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Something took over me earlier today

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posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 07:36 PM

I can't say it is their fault the owner has pets they cannot afford to take care of. It's the situation that is bad, not the Vet.

Any vet that charges $125 for an office exam is a bad vet that overcharges period. This person was not being irresponsible. He brought the dog to the vet with a substantial amount of cash up front. There was a time before pharma started their marketing scheme that amount of money would go a long way to treatment. The usual prescribed treatments are antibiotics and steroids. Vets who dispense drugs make a huge profit with mark up.

So I guess we should deprive children the joy of growing up with animals and all that they learn about life in doing so because their parents are not in a position to support artificially inflated prices. Um, sure, sounds reasonable. The children of this country who do not come from advantaged families are already deprived of so much (like decent schools) what's one more deprivation. Makes it much easier to perpetuate the slavery mentality.

~is still a rose

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 07:53 PM
reply to post by arosebyanyothername

That makes no sense. I love animals. I love them too much to own one I can't afford to take care of. How is that wrong exactly.

I think you are venting your anger the wrong way.

Why is it right to have pets you cannot afford to take care of and how is that not also abuse? A pet is decision you make yourself, not something forced on you.

Another form of abuse are those who care so little they let them breed out of control and directly cause their suffering. That's not love, it's stupidity.

If I offend people because they themselves have pets they cannot afford to care for, so be it. They are the ones who made the choice to take an action that hurts their pets, not me.

When I lost my last dog to old age, I spent probably ten thousand dollars in the last year of his life so he would not suffer. I'm a really bad guy, eh

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 08:10 PM
That was a fantastic thing that you did, and your good deed will come back to you in some way. There IS such a thing as Karma, and when you do a good thing, at some point, it may be tomorrow, or it may be years from now, you will have good fortune. compassion is the thing this world lacks the most right now. Sometimes we are in a place at a certain time and our spirit is called upon to do something good even though we don't have the resources to do it, and you always will always know the right thing to do. I believe that its not coincidence, sometimes we are in a specific place at a specific time to be of assistance. If everyone made an effort to do just one good thing for their fellow human beings a day, think of the effect it would have on the world.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 08:14 PM
reply to post by muse7

Sorry Muse,

You did a wonderful thing and I almost forgot to say so. You are a kind person.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by Blaine91555

Why is it right to have pets you cannot afford to take care of and how is that not also abuse? A pet is decision you make yourself, not something forced on you.

Then we need to have public awareness programs educating the public as to potential cost if your 'pet' becomes ill. Many people are not aware of the perpetual inflation that is being fueled by the pharma industry. I have watched senior citizens bring in some beloved 'pet' for fill in the blank only to be shocked when the bill is presented. These senior citizens have not been made aware of the shift in veterinary policies. I have watched these same people leave the clinic in tears knowing they probably spent their food or medication allotment.

Um, I think we should restrict senior citizens on fixed incomes from having companion animals too.

Better yet, let's just restrict everyone that does not have disposable income. Maybe we could pass legislation on the matter. Doesn't make any sense to hold the profession accountable for unethical practices. It's much easier to just limit the population.

Wonderful you had the ability to spend so much on an aging companion. You are one of those deemed worthy to 'own'. However, I am not impressed.

~is still a rose

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by muse7

What you did, you did for the purest of intentions. You had compassion for another person. You had the ability to do something to ease that persons misfortune. This is what I believe love is all about. Love thy neighbor, all that stuff preached about since the beginning of humanity. What you did was how every organization should be structured. Our system is in such despair right now, because there is no love for each other. You either have money, or you get no love. In fact, we each go to work each day and cause this to happen to other people. Our system needs a drastic change to one that is based more around human needs then around money, and profit. We see the OWS movement without a actual direction, but for me the OWS movement is exactly about what you did for that dog and little girl.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 09:49 PM
Hi everyone, I felt compelled to join ATS just to reply to this great thread!

First of all, I want to say I'm not ashamed to accept that I shed a few tears reading this story. I've been reading ATS for a few weeks and all I see is people waiting for a change without knowing what it is, people complaining about the current system without knowing what to do about it.

Some wait for aliens to come and bring the change, some wait for Jesus Christ to come and bring the change, and some wait for a scientific discovery that would bring change...

