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Late 30s, recently divorced...all I can think about is women in early 20s. Creepy or natural?

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 05:52 PM

Originally posted by Whisper67
Early 40s, long time married...all I can think about is guys in their mid 20s.

Situation normal.

When the situation is reversed, everything changes. When older guys seek younger gals, most of the time younger gals think it's creepy. When older gals seek younger guys, 99% of the time younger guys think it's the best.

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posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by Deetermined
So, there you have it, OP! Resorting to a lifetime of chasing young women will only turn you into a bitter old man with deep insecurities and stunt your mental growth in the process!

Mate! They chase me! bet your not so fortunate, lacking many things im sure. Intelligence and perception being a few of many!!

Good day to you "turd"!!!

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 07:17 PM

Originally posted by blackrain17
reply to post by RP2SticksOfDynamite

I'd like to see some pics of your alleged 27 yo wife and try to understand why she would have anything to do with such a douche.

Not another jump on a fools bandwagon ATS inadequate!!!

Nevermind! Many a waste of space nut on ATS.

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 07:23 PM
Try to stay around your own age. You will have more in common and an equal understanding of life. That's a much better foundation to build a relationship on.

I'm in my 40's and can't imagine having a relationship with someone in their 20's.

Best of luck....

posted on Nov, 23 2011 @ 07:33 PM

Originally posted by RP2SticksOfDynamite

Originally posted by blackrain17
reply to post by RP2SticksOfDynamite

I'd like to see some pics of your alleged 27 yo wife and try to understand why she would have anything to do with such a douche.

Not another jump on a fools bandwagon ATS inadequate!!!

Nevermind! Many a waste of space nut on ATS.

LOL! The only thing inadequate in this forum is you! All your cursing and "turd" references make you a real intellectual kind of guy! Everyone can see right through you. You're a fraud!

posted on Oct, 14 2012 @ 11:11 AM
Hi there,

I am 22 going 23 years old woman and I am dating a guy who is 10 years older than me (32 going 33 this month). I started dating him 2 years ago so that was when I was 20 going to 21 years old. By the way, my bf is NOT at all rich, he is NOT even financially stable. We met through a mutual friend. I was a student then and he's a DJ. Yes, a part of him being a DJ while i was still in my really party mood 2 years ago made him more attractive to me, but at the same time, mostly it was because of his personality that attracted me. By the way, we have been living together for 1.5 years now (though with another roommate). He still plays xbox daily. Also, he has been separated for a few years before we met. When we met, he said he's separated but going to do his divorce soon. Now that 2 years have passed that we've been together, he is just ABOUT to do the paperwork (no kids, divorce agreement on both parties, so really simple paperwork). I've been pressuring him to get his divorce because I don't want to be a mistress and I want a man who commits to me as much as I commit to him.

I am mature for my age i think. Anyway, i have always found older men more attractive than younger ones. With limited gap of course, I would not go for a guy who is like late 40s or something. I always find older men = more mature = wiser = security = have more insights = more experienced in life that i could always learn from = more understanding in life and relationships = less headaches for me = less wild = GOOD. I will never date a guy my age or 1-2 years older because they're usually very immature and i'd feel like i'm taking care of a baby brother. By the way, in the past, I've also been attracted to guys at their 30s... my current bf was not the first older guy I was attracted to.

Going back to my bf if I still find him attractive now that I've grown more mature in the past 2 years and still growing.. yes I love him 100% with all my heart. Yes, at times I would picture us getting married and having a baby. Yes, I can't imagine my life without him. But the fact that I am growing more mature, I am beginning to see HIM as the one who never grew up = immature. Not to be arrogant but now I am starting to be worried if he would make a good husband/happy family/adequate father in the future because of his financial issues and still wanting to DJ at 32. Long story short, as i am growing more mature, I am starting to question if he is the one and if I'm just wasting my time. If he does not become more responsible about his finances, overall maturity and divorce, I might just leave him soon.. because I am wasting my young years for a relationship that might just end up in a miserable marriage. But if he was financially stable, more responsible, more mature, yes i would marry him today if he asks me to. I don't care that he's starting to get grey hair and slight wrinkles.

To answer your question, if it's creepy or scary for us young women to have guys at your age to hit on us, mostly not. A few women would find it creepy (there's always exceptions in everything, right?) but mostly not. by the way, i am feeling good that i am an early 20s woman basically the most wanted age range woman (by men my age and older men) and i feel flattered... but it makes me worried that when im married in the future and i become those 30s or 40s woman, my future husband might start eyeing or cheating on 20s because i'll be with wrinkles and etc just how you men view older women.

Conclusion is, go for it. many women find older men attractive. i am one of them. and no, it's not just about the MONEY, because i am a living proof of that. it's all about the personality and how you approach them. by the way, you also need to be a caring patient individual because women at my age would be playful and be cute sometimes, and you might find it great at first but not all the time (i.e when you are stressed) and u might be accidently be rough on her, and she's going to take it personally etc. anyway.. best of luck. i registered on this site just so i could reply to your post.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by anonymouz

Your guy sounds normal to me.
Most guys do not want the encumbrance of a child. It messes up their smooth running life.
That doesn't mean they want to run around drinking of chasing skirts.

On normal men a baby changes them for the better. It give them a different view of things. They see someones toddler on the sidewalk not being tended properly and they think of their own. That makes them drive slower in residential neighborhoods. In an effort to keep THEIR stuff out of reach of destructive 2 year olds they see and correct hazards around the home.

If he's basically a good man he will just get better as a dad.

His biggest fears are:
Loss of sex on demand.
His womans looks turning from a hot sportscar into a frumpy stationwagon. We didn't sign up for that.
Money being diverted from fun or savings towards kids things with no return on investment.

I may sound cruel but those are the cold hard facts.

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by FailedProphet

Except when it comes to relationships. Want to have your brain filled wiht JFK? Great!

But the IQs and mentality drop to neanderthal levels regarding relationships.

posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 09:03 PM

Originally posted by aeriess

Originally posted by mnmcandiez
reply to post by Nick_X

He pulls young hotties because he is famous and rich. The average young hottie would NOT seriously consider dating George Clooney in the real world. There are a bunch of delusional old guys in this thread.....

Amen sister!
I'm a woman in my early 30's. This thread saddens me because no matter how hard I try to stay in shape (and I mean REALLY try... my exercise routine is intense) take great care of my skin, eat nothing but food that is good for me, (gasp!) have botox done twice a year, I will never have that youthful glow all men my age go after. It's quite depressing.
But thinking back to my 20's... the ONLY way I would date a guy 15 years older than me is if he were rich. And I'm talking mega rich. I like to converse about current events. Be on the same level with my partner. I'm not sure I could do that with someone that much older than me. I would fee like they were always being a parental figure. BUT if you're just talking about having sex with them, then that's a whole different story.

This saddens me because I am in my early 30's (32 to be exact) and all I seem to attract is the younger ladies. I just want to meet a lady my age who shows interest in me but NOTHING!

I blame all the preservatives in food these days that have prevented me from aging properly. I am 32 and look 18 still, it sounds great right? It is not I assure you. The grass is always greener as they say lol

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