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Non-materialist but non-leftist ideology

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posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 08:06 AM
reply to post by Maslo

sarah palin is highly materialist.also she has loads of extramarital affairs

posted on Nov, 13 2011 @ 10:03 PM

Originally posted by ZeroKnowledge
reply to post by mastahunta

Listen, you have all the options you want. You can work for several years and gather enough money to buy cheap land. Right now i did search on the net and found land in Arizona for 15000$. I doubt you will have to take a mortgage for 30 years to get it or even work for 30 years to save money for it. Rest is up to you.

I think what this example fails to see is that many of us walk a financial tightrope.
Saving $15,000 is an incredible feat for millions of Americans when they have a hard
enough time PAYING everyone else around them, virtually every last dime.

I am very reasonable, but I do not think going out and claiming land, hunting for food
and freely cultivating resources is comparable to today's construct.

Can you eat without spending a dime?

Can you build a house with the sweat of your brow alone?

In the 1700's, I doubt that basic life expenses took such a large portion of money to maintain.

Insurance for the car, for the body -
communications bills -
gasoline, if you have one of those fancy automobile thingies

all of these expenses are new to humanity... these expenses now replace income that
could have been used to stockpile and invest capital...

I force someone to do something? Or it is you who suggests to completely destroy current system just to try another utopia?

I hardly think, in this giant world that feeding everyone who is hungry is an overly ambitious
goal. Do you know how much food is put in the trash by companies alone? Do you want the stats?

Current jungle is by no means a final social structure, lots of different types were tried through the ages so this is also going to be obsolete. But going back to tribal existence, while knowlingly suffocating progress and causing starvation on uber-massive scale is not better option then the current system offers,by far.

I agree that this system is pretty damn good, I would never take away self determination,
but I think small goals that eliminate the jungle aspect would be a good step in the
right direction. Do you know anyone who would be against feeding all the hungry people
in the world, if it did not cost them a dime? I don't, well I do on ATS, but not in reality...

What puzzles me is the lack of desire to try and see how this will work on small scale by willing individuals and thus pull others in,if it is succesfull. No, people who push for it need everyone to go their way first. Maybe because they fear that old bad alternative will be preferable for majority.

Well I think most of the things I want as far as progress are not too extreme, to eliminate the
jungle aspect of mankind would not go beyond what criminals in jail can expect, baseline.
You eliminate the basic stuff and these ideological battles will virtually disappear in the
body politic.

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