Let's face it. If WE don't bring the change RİGHT NOW, nobody will... The truth is we can't change the world but we can change how we live our lives and we are responsible for doing that.

So instead of wasting our energy on trying to figure out a better system and waiting for someone to implement it, let's start doing it and see what happens next. Let's just state our willingness to live in a more harmonious and moneyless society and come together with likeminded people. The saying goes that teacher will appear when the student is ready. So, let's be ready!

I'm ready to cover the faults of my fellow people even if they act like 40-year-old kids sometimes... I'm ready to work building a home for a disabled person for free even if i know they won't be able to return the favor.

I'm not part of any organization or religious group and i'm the last person who can be a leader. So, i'm not asking if you are with me. Instead, i'm telling you that i'm with you if you feel the same way!

Let's come together and demand our land on this planet to build our country in peaceful ways. Let's tell them we are aliens and we don't understand their monatery systems, stock markets, wars, etc... Tell them that we just want a place to live with likeminded people on this planet... Nothing can stand in front of goodwill.

If you feel superior to someone else because of your ethnicity, religion, IQ level, etc, don't come to our country. If you want luxury at the expense of others, don't come to our country. If you are full of ego, don't come to our country. Everyone else is welcome. As simple as that.

All we need is coming together and becoming millions. So, if you feel the same way, i'm with you brothers and sisters.

Sorry if I made mistakes with my poor English and violated any forum rules.


posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by mytheroy

We surely should engage in a civil war and kill them with kindness

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by muse7

You make me proud. Thank you. This level of caring is what we need instead of all that macho bollocks about serving in Satans army.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by CerBeRus666

Seriously, With the way everything is these days does anyone have a few hundred bucks to spare? I certainly don't. It was already spent on the high cost of health care, the high cost of food and the high cost of gas among everything else. People have spent their life savings just to keep their house to lose it anyway, or just to put food on the table! So with the guy not having the extra money, I completely understand cuz I've been there and I'm still there.

And to the OP Its good to know there are still good people, people who aren't all stuck up in greed to see what really matters. Thanks for the post and God Bless!

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 10:52 PM

Originally posted by Expat888
reply to post by CerBeRus666

most likely he's slaving away at a low paying job and trying to keep up with the usual expenses most people there have - rent/housing payment, utilities,car payment, insurance, food, clothes etc for his family. Its not cheap to raise a family these days. Just because someone doesnt have wads of cash to throw around doesnt make them a deadbeat.

I wasn't flaming him, or calling him a deadbeat, for not having "wads of cash to throw around", but for assuming expenses, responsibilities, and duties he cannot live up to. Again I ask, what quality of life is he providing for his family?
How difficult is basic algebra? If you make $500, you can't spend $1000...correction you shouldn't be able to spend it.
But don't worry 'cause "Big Daddy" (the over-taxed responsible people of world) will take care of it...or in this case a "Good Samaritan"...

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 11:45 PM
reply to post by muse7

Again, I would have done the same thing, and again I would reprimand myself.
What message are we sending irresponsible people, and their masters, if we keep bailing them out?

I know nothing of his personal life, and don't care to. I'm not even fixated on this individual case. However, I do worry about the message "we" are sending our kids, as opposed to the message I got from my parents.
This has become a snowball effect, more and more people spending more then they can ever possibly payback, small kids running around with enough stuff to feed an entire African village, and all that stuff mostly not played for...and a Government, controlled by some elites, taking political advantage of the situation in order to further enslave society and bring about their proclaimed Global Corporatism.

Is this the message we want to teach future generations? Don't worry about your duties and responsibilities, spend as much as you wish, have a car you can't afford, have pets you can't feed, buy a house you will never be able to pay...somebody, somewhere will pick-up your tab. And this is how you create a population of Slaves:

a) A majority too indebted and dependent on "Big Government" to ever question it, let alone it's masters!
b) A hard-working, over-taxed population, that is being robbed in order to pay for the irresponsibility of others.
This situation totally destroying the middle-class, and any political power it could have. Since the middle-class is the basis of any sane society...

I taught my children the message of fiscal, personal, and family responsibility. A message that states their rights, but also their duties: to themselves, "Be All That You Can Be", and to their direct dependants.

