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For the love of god, can you please cook something else, WTH IS THAT?

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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 07:15 AM
Pizza Mess. My sons still come home when they know I'm making it, with friends in tow. LOL

1 bag egg noodles.
2 Jars pizza sauce.
1 package shredded mozzarella
Any other ingredients you love on pizza.

Boil the noodles, mix all the ingredients in a pan, throw it in the oven on 400 for 15 to 20 min. and your done. The best thing about this is you can just double or triple for the size of your family. I have to at least double when feeding 4-5 20 year old boys, if I want to eat too.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 07:44 AM
reply to post by kdog1982

That is not fair,I walk by a bakery and I gain
5 lbs.

I like glazed doughnuts myself and plain with
lots of hot coffee and cream.
I did buy myself some doughnut pans and I will
eventually have baked cake doughnuts.I just
have to get motivated to get up and bake them.

op...My husband gets really bored with food as well.
He also has a problem with his taste buds and I have
to make everything really strong tasting for him.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by LogiosHermes27

Fried foods have been terribly demonized as many think that anything cooked in a frying pan will be heavy on the grease or radioactive or full of bedbugs or something..

But the chinese have been frying forever and they live pretty healthy.
Heres a simple cheap recipe.
2 packs top ramen
1 bag of frozen stir fry veggies
1 half pound meat, chicken, beef, pork, cut in fajita style strips.
Or even just hamburger if so inclined!
Fry up meat with 1 Tbs olive oil till cooked and maybe just a bit crispy.
Then to same pan add top ramen, broken up 6 ounces of water and the frozen vegetables.
Stir fry until noodles are soft.
Total time bout 10 to 15 mins.
Serve and giggle about how easy it was!
The ony thing I cannot do in the kitchen yet is make a good croissant.
The canned variety are a tasteless abombination.
Thank goddess for costco.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 09:37 AM
You should go here:
Food Gawker or here Pinterest Food

I use both of these sites...and we rarely have the same thing twice..good luck!

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by LogiosHermes27

LOL I have 6 children, 1 set of twins in there as well.
I told my kids who did not care to eat as we do, "eat or starve, I do not care"!
If child services comes to my home, they will see a moderately clean house and alot of food, I do not know how they starved.

My girls would eat anything, as starving sucks.
Even the most hardened peta phile would eat rotten cow if they were hungry enough.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:00 AM
Try this site
This guys does all the trial & error for you.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by The Old American

I endorse this sentiment!
Shakes his fist in the air in anger.

For me the 4 food groups are donuts, coffee, meat, and potatoes, my doctor just does not understand.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:15 AM
I could do this all day, but for the sake of brevity, here's one family favorite utilizing the crock pot.

"Italian beef."

4 lbs boneless beef roast
Chopped onions - your call - as many as you like.
1 8 oz jar pepperoncini peppers with juice
1 can beef bouillon
Season with Cavender's Greek Seasoning. I know, Italian beef, but trust me on this.

I use enough seasoning to cover the meat and rub it in.

Put everything in the crock pot and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Shred and serve on hard rolls with provolone cheese, if you want. A little of the au jus from the pot on the side per sandwich in a ramekin or cup or something, if you want. And you will.

If your crock pot will hold more meat, use a bigger roast or two 3 pounders for example, and just jack up the proportions of everything else. It's an eyeball thing. Hard to mess up. When we were out of beef bouillon, I've also used french onion soup mix and water and omitted the chopped onion. It's all good.

This is a good one for Sundays and football watching. I can put it on in the morning and it'll be ready by dinner time. Serve with chips or fries or whatever, and it's a simple, tasty, low maintenance meal.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:36 AM
Here's a casserole I made up one day....REALLY good and very easy! I never measure when I cook, just don't add too much sauce to the meat, because you want it kind of thick.

Egg noodles
Ground beef
spaghetti sauce
1 can of diced tomatoes
Sharp cheddar cheese
parmesan cheese

Cook egg noodles
Cook ground beef with onions and garlic, then drain. Add spaghetti sauce. Drain the canned tomatoes and add to sauce. In a casserole dish, start layering ingredients as follows:

cheddar cheese

Keep repeating until you get to the top of the dish, then cover with cheddar chees and then sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Cook at 350 about 30 minutes.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:37 AM
Versatile Chicken Noodle Soup (This is from someone who hates most chicken noodle

NOTE: This does not use store purchased stock, so you control the exact amount of salt.

