by killing his brother,[8] after God[9] has rejected his offerings of produce but accepted the animal sacrifices brought by Abel.

Romulus and Remus are Rome's twin founders Romulus wished to build the new city on the Palatine Hill but Remus preferred the Aventine Hill.Romulus appeared to receive the more favorable signs but each claimed the results in his favor. In the disputes that followed, Remus was killed.

Loki brother of Helblindi ("Hel-blinder" or "All-blind" Helblindi is also used to describe Odin.) is a, and Býleistr

Knowing this is the key to the snake and what it is associated with in the same mythologies

Like Hermes the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and a guide to the Underworld His symbols include the tortoise, the rooster, the winged sandals, the winged hat, and the caduceus (It is a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings.)
Hermes, as an inventor of fire, is a parallel of the Titan, Prometheus who was a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals
Same as Norse Loki a god or jötunn (or both) Loki's relation with the gods varies by source. Loki sometimes assists the gods and sometimes causes problems for them. Loki is the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the "world serpent Jörmungandr"- Thor's eternal enemy.

In Hinduism Shiva is often shown garlanded with a snake.[94] His wearing of serpents on the neck denotes wisdom and eternity.

Meso-america the Feathered Serpent Aztec Quetzalcoatl

Feathered Serpent was a prominent supernatural entity or deity, found in many Mesoamerican religions. It was called Quetzalcoatl among the Aztecs, Kukulkan among the Yucatec Maya, and Q'uq'umatz and Tohil among the K'iche' Maya. The double symbolism used in its name is considered allegoric to the dual nature of the deity, where being feathered represents its divine nature or ability to fly to reach the skies and being a serpent represents its human nature or ability to creep on the ground among other animals of the Earth, a dualism very common in Mesoamerican deities. .org/wiki/Twins_in_mythology

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 04:23 AM
reply to post by IblisLucifer

To begin to try to answer your many questions,in all all honesty, it is not possible for me to be abreast of all such serpents and or ditties, I chose to out line the Mayan and Horus because of the Pyramid factors and the dependency upon the serpents for there being, it could be If I researched further that I would be able to also interlock many with this understanding as most have cryptic s cast over there existence, which would need to be unraveled,

I see that perhaps if I draw a definition and a set of guide line that you yourself may the use to search your own particular secrets with

To understand my Knowledge and wisdom dose not come from any books or scientific papers,If I do express any knowledge it is and has been sought, armed with the original understanding, and has only come in conformation format of the original understanding, in every direction I have gone the knowledge unlocks the cryptic

I give you a pyramid example

Sir Isaac Newtons Cryptic message he let us with until now that has baffled everyone here it is

(Grid the stones so there is no beginning nor end and it will give you the snakes that will show the steps you can climb)

so I give you the synopsis

The Pyramid is made of ground stones, given its shape it has no beginning nor end, it has the snakes, and inside it has the step chamber, and indeed the steps so large one would have climb

So now you discover that Newton on a scientific level was also lead in the same direction, and new a lot more than perhaps he wanted to say, needless to say that Newton and Einstein, and Tesla ,Plank Higgs, we are all on the same page so to speak, and myself if I didn't see the urgency within this clime change, I may will have been like them, and kept Quiet about the knowledge

As to why,and this is a very important fact that I believe main stream and the scientific Fraternity has lost sight of

Is that all true science is based upon the the premiss of the observation and understanding of mother nature,to this I am not a scientist, I am a Nature philosopher who has lived as a recluse in some of Australia's most remote and wildest locations for 16 years, and as a recluse and researching mother nature, and it is from here, my wisdom and knowledge comes from

And when armed with this knowledge one sees immediately that the basics of the principals of Physics is floored, and that the rainbow is not caused by the sun shining directly threw into the clouds causing the rainbow, and this is in spite of the 100 of scientific documents and books on the subject, they are all entirely wrong and false and misleading

And to this, to head any trolling on this subject, the fist thing I did was designed and developed a bullet and bomb prof, and indestructible Litmus and empirical scientific test, to prove it wrong and is fully repeatable each and every time that show that the rainbows are a phenomena that is project from the ground and upwards under the clouds, and this is a 100% natural incidence, that goes on thousands of times nonstop every day and has done so for billions of years years, as I have out lined its not the rain you see it the one you cannot Mayan White rainbows Horus White Crown

OK so you understand it happens natural nonstop, but only on the lit side of Earth

Now enter mankind, who discovers this anomaly and in his wisdom he decides to make this happen artificially by building an artificial water fall, so as to make the mist and or fog required to set it off, given he new it is what makes it rain

