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world problems, aliens, afterlife in a nice mix

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posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 03:47 AM
I guess you all have heard that some of the aliens live in a money-free society? That and many other subject have led to the below idea and view. I put this here in the general discussion as this all are connected;

Maybe it is time to summarize most of today's problems. I'm going to overlook Mr. Bush as a problem... for now ;-)
Pollution (cars, factories, farms), corruption (companies, politics, rich individuals, organisations), wars, unexplained sicness/deaths, social unrest, thiefs, madmen and terrorists.

Except sicnesses, madmen and maybe terrorists, these problems is caused by money:

-factories does it to save money for their (often) already rich owners.
-cars (boats, plains) because oil companies benefit from it and car companies are afraid to change their production to make electric cars; people might not buy electric cars.

corruptions, wars, theft
-In africa they fight over gold and diamond because of its value
-Bush fight for oil for its value to his friends (wich is corruption too)
-theft everywhere. It is done by many otherwise normal people and it cause anger and social unrest among the rest of us.
-police (and fbi) is misused by politicans and/or rich for their own causes. Fbi have prevented many americans from engaging in political protest marches. I would have to view this as corruption as police and fbi should not be engaged in politics.

All this happens because of money. So what would happen if we change form a money-depending society to money-free one?
Factories would have no reason not to build pollution filters for air and water.
Car companies could safely make only electric cars. And there don't have to be as many car factories as there is now.
Bandit armies in afrika would no longer have a reason to fight each others/goverments as it would be pointless (they fight over gold and diamond resourches). The bandit groups would hopefully disband.
What use is oil for electric cars? One still need some for airplains and rockets, but the pollution would be nothing compared to now.
No reason to steal when one don't have to. Or if some fool steal anyway one can easily replace the missing item.

Of corse not all would change:
The police would still be needed; murder caused by hate or jealousy or accidents would still happen
Madmen can still go crazy and murder all in their path
Hometrouble will still be there; parents arguing or fighting each other with their children as withnesses
Terrorists will still be there... unless they do it for money.

History shows that our money society does not work. For hundred of years we have tried in various ways to make it work. Well, it's soon 2005 and it still don't work! (all the poor, all the homeless, all suffering and deaths caused by money prove (for me anyway) that the money society does not work. Some insane people might think it must be like that, but I, at least, can not accept such a wiew of it)
Money is only a thing. It is we who make it, not the other way around. When a thing make so much trouble for us as money do, I'd say; let us throw it away! A society need people to work, not money. Even today society is made up by people (we are affected by friends, colleagues, local politicans or organizations deciding things that influece us) for people. Money is only playing an indirectly role in this; they might decide to demolish your house for the new road as it's cheaper for them than making it go around your house. So my hope is that we don't need to change the world upside down in order to change from money-depending to money-free society.
My thought is that money-free society will be just like now; only remove banks, insurance companies and stock markeds and you're there. I could be wrong and we might change or organice society differently and that is why I don't suggest we switch to money-free permanently just yet. I suggest we could try it out for 10 years, maybe. I like round numbers

So my suggestion is;
we try money-free society for a 10 years periode. In those years we can try different aproach of how to organize it and find one wich most are happy with. A countrys population must decide if they want to be a part of this money-free expriment.
as it is a test periode all money, prices, taxes and all is frozen at the time of the change.
When those 10 years nears its conclusion we'll see what we've learned and tell the population. Then the population can choose to 1. try it for new 10 years, 2. go back to money-society, 3. continue money-free society forever after.
military; I prefer we disband the military. In its place I'd rather have organization who work to help people. They are ment to be used when catastrophes/disasters happens and can be sent worldwide. Such a help corpse will be much needed the next hundred year(s) because of the weather/temperature change, volcanos, tornadoes, landslide and whatsnot. (Or in addition to the military)

What is needed for money-free society to work;
jobs. No matter what kind of society we invent; people must work. It's no trouble; we need something to do anyway or we get bored (we=people like me/you/all). I was unemployed for 5 years in the 90's and I can tell you; you don't want to live like that. It's boring not to have anything to do and depression sets in.
organizations. Politics; someone must decide where to build houses, where to build factories or whatever, giving permission to start companies and so on. Police; all crime does not end with the end of money. Even murder will still happen (hate, jealousy, accidents) and other trouble (rape, fire and so on). Hobbies; people need something to do when they are not working.
people. Secrets won't run a society; only by telling folks will they become aware and act if neccesary.
involvement. I can not make money-free society happen. I am after all only one. All will have to do their part or one can forget about it (all; most people).