Again, I commend what you did. The circumstances are, like you said, unknown to me. I just think that this sort of action on a wider scale has too many perverse effects on society! But again, who wouldn't help an animal in need, or a starving child? Theory is almost always easier then practice...

PS» ~68% of Americans are now, directly, or indirectly (too bigs to fail), dependent on the Government for their sustenance. In the EU the numbers are even higher. What hope of true Change can be expected from such an enslaved population? Western Societies have been Politically Engineered (for decades)...America was the last hope for True Personal Freedom - that hope is now dead!

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 01:02 AM
"Yeah. Just stop it already. You're either deliberately acting arrogant and self-righteous or you're unaware how bad you sound. Nobody cares for this behaviour. You have no right, nor the proper information to state what this person has done with his life or what anybody has, just like nobody has the right to delve into your business.

Not everybody is well off, and situations vary so obviously by a great number. To step in and start acting like you know it all and know what people are "doing with their lives", you get zero points."

No, I will not stop.
- Acting arrogant? No, that comes naturally when you become a free individual
- Self-Righteous? I would rather put as Self-Respect, but how would a slave, or a minion, like yourself understand the concept?
- How bad I Sound? So now, in your world, and according to your rules, stating an opinion is a popularity contest. How Orwellian of you, guess now it's unpopular, or politically incorrect, to State The Truth! Nice world you created, continue your machinations...soon, maybe, you will have me in an re-eduction camp..."All Hail The Collective"...wait, I'm not there yet...
- Behaviour? How did my behaviour offend your royal highness? Oh, you just like debates where everybody agrees with you...go cry to mummy, "the bad man wrote these words I didn't like"

As for my rights, last time I checked they weren't given to me by beings such as yourself.

I really don't care what people do with their lives, as long as they don't affect me.
You see, if I let people like you control my life, and didn't have the knowledge, the will, and the tools to protect myself, you would be steeling 65%+ of my income to pay for the "mistakes" of people who's lives I have no right, in your opinion, to talk about.

Have a nice life, but keep your paws out of my never know, they just might get chopped

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posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by CerBeRus666

b) A hard-working, over-taxed population, that is being robbed in order to pay for the irresponsibility of others.

Um, might want to educate yourself on the tax matrix. All taxes go to pay the interest on the national debt.

"In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government. - 'Grace Commission' under President Ronald Reagan"

From Treasury interest for 2011 on the national debt...


Before you go making comments you might want to learn about the tax structure and the budget of our government. You might want to investigate how much it cost the US per day to occupy Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya to name just three. You might want to investigate how much it cost for the initial invasions. You might want to be concerned about invasions not yet implemented but high on the tuit list. Syria, Iran, Syria, many choices, so little time. What the hell...let's invade them both, kill two birds with one nuke.

Every year the treasury 'looses' at least a trillion dollars (sometimes up to 3) and gosh darn those treasury guys, they just can't seem to figure out where it disappeared to. I completely sympathize...I'm always misplacing a trillion here and there. Gee, maybe if we could find it we could adequately fund all those social programs for deadbeats. Wait, we don't want to fund programs to take care of them. If they are disabled, elderly, or just generically poor SUCKS BE TO YOU I SAY. Don't get a pet either. I don't care if you are disabled. Everyone knows you can't adequately take care of a 'pet' on disability. Probably everyone on disability is faking anyway, even all those veterans who come home in various pieces of what they once were. Personally I think if they take on the responsibility to join the armed forces and get dismembered physically or emotionally well, that's the risk you take. It's their responsibility to make arrangements before hand. Repubs and Dems seem to be in agreement, cut those benefits, just a bunch of deadbeats anyway I say. God, I hope they don't get a 'pet'.

It's a common propaganda tool to have the people divided; those irresponsible people, living above their means, lazy too, living on the government dole. Those greedy union people who make too much money. I don't care if you are a teacher or make too damn much money. And jesus, why can't the elderly live on social security? If they had been responsible they would have a retirement stash to make up the difference. Do not whine to me about you spent all your savings when you,your mother, father, child, dog, got sick. You should have planned better. I don't get food stamps, no one gives me a free ride, so why should you? So your baby needs food. You should have been more responsible in the first place and not had a kid. Everyone who is responsible (like me) knows you might wind up unemployed some day; outsourcing/downsizing is a fact of life. Grow up. Oh, don't get me started. I'm so tired of deadbeats. Get a me! Oh, you have a job, 2 jobs even and still can't make ends meet. Well get a third. We can put your kid in foster so you don't have to worry about childcare. Come to think of it, foster cost a lot of money...can't we just warehouse the little rug rats? It's not my fault they were stupid enough to be born to poor parents. Hey, when life gets tough the tough get me!