Some amount of boneless chicken meat (I prefer thighs, my wife prefers breast). Use enough to make you satisfied. That's generally 1.5 lbs for me. Slice, dice or whatever this chicken.

1 bag of egg noodles (you won't use a whole bag)
1 onion (medium sized), diced
2-3 carrots, sliced or chopped
2 stalks of celery, sliced or chopped
1 Tbs. butter
Seasonings (this can be anything, but generally "poultry seasoning")

1. Heat a good amount of olive oil in a large dutch oven or stock pot (heavier bottom pot if you have one) on medium heat.
2. Add in veggies with salt, pepper and seasonings as you see fit
3. After the veggies have softened, add water. This will be the total amount of your stock that you want. At least half the pot and bring to a boil.
4. Add the chicken and the tablespoon of butter. (The butter makes it better)
5. After about 5 minutes, add the egg noodles. You'll have to determine how much to add. The more you add, the more stock you need to start with.
NOTE: If you use Polish-style kluski noodles, you'll have a heartier dish, but you'll need more stock to start with since they are more of a long dumpling.
6. Cook the soup at a low boil until the noodles are tender.

Here's what makes this versatile.
- You can serve this as is and it's very good.
- I add lots of curry powder at the end to really liven the soup up. It adds boat loads of flavor and a little heat.
- If you want a thick, more chowder like soup, you could skip the noodles, start with a roux and finish with cream
- Like a veggie? Add a veggie!
- Like a meat? Add a meat!
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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:42 AM
Ooooooh! Here's another good one which uses the same ingredients as above except you need at least one bell pepper for each person.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

do the meat mixture same as above recipe.

Cut each bell pepper in half long ways....Heat water to boiling, add bell pepper and cook in water for about 5 minutes Put bell peppers in a baking dish and fill each one with meat mixture, the top with parmesan cheese. Bake at 350 for 15

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 10:47 AM
Well I LOVE to cook

If you look in my signature there is a link to my cooking blog with many recipes. I haven't added new ones because I got a new computer and I'm using the program it came with to make my own website where I will have more options available.

As someone who loves to cook
can I ask what it is about her cooking besides it being the same thing? What kinds of things does she cook? Give some names and I can tell you ways to change that dish into something else and it's not that hard.

My favorite one that is really simple and quite tasty is this one
Mblah's Mediterranean Chicken Packets

If you like beef:
Mblah's Beef Stroganoff
This one goes in the crock pot and oh how I LOVE the crock pot. You can make many dishes in a crock pot and all you do is stir lol

I have more recipes and my bf has a few good quick and easy ones he made last week that I will get and post for you when he gets home.

Hope you find something to satisfy you taste buds!

As far as your wifes cooking, at least she cooks
I know you aren't happy with the blandness but at least she cooks. I don't know many woman who cook dinner for their family nightly. Most i know buy take out or just frozen meals. I think you should talk to her honestly. Tell her what you think. I know personally if someone doesn't like what I am making I WANT to know and I don't want to know years later. I don't get offended because everyone is different in what they like taste wise. Maybe she is afraid to change it thinking you might not like it?

Either way good luck!

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by LogiosHermes27

Starred and flagged just for the humourous way you put the matter ~
Easy now ~ Here's a man in NC who killed his wife over "Pork chops again?!!!"

Oct 6, 1981 Montreal Gazette:, WADESBORO, NC, Lonzo Bennett...."when his wife tried to serve pork chops for dinner, he shot her and their daughter to death and wounded a grand daughter, Police said yesterday.... "Mrs. Bennet had cooked some pork chops" said Sheriff Tommy Allen "He doesn't have any teeth and he said she didn't cook anything he could eat." Bennett's wife Maggie Melton Bennett was shot twice in the chest and their daughter, Clissie Bennett Gaddy, 26, was shot in the head"....,2862184 Link may not work but if you google:

Toothless Man Kills Wife Over Pork Chop Dinner .
Sad but so long ago we can chuckle a little about it now. The story pops up hosted by news/ from the Oct 6, 1981 Montreal Gazette. I remember being flabbergasted when this happened back in 1981. Wow! People can be finicky!

