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Michael Moore’s $2M Hypocrite House: Film Director Lives Like The 1% He Condemns

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posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 05:06 AM
He gets paid well for his passion, people like to hear what he says in his doco and is damn brilliant at making it interesting with a touch of humour, not like other doc's on youtube with "doomed" music playing just as loud as the narrator talks.

He is good and makes a lil extra, if anyone on this websitean any member was good at their job and got paid above average and if so pay their employees. Respectable salary. Then sure enjoy your $2million home, I actually think people condemning him for not being even close to the "1%" to "them" "those we don't know"those that run the show"

Moore isn't part of TPTB, just a citizen good at what he does, and yes I've seen the docs where people claim he alienates them, but he spreads a lot of awareness that open peoples minds, even on this site.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 05:19 AM
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Dude.. the headline is "Film Director Lives Like The 1% He Condemns."

That is wrong and absurd for a few reasons.
- He doesn't the 1% aren't millionaires (not doctors, not lawyers, not film makers)
- He isn't screwing over millions of people to make his money.

So, no, he doesn't live like the one percent. Which is what people are arguing. Not whether or not he is, even though it has been implied in this thread.

These 1% 99% numbers are just numbers that somebody pulled out of their arse anyway, and they are meaningless. I mean, how much less does the top 2% make?

So the 2%ers are part of the good guys?
is that a hard number or does it change?

I swear, Barry throws a number to the mosh pit and you guys go wild devouring it.

Try working with some numbers that are meaningful, and apply some objective tests to them.

This ranting and railing about 1 per, 99 per is so damn silly.

posted on Nov, 18 2011 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by randomname
michael moore isn't the 1% everybody is complaining about. they would be the people that were considered "old money" or people on the social register.

So, what he's saying is, "Take their money, but let me keep my millions?"

Originally posted by randomname
he actually fights the 1% thru his movies. he's a very well placed ally. he got rich fighting the elite. that's his reward. you should support him and be happy for him. but he is a tool on some issues.

Right. Like the slaves in the cotton fields in the 1860's, we should just doff our hats as Massa rides by, big smiles on our faces and commenting on how well he's doing.

Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but MM is one of the 1% (whatever that means). He's one of the liberal millionaires that tell everyone how they should live, what they should drive, and how much they should make, yet rake in cash by the fistfulls, live in a huge home, and drive whatever they want.

Al Gore complains about vanishing resources. Yep, they all vanished into making his three homes and private jet.

Rosie O'Donnell complains about guns and how they should be banned, yet has private armed security.

MM says that the big money guys are all evil, yet is a millionaire.

What's really a hoot is that MM is the perfect example of the American Dream. He was just a regular dude that had a dream, set a goal, worked hard, and obtained it. I think he's a fat ass-hat that should run his suck somewhere else, but I'm giving him his props for doing what he set out to do and was successful at it.

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