Now given science is nature and nature is science

I am a Nature Philosopher who deals in Quantum Geophysics and my specialty is in Quantum Atomic optics of the Crystallography and Atomic refractory and distortion factors of HydroH2o@ atomic six(6) being Mists fogs sea fogs, clouds

Who has every detail and scientific schematic and measurement for this essence of all life and all specific gravity or magnetic s on and off Earth, and within the primordial grid system

Now as to whether there would be another who has this Knowledge and wisdom I could not tell you nor do I care, but what I am on here to try to make you aware of, by teaching you, everyone, the basics, is so that you can then grasp where climate change is coming from and why, and where I see it taking us

To this I know it is an Atomic chain reaction,that as yet, I with all my wisdom, cannot see a way to stop it, give you have understood it is the rainbows that control all the plants weather, and what has taken place is killing the rainbows, now given you have understood its the mist that makes the Rainbows and the really large ones are made at sea, and can be massive, just one large one on its own,can change the entire hemispheres weather pattern for a hole year

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by bulla

Brotherhood of serpents continued from previous page By bulla joiner of dots

To further explain, I have no time, or indeed intend to waste time, discussing your religious beliefs, as they are to me at this time, are totally supercilious, as is any and all political agenda or particular party line, as what I have to say is and will slice through, all,,like a sword of reality, and I hope strike a cord, within mankind that has never been experienced before, and join us in to one block of solidarity towards surviving climate change

Given you have understood what I have outlined as to what is making our climate, and this in itself is a bomb shell, then I now explain for you including the entire scientific world at large, and ask not for prodigious and turmoil but cohesive cooperation into a solution

Given what I have outlined, than I am prepared to further explain, to those that cannot see the wisdom in what I say, be you man woman or child,

This is our positionthat we as civilization must face

Given every thing on Earth is based upon HydroH2o @Atomic (6) mists then also given it is our oceans that provide the supply of same, then I draw you specific attention to the Atomic factors and results of spilling OIL and then compounding this problem by a trillion times by the use of dispersant, turning our oceans into soluble oil

Now this is where the rubber hits the road, on the scientific scale

Given I have said, know and can prove that it is during the doldrums and glassed out periods of the oceans, this is the precise time that mother nature makes her mists that generate the rainbows that generate our weather and our gravity,

so now what is taking place is, given we have made the ocean soluble then on the atomic weight scale when ever mother nature trys to convex her mists, that each and every time,on the Atomic level, the oil beats it to the surface given its atomic weight, and convex es first, forms a micronized film across the said glassed out surface, that then traps any and all convention of hydro under the micronized film of reconstituted oil and permanently, even down to the parts per trillions of soluble oi and this is shutting down out rainbows in turn shutting down Earths magnetic primordial drivers of is core magnetics and gravity system along with its overhead Ionosphere protective shields

Now I understand there is a lot to get your head around, but please try, as the clock is ticking, as the oil infection is spreading, I estimate 28% of the Northern hemisphere is already out of commission,

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 06:02 PM
reply to post by bulla

I would add if there is any particular issue, that you are having any difficulty with or comprehending do not hesitate to query it, and post you query and given my best endeavors I should be able to clarify it, as it may well be the most important query you will will ever make in your entire life, as climate change is not a change for change sake

It is a climate TRAIN that is going in one direction only, and there is no tickets to bye as your going to pay on the ride

And this is what your Oklahoma earthquake and the wild weather and mad storms are all about

Its due to a Magnetosphere decline within the primordial magnetic grids of the Northern Hemisphere that if you were so inclined to review NASA magnetosphere satellite data, it will correspond precisely with every thing I have outlined with one major difference

They NASA have no reasoning for its occurrence, it being totally unexplainable

bulla joiner of dots

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 06:22 PM
reply to post by bulla

And if you were thinking that this is all off topic, then perhaps we will discover, whether there is still in this world the existence of any of the original blood lines of the brotherhood of the serpents, who cared for mankind

posted on Dec, 3 2011 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by bulla
reply to post by bulla

And if you were thinking that this is all off topic, then perhaps we will discover, whether there is still in this world the existence of any of the original blood lines of the brotherhood of the serpents, who cared for mankind

And to answer your original question, the reemergence of the brotherhood of the serpents, would be seen by the the Masons as true Justus, how ever, strike fear into the hearts of the Knights of the Templar

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by isyeye

Thank you truly for that.

A connect the dots exercise if I ever saw one.

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by bulla

You're theology in terms of climate change is solid even if doubters were to question the whole climate change danger in terms of now or if the earth survives it 100 million years from now logic would dictate that at some point this is knowlegde that needs to be known and debate that needs to spoken of logically at some point.