To address the post somewhat here is my dinner suggestion for 3 days, easy enough for me to prepare for my mother and self. She doesn't do much cooking these days.

Buy one of those already roasted chickens (the more flavorful the better I use BBQ or lemon garlic)

Day #1 Sliced chicken breast (eat the wings and legs then too - wrap and save all bones & leftovers) serve with box stuffing, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls and a jar gravy for a mini holiday style dinner,

Day #2 Break up the bird and remove the largest chunks of meat from bones. Put leftovers back. Chop up meat, add chopped celery, onion, S&P, little mayo and tarragon for super chicken salad in a stuffed tomato or in sandwiches.

Day #3 - Soup. Add 2+ qts water & bullion cubes and boil up the carcass including the leg and wing bones, at least an hour covered. Turn off heat, let it cool considerably then when possible, strain broth off bone/meat.
Simmer strained broth with all leftovers except cranberry sauce. (including any gravy, stuffing, veg from day 1, and chix salad from day 2) Meanwhile, cool meat/bone mixture until you can go through it.
Carefully check and (missing tiny bones can be very bad so you really have to check and recheck) separate lean chicken meat, and discard fat, grizzle and bone.
Add reserved meat back to your broth along with a bag of frozen mix veg and simmer covered on low heat. When almost done you can add a few wheat noodles or orzo for the BEST chicken soup ever.
Serve with fresh bread and a side salad. Belisimo!

Edit: Another trick I found useful a woman friend turned me on to: Anytime hummus. You can make it without the tahini! Who knew? Everyone has a can of beans in the pantry, put aside the water and blend them slightly - adding the already chopped garlic from the jar and a little olive oil. Very easy and tasty on veggies and spread on bread sandwiches and crackers with a little chopped tomatoes or salsa. Best of all people who eat lots of beans are thought to live the longest.
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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by newcovenant

Toothless Man Kills Wife Over Pork Chop Dinner .

I have not laughed that hard in a long time.....I just pictured him trying to gum the pork chop, then throwing it across the room....screaming "I'm thiick of thith crap!!!!"

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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by LogiosHermes27

Originally posted by NowanKenubi
reply to post by LogiosHermes27

It would help if you were to say what has been made over and over again!

My taste buds just need to be satified more,she bakes every single thing you can imagine because she has high blood presure,i .....cant take it no more.

Yah, well... you might want to go easy on the salt and the fried and high fat foods. Especially on the salt.
And why doesn't she get a special diet for herself? And get a hand from the people in your household, you're not alone.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 11:38 AM
Hey dude,
You can't go wrong with a good spicy curry. I cook mine in a slow cooker (Crock pot). I don't bother with all the individual herbs and spices as I am far too lazy. I just lob a load of chicken or beef in the pot wth some mushrooms, onions, peppers and whatever else takes my fancy at the time and a tin of curry sauce from the supermarket (A Rogan Josh is my fav at the mo), and leave the slow cooker to work its magic. Serve with basmati rice and naan (and chips/fries). Bloody yummy mate. Nice cold the next day too.
Best of all tho, theres hardly any washing up to do as its all done in the one pot (except the rice).
Give it a try dude, your misus will love it too.

Bon Appetite.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by LogiosHermes27

here you go. Cook To Impress

minimal prep time.
tastes fantastic
great array of colors and flavors throughout.


posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 12:51 PM
Okay as a wifeypoo.. We get bored of cooking the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over.. you get my point

Don't laugh.. but Rachel Ray cookbooks have some really tastey items in it. 30minute meals actually do take about 30 minutes to make.

and check out the Pioneer Woman has wonderful recipes. And she includes tons of pictures of the prep and the final product. Very easy to follow and everything I have made.. DELISH!

I really like it when my husband is off work, he fires up the grill and I get to hang out with him, sipping a glass of wine and get to look cute

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 01:49 PM

And type "recipes" into google gives tons of websites.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 02:20 PM
I seem to be on a pot roast kick lately. This one is from the Pioneer Woman and it is so easy to do and delish every time I make it.

I have used melot or a chard wine with my beef stock and that tastes wonderful. I put the wine in to help deglase the pan and add some crushed garlic cloves. When the alcohol cooks off, I add in some rosemary and thyme. Just taste to see. Then for the rest of the liquid a beef stock (can or boxed both work great)

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