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Hilary Clinton "america is losing the information WAR"

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posted on Oct, 19 2013 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by randomname

"Propaganda", what do you expect what means?

Is it any coincidence Google, take a O out is Gog? Gog??
This is how you hold the door.

Information is nice, but is all of the browsing making the country into sissies , people who can only think by clicking.
That was useful information.

Data farming. Data mining. Google is seeing you. I can see you!

Google glasses because we are unattractive the glasses are unattractive. You could do a week’s of googling and you are making yourself a image!

The world is about to come to its finale.

I don’t know any.
Is this sheena I am speaking to
That would make us harder for them to herd when the time comes to destroy all of the first amendment.

I’ll get the information. Maybe we don’t want information. We’d rather have newspapers those things.
And Hilary Clinton installing google satellites to spy on the crabs that are invading the beach.

The Gods should not have to put us through this, the bad.

But we don’t even know how to pack our lunch.

That was useful information. Getting away from the US. Google terms. Google block key terms

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