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Personal Stories of Government Bullying, Interference, Abuse, Harassment, etc., Please

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posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 05:06 PM
I have seen and heard these stories everywhere, not just on ATS, but in my personal and professional life as well. Some of the instances are truly horrendous and I was once naive enough to sincerely believe it would never happen to me. Obviously, I was wrong. I will explain my situation and then offer the opportunity for others to contribute with events of their own or other input. I will accept criticism if the reader feels it is necessary. My ego left a long time ago.

In the months since I posted a thread on ATS about what was beginning to look like government oppression, my family, myself, and my business have come under intense scrutiny by the US government. The details are so disconcerting that personally, even I would think it stretches credulity beyond the breaking point meaning I would have serious trouble believing my own story....... if it wasn't happening to those I love. The bullying has become so severe I worry without end if I will be able to provide for my family. Unfortunately, there are far too many details to list here so please understand I will be as brief as possible, and I understand how hard it may be to accept or believe.

In short, the hospice business my wife and I built almost 12 years ago is staving off bankruptcy due to governmental interference, bullying, abuse, and an intolerable amount of harassment. In the process, regional directors of major governmental departments have been proven to knowingly lie to my staff and ourselves with absolute impunity and no apparent recourse available. At one point, they actually sequestered an employee and tried to force her to sign a completely falsified statement (naming herself as the author) which they needed and had written stating we had repeatedly broken the law.

Gratefully, she had the morals and ethics they lack and she refused.

When we started our business, I personally performed extensive due diligence in order to accurately represent to clients that we would be able to keep them in compliance with rules, laws, and regulations. I approached every one of the pertinent regulatory agencies, both state and federal to gather details regarding appropriate cooperation and compliance with said legislation governing caring for the dying. I took great care in incorporating the necessary regulations into our business model and forwarded copies of our policies and procedures to each authoritative agency.

We were granted full acceptance by all for the effort.

Without warning, the IRS, TWC, State of Texas Tax whatever, the US Dept. of Labor, and the IRS have now descended on us with full force. In short order we have been forced into personal bankruptcy, and in the process was forced to accept liability of over $100,000 in taxes the IRS arbitrarily assessed after telling us at first we were in full compliance. This past week, the IRS has returned saying they want to assess an additional $125,000 onto the amount we already can't pay and never owed in the first place. The DOL and others also have reversed their approval of our business standards and are assessing huge sums of unpayable and unattainable dollars in fines, penalties, and bills they say we owe regardless of their previous assurance we were doing what we were supposed to be doing. After forcing us into personal bankruptcy, we became the only people I have ever heard of who filed bankruptcy and our monthly bills and payments actually went up after filing-- all because the government piled so much corporate debt (that we proved the company never owed). It is an impossibility to maintain these payments due largely in part to the fact that they have scared off many of our customers, referral sources, and staff. The DOL even went so far as to call our staff and encourage them to either sue us or file additional government action against us.

I have begged for an independent investigation. I have opened my books and participated to the highest of my ability. Since there is nothing to hide, they had to manufacture problems which are so subjective I cannot find legal representation willing to take our case on contingency. Given the chance, we could without doubt be able to show our ethics, morals, and legal compliance has always been truly exemplary.

My wife is well beyond the breaking point, and I fear not only for her safety, but for her mental well-being. This has become a burden of indescribable stress and pressure. To her credit, she holds herself together quite admirably because we want to buffer as much as possible away from our 11 year old son. He is impressively intuitive, and asks quite detailed and probing questions, but we take every precaution we can think of to shield him for as long as we can. He is an emotional hyper sensitive kid who sincerely empathizes with those who hurt and are hurting and often takes on a great deal of grief on behalf of or in support of those around him who are suffering. I could not be more proud of a child for caring so much, but it is far too much for a child of his age to bear. I fear for his safety and and absolutely terrorized whenever I read articles about children his age or even younger who take their own lives due to whatever excess pressures, real or perceived, in their lives. If anything were to happen to him, I pray with all my heart that God will strike me and save me from what otherwise would surely cause me to become irreversibly insane.

I have tried and tried and tried to understand why this is happening and the only thing I can come up with is that I had the audacity to claim they were wrong when they first showed up. I have been threatened with jail, confiscation of all my family owns or ever will own, and I fear greatly for my wife and son's well-being. I also feel I have a responsibility to warn others about the reality of governmental persecution. Be very careful when challenging the US government. Maybe you can survive, but can your family? Be careful.

If you have any interactions with the government, please feel free to share. It may or may not be entirely cathartic, but perhaps someone will see something in your story to help you or the next person it will happen to. I do hope we at ATS will be able to care for our own,

posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 05:45 PM
How about this?

In April, I got a letter in the mail from the IRS. They'd audited my 2009 tax return. Not 2010, but 2009.

Now, consider that I make under the poverty threshold. (And I don't take a dime of government aid, so it wasn't about me being a welfare fraud). Also consider that I'd just recently at that time begun making less than savory posts about disagreeing with many policies of my government both on ATS and my Facebook.

There was some discrepancies on my 2009 return and it took them almost a year and a half to catch it? Far too suspicious to me.

posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 05:46 PM
going off the title and not reading all the stuff you posted...

