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Your 11-11-11 experience...Mine was profound.

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posted on Nov, 14 2011 @ 12:30 AM
i love the 11-11-11 people not realizing its 11-11-2011 based on a totally new calendar that doesnt respect old world knowledge.

numerology means something only when its proper, not when random numbers pop up.

posted on Nov, 15 2011 @ 04:35 AM
I convinced my bf who has never touched any kind of drugs to take lsd with me, this would be my 5th time round doing it, except the experience was compleatly different.
Something more than profound happened, i learnt about evolution this is going to be hard to explain.

It was like my boyfriend and all males are god.
something about males are snakes and we women are cats.
My cat communicated with me non verbally i understpod her i bowed to the floor to her i wrote upon my wall: if something is smaller than you and its still alive it clearly knows alot more than you do (or understands)
these thoughts were coming from no-where.
I was alone in my apartment. Something happened and i cant explain it very well bcos it was so surreal and real ok
The cat was sat in frount of me i knelt down, suddenly a vision came through of how animals had always battled for survival, then the cat and the snake fell in love and it created a new path,n now at this point i was on my knees but layed back the cat was purring and digging her nails into me doing a sort of therapy, i could feel a huge hole in the center of my chest, this moment is only as what can be described as a matrix moment. suddenly this dimention was over lapping with another. My landlord came through the door he said 'do you want me to call the police? somehow i knew or my brain told me this was a test, a test to see if i understood what was happening and if i feared it, no i said without moving, he began to speak in polish top his wife on the fone. I kept saying to myself 'just love' as my bf had said to me the night before the way he said it, i had never heard the word love said with such truth before. I looked to the right of my eye at this point the cat had been underneath me on my shoulders my head and my back i could see what can only be described as like one of those led usb lamp things so like a wire that was transparent and in my mind i was hearing maNY doctors and i knew to be in a place like a goverment experiement lab, io asked to be with my bf forever to connect us and it happened i cant describe it but next thing i knew (dutring this the whole time i can feel this hole that looked and felt exactly like thoses holes in the body on the matrix,) i began to focus on love and light and letting go of fear, i said to god, take me now, take me to the truth, i didnt care if i was to die in this world, alot of my life was flashing before me, next thing io sat up
like a cat, i roared like a cat and hissed like a snake, i could feel a snake protruding from my third eye.
Anyway im making this story short cos i cant even come to terms with it in my head yet,
aat my bf when i convinced him to take it, he was struggling at first but then it was as if he was updated on all my experiences, for the whole time on lsd we bearly spoke we was communicating in ours minds, i was making him think f a number write it down and then tell me in my mind which i could clearly hear him and 5/7 times i guessed the correct answer.
I learn that the many different components top thew way we move our bodys and the things we do effect our perception of time. and it was like the cat was also a god, higher up than my bf, infact my bf was sort of answering to the cat metophorically to spealk like the cat was grading him on how well he could handle the truth and keep me ok.
also, i went through in my mind every situation in my life that haad caused me to be sad and let it go, i started to see all the objects in the house as futuriatic i understood that we had been working on these things for example energy drinks to make humans smarter live longer etc.

omg im so fustraed that i cant explain this i make a thread later if i can explain it better, but basically i thought as well, that my bf was somekind of goverment evolutionist scientist and that i was something he had created in this virtual reality, i loved sailor moon as a kid and it was like he wanted me to be in this virtual reality that he was controlling.
omg that isnt even what i mean, i give up for now, but the trip was a happy one but it has changed me forever.

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