Good read S&F...

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 04:36 PM

Originally posted by Icanseeatoms
reply to post by bulla

Thank you Bulla,

my understanding and knowledge grows each day.

what of moses stick that he cast on the ground that caused the rain ( mist )

that conundrum escapes me a little,

Yes it is a conundrum that I had to solve, and while my answer may not be every ones cup of tea, its worth remembering, it is not I, that make the story, I only explain it

The first thing one must understand, that when one reads snakes, one must realize they are referring to the dynamic waves structure that then generates the projected blade of light that goes vertically upwards, that strikes up under the clouds, causing it to be stopped by the clouds or dissipated into them, this understanding is supported by the colors being ROYGBIV being the different speeds of and explains itself the fastest speed seen is the lowest the slowest is the highest, because the light blade is going upwards and outwards and when project is done in a horizon to horizon, part rainbows are caused when there is some obstruction such as trees buildings hills or valley walls, and in that case were you to be present at the point where it was striking same is can be seen upon the building or ground or lighting up the shaded portions of the trees

There will be millions of people, that will tester-fie they have actual seen it, in there sprinklers, in there garden upon there garden shed walls fences etc, its just no one has every before explained it, and most just dismiss it as a strange

Horus built the largest artificial waterfall and mist generator in the world, as he Horus understood mother nature as I do,and to this you are going to get the same answers from him as you will from me

If you look closely at the drawing of the mask of the sacred geometry of Horus the (RA) God, you will see the schematics for a stone block pump within the mask, then same just outside the Kings chamber with large frame and large stone blocks raised up

The Kings chamber is filled to the brim with water, at a precise time (I will also out line further on) , the blocks, one at a time are dropped into the water, this then cascades this water down the mist making ladder or step chamber, making HydroH2o@Atomic six (MIST, that given Giza shape and size, it drafts like a large chimney, where by this mist is sucked back up the ducting and air shafts provided out on to out side where done at dawn sunrise it is drawn by the early morning breeze onto the Easter side where the concave shape of this wall also causes vacuum that the suspends this mist upon the wall

Where by mother nature works her magic and strikes the perfect spheres of this mist and causes distortion that causes a 4 element fully dynamic array of waves,that alter the oncoming suns energy and concentrates it, then from within the dynamic wave structure fires a polarize sheet of concentrated light vertical and it is fired in the north south direction magnetic, the thickness of this sheet is governed by the amount of the duplicated wave lengths, one full wave length= 66.6666 Mt long = 0,33,3333 mm thickness ot equivalent to say 3 full waves = 200MT =100mm thickness

I add here that these waves can be at sea 60 miles in length in a sea fog, I also add the rainbow generated and its shape is not governed by the atmosphere, its shape is depicting the roof of the fields of relativity of the power cell that has been generated by the White rainbow prior to this vision of the visible rainbow, and that may well have accrued up to a month before, and gone totally unseen, with no clouds over head or there not being any weather event, it all being bought about by the white rainbow, the ROYGBIV event singling full discharge of the power cell until the next time it again has the right conditions to repeat itself and the hole process repeats

As to the pyramid timing I reveal, and the first to ever do so, the Atomic clock at Giza, to this, see three baby pyramids , note they are all at differing heights at sunrise the sun light descends down upon the tip of the highest , Moses threw his stick upon the ground, to signal to the Akites to begin to drop the stone blocks into the water

From the first tip to center tip = 4 minutes = one degree to last a further 4 minutes = another degree in all 8 minutes two degrees at which time all blocks should have been dropped dropped

I also take this opportunity to describe the Sphinx correctly, the body Leo the lion being O Ryan the terrestrial sky 12,685 years ago and the head is the only human face it the star sign being Aquarius, unsurprisingly given the above,

I hope this has answered you question along with some others I feel

Bulla joiner of dots

posted on Dec, 4 2011 @ 05:47 PM
reply to post by bulla

Unlike Albert Einsteins theory of the fields of relativity, my Equation includes that of the fields
I thought I would include something for the Quantum Physicist to ponder on his slide rule

Electromagnetics @ nominal lux @ time
HydroH2o@Atomic(6) @ full Distortion @ time
= Gravitational increase via BOW-SUN WHITE
= Dimensional time breach
= Dimensional vortex opening
= Magnetic plume altered state of specific gravity within primordial grid system
= Generation of low pressure cell, rain event

or high specific gravity == Low barometric pressure and or cell

and this is a bulla joiner of dots owned equation copy rites now exists and fare use no problems

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