After all I'm one of the responsible ones. I pat myself on the back every morning and tell myself what a good upstanding citizen I am. I am special. But, gotta run, I'm late for the rally. Now where in the heck did I put my Down With Handouts sign? Must have left it where I left my trillion.

~is still a rose

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 01:37 AM

Originally posted by karen61057
What I have seen is people who possess money do evil things with their money but money itself, no . I also know people who have money and they are kind and generous and caring people so money does not corrupt. It is the hands that hold the money that determine whether it is used for ill or good.

I feel the same way. Like everything money is a form of energy turned into a means of exchange. It's neither good or bad, it's what it is and used as it's used.

Most likely someday history books will have the only memory of money as the ancient means of exchange used until the 21st century.

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by arosebyanyothername

No education on the "tax matrix" required.

The irresponsible majority created the over-bloated Government...

Why not try a bit of education yourself? What percentage of the population, in Western Countries, directly, or indirectly work for the government? And guess what? The troops occupying those regions, and many others you did not state, are government employees. I should know, I was in many of those regions, both as a soldier (not USA), and as the owner of a "Private Contractor" enterprise. And even those "Private Contractors" are, indirectly employed by Governments.
Some more mathematics? What would be the rate of unemployment in the USA if, for some reason, the occupation, or "protection", of foreign regions where to end?

The point I was making referred to the destruction of the middle-class. And by coincidence, I'm sure, it seems like the financial-irresponsibles, big Government, and Big Corporations, are, throughout History, always on the same page: Increase Taxation!

Good post, thanks for at least being intellectually honest.

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 04:26 AM
This reminds me of a news article about the fact that many people are no longer going to the dentist, in fact its in the millions of people. They talked about the detrimental effects of not getting dental care, the risk of stroke, heart disease, etc. But NOT ONCE did they point out how ungodly expensive the majority of dentists are. People have other priorities, like helping their unemployed siblings, taking care of elderly parents etc, that leaves nothing for themselves.
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posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 05:58 AM

Originally posted by Misterlondon
I think that is a very good think you did there.. With more people like you in this world, there is some hope for humanity..

Sadly there are too few people prepared, willing or able to partake in acts of kindness.

There are however increasingly large numbers of beings prepared, willing and able to take advantage of those in need, governments (ripping off social programs) and just about anyone else who has more than they do !!!

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 06:09 AM
I don't post much, however this is a great post! Well done OP! If I had enough money I would more than likely have done the same thing you did. It really amazes me how what we all perceive to be small actions can have long lasting effects. In this case wonderful ones!
You are absolutely correct about $$. Sometimes I am just lying down watching TV or something and I think to myself, what if I lost my job, or myself and my wife both lost our jobs. We would be absolutely screwed! It is a very intimidating thought. Money, can't live without it, can't live with it now-a-days.. It's sickening the events that continue to unfold before us day after day.
Anyhow, just personally wanted to thank you for your good deed at the vet. Bless you..

posted on Nov, 17 2011 @ 08:07 AM
reply to post by CerBeRus666

We can argue all day about which lesson he's teaching the 12 yr old. Either an act of caring or an act of bailing. But maybe you should put yourself in this guys shoes (and don't go about saying that you will never be in his shoes). Just for arguments sake lets say you were the one with the dog. Would you think of it as being bailed out? Probably not. Apparently you have been living in your hole for way to long. Most people owned their pets before the food prices went up, before gas prices were outrageous and before they lost their job or their home. So you cannot, I repeat cannot judge this man and his lifestyle.

Through God's eyes, he seen this act and it probably made him smile. He didn't see it as bailing. But of course someone always needs to twist it around. If you think about it back hmmm prob 30 or more years ago, People did this sort of good deed all the time. That must've been bailing as well right. That's what got us here today right? WRONG Its simply helping a person. You can blame your government officials for whats going on today.

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