I know;
we have now all lived our whole life with money so many might have problem adjusting their toughts or maybe not even understand why one should 'bother' with this money-free society thingy.
rich people would not be interested. They already have save lives and don't need a change. On the other hand the rich were not whom I invented the money-free society for anyway.
Patagonia. Some rich men, supposedly with education, tried something like money-free society. But they must have slept at shcool as their ideas was flawed. They tought it would work automatically. They clearly had no idea at all how society works. And anyway one city alone can not become money-free. It is neccesary with at least one country, preferably many, and it require work, plan, organization by all people. Politicans is still needed; their job today seems to be to distribute tax money between municipalities and organizations, but their real job is to plan ahead and organice things.
some are voilently opposed to such a change. I hope all goes well with me and any who want to try this idea. But I've read history and many people who tried to change society were assasinated one way or other. Altoght it is claimed we live in democracy now, I have no illusion about this; theres too many corrupt politicans and other with power who does not want change and will fight any new idea (happened to a certain famous someone who said 'I have a dream').
as time has passed I've found only more and more reasons why this might work, and I can't go on and not spread this idea. This idea is over 10 years old now but only now do I spread it...
I suggest my name is kept a secret and you'll say it's not your idea (unless you want to) and that you got it from Mysterious Mister X. The world need some mysteries today anyway so nothing is better than people is not told who is behind this.

I am sure some questions have surfaced. Don't expect too many answers (if any). I rather want people to use their heads and find out themselves. I hear people have grown lazy or stupid because of too much TV. Well I want people to be intelligent and for people to be intelligent they must think out solutions themselves. Intelligence does not remain if you don't use it; but you can awaken it! So I hereby challenge you to answer your own questions and details not found here. (PS! this not directed at you but generally speaking).
There are no effort in being given all the answers so to get people involved one must give them the chance to figure out things on their own.


The next step.

So now some work for money-free society so what now? How can the money-free countries be organized?

I prefer decentralizing of power. Most people would find politics more interesting to engage in if their local politicians and parties make the decisions for their area. Now it is often the capital politicans who make the decisions.
I have two suggestions how we could organize politics;

1. People vote for politicans in their local city or rural area. Then those politicans choose whom of them will represent their town or rural area in the county. That is right, only one of them should be neccesary to represent the population there.
.b Then the politicans in the county choose wich one of them will represent their population in the state/country.
.c Further I'd like those politicans for the state/country to choose one of them to represent their population in that part of the world. This means that the existing unions becomes obsolete/unneccesary. So there would be one person talking for England, one for Espain, one for Island and so on.
.d And lastly that group of politicans choose one of them to represent their part of the world, so in the world-government there would be one from africa, one from asia, one from europe, one from north ammerica, one from south america. When we begin to settle and make towns in space and on the moon and Mars they will also have a seat in the world(s) government (one from Mars, one from the moon and so on). And when the population on colonized planets grow into many towns I guess it will be neccesary to have a world government for each planet and possibly make a star government with one politican from each populated planet. And if we meet other people ('aliens') from other starsystems I imagine they'll make a milkyway government with politicans from each starsystem...

2. as above, but it is the population in each country that vote for whom will represent them in the county and country. but 1c and 1d above will still have to be done that way.

My reasoning to choose only one to talk for his county/country/worldpart is that he represent the interests of his/her people and area. One people is one people and it should not matter who many they are. I see no logic in having hundreds of politicans for each area as they all usually have the same opinions anyway. And having only one increases the chance minorities of being heard, wich they are not today.
And it will be more easy for people to get to know the top politicans when their numbers is limited. People need to get to know the person talking for them in order to trust him/her. Trust is more important then numbers.
Politicans representing countries with many different cultures will of course speak for them all, not just his own. Nobody know everything so there's always room for learning

Actually I think politics should be organized this way even if we don't go for money-free society


Guests from other stars.

Above aliens was briefly mentioned ('And if we meet other people ('aliens')') and I have someting to add to that.

