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posted on Apr, 10 2003 @ 06:47 PM
I was surfing the internet and found this site. It was talking about iraq so I thought I would post it here since we are at War with this country. Here is one part of this article that I found interesting...

After a hastily organized summit meeting in the Azores on March 16 with his European allies, President George Bush decided to abandon diplomatic efforts for a further UN Security Council Resolution condemning Iraq's lack of progress in fulfilling existing Security Council resolutions concerning any weapons of mass destruction possessed by Iraq. In a televised address to the Nation on March 17, President Bush gave Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, 48 hours to leave Iraq together with his sons to prevent an US led invasion. On March 19, soon after the deadline had expired, President Bush ordered surgical air strikes on Baghdad and the 'second gulf war' had formally begun.

In the immediate post-Azores environment of finger pointing over responsibility for the failed diplomatic efforts to maintain global consensus over how to respond to Iraq, Europe and the world watches anxiously for the consequences of the US, British and Australian armed incursion into Iraq. (1) It is necessary to analyze the global implications of the failed diplomatic efforts and the subsequent military incursion from an 'exopolitical perspective' since Iraq holds special significance as a nation that once hosted an advanced race of extraterrestrials whose legacy has not been disclosed to the general public or elected government representatives. (2) ..................

Iraq's Extraterrestrial Heritage and the Clandestine Political Agenda

In 1976, a scholar translating ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts published the first of his books, The 12th Planet . (3) In his groundbreaking translations, Sitchin described with great scholarly precision, the technological wonders and knowledge of the ancient civilization of Sumeria. What made his work controversial was that he claimed that the Sumerians were aided in starting their civilization by an advanced race of beings called the Anunnaki (Sumerian for 'those who came from Heaven to Earth'). He described technological wonders possessed by the Anunnaki, and described a factional war between the Anunnaki who finally departed the planet around 1700 BC. Furthermore, Sitchin described the home world of these beings as a mysterious planet that periodically returns to the vicinity of the solar system every 3,600 years. Sitchin's translations, when combined with biblical and historical records supporting the existence of ET races in human affairs, made clear the important role by this ancient ET race in the genesis of humanity. (4) Sitchin's translations proved to be very controversial and mainstream archeologists dismissed the work as too speculative in its definitions, premises and conclusions. (5) However, there were very influential clandestine organizations that took Sitchin's work much more seriously.

The paper is really long but if you feel like reading or skiming through it here is the website.

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