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Press Gallery: Security Guards Caused Moore Disruption

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posted on Sep, 4 2004 @ 09:55 AM
It makes me wonder why the police and security guards would Give Mr. Moore a hard time accessing the Republican Nat, Con, then when they do let him on his way they put him in the wrong place, it seem to me that they where hoping for a confrontation with Mr. Moore.

Press Gallery: Security Guards Caused Moore Disruption
By Joe Strupp / Editor & Publisher

NEW YORK Security guards at the Republican National Convention overreacted when USA Today guest columnist Michael Moore entered Madison Square Garden Monday night and were responsible for a disruption that made it difficult for several members of the press, including Moore, to cover the proceedings, said the U.S. House Daily Press Gallery, which oversees press credentials for the convention.

The gallery conducted a review of the Monday incident, which it calls the worst case of police media control since the 1968 Chicago convention.
"It was heavy-handed. They were very highly over-reactive," said Jerry Gallegos, superintendent of the gallery. "That is what made the whole situation far worse than it needed to be."

Moore, who entered the building at about 9 p.m., was stopped several times as he made his way through the convention to a press table, where guards surrounded him. Security guards then blocked access to several rows of press tables for an hour while he remained in the building.
more Moore

Mike Takes Center Stage at the RNC (video)

Sen. John McCain drew the biggest response of the evening at the Republican National Convention last night, not for his comments about President Bush or the War in Iraq, but for referring to Michael Moore as a "disingenuous filmmaker."

Unbeknownst to McCain, Mike was right there in the room with him, sitting in the press box as a credentialed USA Today columnist.
When the excited audience turned to Mike and began a chant of "four more years," Mike smiled and flashed the big "L."

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Michael Moore

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