I choose to belive in people. When there are so many withnesses to the existence of aircrafts of unknown teknology and people of unknown origin and look I have no choise but to accept that it is true. But that is not all, we can track alien activity thousand of years back in time.
By the help of old books we can track them 11 000 years back in time. I've read the Indien Mahabarata (or how it is spelled again) and it clearly describe 'modern' thecnology. I wish they could scan all their scrolls and ancient texts to the internet and have it translated, as it tells us human history more accurately and further back than any other old books like the christian old testament. I must view the indien scrolls as more trustworthy because some american indian legends have similar stories. Of course not identical; its on the other side of the world after all. But both points toward world wide disasters.
For those who have not heard about it yet; it apears that about 11 000 years ago our starsystem was visited by guests (aliens, I prefer to call them guests). They are rumored to have been about 500 families (that landed at India; impossible to know how many more in the rest of the world). They came in many ships and they made cities in space (space stations as we would call it today). Thanks to the indian texts we know some of their technology. They created cities in India and Tibet at last; most likely in other parts of the world too. They opened schools and educated our anchestors. It was after this time that (human) cities and farms was planned and built.
Techonlogy; They could shape stone easy as pie; we know they made many sphere-shaped rocks wich we've found around the world. We don't know what use they had. Our anchestors also report our guests developed some new technology, new even for them. Our anchestors vithnessed it; they could make an airplaine seem to be somewhere else than where it actually were. A real illusion, with other word. In those early days they aparently could not control where the image of the real ship should apear; it randomly apeared/disapeared all around the area. Our guests were for some reason fighting against each other and the side who discovered this illusion mentioned got the upper hand as the other side did could not discover where the real ship was.
After their war they must have decided to remain hidden from us humans and let us govern ourself. They seem to have remained here but they choose to hide from us. However they have apeared from time to time as angels and indirectly leading us in a direction of more civilized society. Our early leaders (those who had education at the alien/human schools) were unfortunly secretive about their new knowledge and used it to gain power over the less knowledgeable population. These leaders teached their sons (and daughters?) wich also kept the knowledge for themselves. (Maybe in the beginning they did educate common people in all they had learned in the schools, but over the next two thousand years many of the educated kept the knowledge to themselves). Archeology support this; we know for a fact that technology/knowledge was lost from about 10 000 years ago until for about 2 000 or 2 500 years ago.
I know that these mostly hidden guests are behind the religions of our world, except nature religions. It was our own anchestors who tought they were gods and they played that role when neccesary to direct us forward, give us moral (support) as our anchestors lived in a barbarian society. The old testament is full of meetings with our guests posing as a god or angels, first openly among them but by the time Moses apear they no longer show themselves in public. It is obvious that Moses had direct contact with them and most likely had some education from them. This means there are no god that we know of. It is a fantasy in our anchestors head only. What is important is that we were led into a more and more peaceful or friendly sivilization than before. The christian and islamic religions are also thus without any meaning other than teaching us to behave.
The christian konsils made by the pope and his men in Rome 1500 to 1700 years ago are fantasy; Jesus never said he was a god and he even apeared for some people a few years back still denying the honor of being proclaimed a god. The son, the father and the holy spirit are a fantasy, and so are the claim that the pope talk for god. Jesus was a normal person and he followed a tradition close to what is christianity today; remove the fantasy that the popes and his men invented and you're there. Islam of corse is funded on a madman and such people can't tell the difference of the truth and fantasy even if their lives depend on it. However in some countries people belive madmen are profets and tell the truth. Luckily we know it is not so.

Today they are still 'hiding', altought because of all the withnesses it is obvious they do not want to stay hidden but want us to know they are there for us to rediscover. I have read the rumors of them attempting to engage in a 'first contact' situation but we have not acted on that yet. Governments deny their existense or have nothing to say about it. If we are to have contact with them our governments must accept they are there; how else can we have a first contact? Governments will of course not try to contact someone they refuse to accept are there...
For our guests it will not be a first contact situation, as that happened 11 000 years ago. But we have no memory of it (unless it is written down in a yet to find scroll in India) so it will be a first contact for our sivilization of today. It is my impression that their technology 11 000 years ago was about as our are today (maybe 500 years further ahead than we are today as we still cannot travel to other star systems). Of course they have continued their development these 11 000 years while we have still not even build a single city in space and probably still won't do that for the next 100 year(s).
What should we do about our difference in technology? I would prefer we do not get all their tech but rather continue our own. I think it is important that all sivilisations (a star systems native population) develope their own techno as only then is there a chance that in time 'all' knowledge and technology will be discovered. Exception is that just now we need to ask them if they have a way of cleaning pollution from air, sea and soil and if there is a way we can use our resourches more effectively (like cars using alot less fuel or battery power).
Something else to think about is that maybe they have lived their whole life here in our starsystem. Then they would feel at home here among us even if they are at the moment not a part of our sivilization...


Work for the truth.

So the great religions are based on a misunderstanding of technology. So what now?