I had a police come to my door asking for identification. I told him no and go check with the apartment landlords. He said no tried to threaten me for not cooperating and send me to jail. I told him i was not the person he wanted. He supposedly had an anonymous tip that there was some domestic violence going on at my place even though I was and am the only one there. After about 20 minutes going in circles I finally gave in and he saw i wasnt the person he was looking for and left.

Hate cops for life...

Oh asked how he would feel if a stranger went to his place asking for identification he said he wouldnt like it but its ok cus he wears a costume.. nice

posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 11:05 PM
reply to post by thegoods724

Reminds me of an incident my wife and I had with Domino's Pizza, of all things. One evening, about 8 or 9 years ago, we ordered a pizza by phone, they delivered it, but the delivery guy started asking us a lot of additional personal information under the guise he needed it to validate the check we wrote. We knew this to be unnecessary because we had already given all the pertinent identification (birth date, driver's license number, etc.) on the phone when we called it in and they most certainly would never have delivered the meal without first running a standard check validation. Both my wife and I were concerned as to why he would want even more information, especially as our checking account at that time was nice and healthy.

A little later we got a call from Domino's insisting we take the check back and give them cash instead. We assured them once again the check was more than valid, but refused to exchange it for cash and they had accepted the transaction already by phone and in person. So they wanted the pizza back, but guess what? It was long gone by this time.

Less than thirty minutes later the police show up at our front door with the delivery driver in tow. When I refused to give them cash for the check this time, I was handcuffed, arrested, and put in the back of the police car. To this day we still have no idea what the charges were supposed to be, but they kept me in the squad car in full view of our neighbors and friends until my wife went inside and brought them cash. At that point in my life, I was greatly concerned with not creating any unwelcome attention because of our developing hospice work, but still we quietly looked into what recourse was available to us. No lawsuit was possible because we would have had an unbelievable burden of proof as to damages which may have been limited to the cost of a pizza. The police simply said I was disrespecting their authority and my behavior indicated I was some kind of threat. Calls to a succession of supervisors at both Domino's and the police department were completely blown off as inconsequential and the attitude was absolutely daring us to try and do something about it.

A pizza was not worth the effort and we dropped it, but looking back I wish I had recognized it as a forbearing of things to come. Maybe I would have been able to avoid some of this stuff we are experiencing now.

Or maybe I would have spent the last several years in jail.

posted on Nov, 12 2011 @ 11:37 PM
I live in York Region (just north of Toronto). A couple of years ago I was driving home at around 1am and decided to go get mail from my mailbox. My mailbox is located on a different street than my house since my house was one of the last ones built in my subdivision. After getting my mail and pulling into my garage I noticed a loud helicopter noise. As I was urinating in my washroom I could see helicopter lights being flashed through my washroom window (I was stunned and real pissed,no pun intended). I got out the washroom and all I heard was a loud helicopter above my house and 4 police cruisers pulled into my drive way (my drive way is big and could fit over 10 cars).

30 seconds later I heard the door bell ring and a police officer asking me why I got out of my car on the street where my mailbox was located, and then she also had the balls to say that they didn't like the way I was driving. I had to explain to her that my mailbox was located on that street and told her I was driving normally and I didn't appreciate the harassment. She told me to give her my license and told me to open my garage. At that point I was about to loose it but kept my cool knowing that I had done nothing wrong.

When I opened the garage door another officer was there and he asked me if he could enter my garage and have a look around. I then told him he could search the car if he wanted (I knew he didn't have the right too, but I had done nothing wrong). He then jokingly said he just wanted to make sure there were no dead body's in the trunk. At that point I was about to go crazy when he said that because I took it as a sort of racist remark because I'm of Italian origin and he must have known from my last name that I was. I felt like he was saying that joke like he was thinking that I may be in the Italian mafia or something along those lines.

I never felt so disgusted in my life. They then gave me back my license and was walking out of my garage. As I shut the garage I told him thanks for wasting his time and the taxpayers money.

There is a saying in my area about the YORK REGION police department. YORK PORK

Almost forgot to mention, I lost all signal on my black berry while the helicopter was above my area. Could it be possible that they jammed my cell phone?
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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 12:43 AM

You just have to know the law. If you lived in South Dakota and a business refused your check, you'd make out well in court.

State law there says business's have to accept check payments. Back when Businesses were adopting Certegy for "Check Verification" they had some glitches and were denying people's checks. Even though those people had thousands in their accounts to back the checks.

I ended up getting a free laptop and that business lost $1500 plus court fees.

If you want to fix the State of Texas, shut down your business and file Chapter 7. Before you do so....sell everything and put every penny you have into buying a Horse. A very expensive horse.

I think in Texas if you file Bankruptcy, they can't take your horse. After the bankruptcy is released, sell the horse and start over.

The smart people register their business's as LLC's, so even if the business goes under...the parties who ran the business don't lose a dime. Whatever a lawyer wants to help you with your worth every penny.

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 01:21 AM
reply to post by Pervius

Noted, and thanks very much for the insight. Makes me wish the statute of limitations hasn't likely run out. If I buy a horse, will you help me get it away from my 11 year old son when we need to sell it later?

Just asking, but I do appreciate the input.

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 01:23 AM
I Got Framed Of Trying To Hack And Got Fined No Way Im Paying I Would Never Know How To Hack

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