We never needed belive in gods. What we need is someone to teach us how to control ourselves. Until now prayer have been important for many and much of the reason for that is that prayers give an near meditation effect on your body and mind. So I suggest meditation is the best tool to replace prayer because it gives better effect. The purpose of meditation is better self-control, and your quality of life increase.
How to meditate (briefly). Sit in a chair or lie on bed in a quiet room. Close your eyes and relax. When you close your eyes you shut out reality. It is this that give you control of yourself. Be aware of your muscles on your arms, legs, neck and feets. Now concentrate to relaxe these muscles and sinews. As you continue doing this you will often get a tingling sensation. That is normal. Don't worry if you don't feel any tingling, just continue to relax. I often do this in my bed when I'm going to sleep anyway, that way I'll have all the time I need to relaxe the bodypart(s) I need after a hard day.
I use the same tecnique for pain control. Whenever I am at the dentist and he is to do something painful (even with anaesthesia) then meditation help lessen the pain. One will still feel it, but when you are in control of yourself you lie in the chair in a relaxed manner. It helps me to think of books I've read or movies I've seen, and knowing that the instant the dentist is finished the pain is in the past and can be forgotten. Pain is only a signal to the brain that something is happening and knowing this is for me a great help in controlling the pain or my reaction of it. Meditation can be used to calm yourself in a stressed situation.

Keep to the truth. One will never learn the truth by reading a holy book. The holy books are not made to tell the truth but to keep you loyal to the religion. The priesthood does not tell the truth - if they did why are there more than one religion? - but to keep people loyal to their faith and oppose any other wiew. The only useful thing about the holy books is that they tell people not to steal, hurt or kill each others. Otherwise the books are useless. And even the priesthood never bother to listen to all that is written in the books. The christians world is full of money, despite that their own god has forbidden it. Not a profet, not an angel, but their own god did tell them (and the jews) that they must either worship him OR money. As they do not live in a money-free society it seems they alwasy really worshipped money. Wich is not unlikely when one see USA whom send its soldiers around the world and kill innocent people for money.
Oh, I am sure they have some lame excuse like 'it won't work'. But are not a god supposed to know what he is talking about? Of corse he does and so they should have lived the way he wanted them to... but then there is the priesthood and their real purpose. And that is to fool money out of people and stay in power. That how it was altoght today they don't have much power.
It does not matter to me if anyone still keep to their religion. It is only a fantasy so it usually is not harmful to belive in it. But I work for the truth and so I must tell the truth. And that is that Jesus is not a god. And the judes god and the angels are guests from other stars wich did and said what they did in order to lead us toward a more organized (and educated?) sivilization than it was 5 to 9 000 years ago. And seeing our sivilization today I must say their tactics have been most successful.
There is no fate and there is no destiny. Accidents happen. So for us to change into a money-free society and leave our religions behind and get official contact with our guests we must do something about it for it to happen.



So Jesus apeared for someone a few years back? Yes, afterlife is part of our existence and had nothing to do with Jesus. Wich means people at all times have had it. Also it means all people will come there no matter what their religion is and even if they reject religion. We have two sourches for knowledge of the afterlife; those that die and are rewieved, and some who use some special meditation techniques. By those informations it seems the afterlife is like this;
Those who die somehow creates the place they want to be in. The afterlife seems to be made by needs and feelings. There are churches and there are 'god's breath' for religious people. There are schools and academies for the learned minds, there are those who create their home and family in life and continue living their afterlife as if they still lived. It's all an illusion. One can seemingly create what one need or want or belive. So a christian may apear at a church he wish (or need) to be there where he and others of like mind is, and as a confirmation of their belive they might look at people in hell, suffering. Then they are all happy; they see the unhappy down there, proving they lived their lives right. But that hell and the suffering people is an illusion, aparently created by the afterliving people needing the illusion. Some of those who have died and been ressurected have told of them apearing in a dark place with screams of suffering below. Illusion.
Obviously the afterlife is a strange place with strange rules where what one need, want, wish or something like that, apear and it seems real for the afterlivers. The only real in afterlife is the people themselves.
The afterlife is a life and it has a lifespan. We here live up to 120 years. The afterlivers seems to live (or exist) up to 2000 years, perhaps a bit longer. But most seems to be there no longer than 1000 years. After that some probably are reborn while others disapear into a highter reality. Noone have ever come back from that place, wherever or however it is.
All this is of course based on what people have told of their experiences. We can maybe never have scientific proof of how the afterlife is or wheter it is only a fantasy in our heads. So the only sure thing about the afterlife is that we hope it exists. I guess this is the only true belive worth having. So nobody should rush their death, it will come when it comes.
Now what have I forgotten? oh yes, the sign.

The Ghaele

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