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TAXES: Repeal income tax and abolish the IRS

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 07:34 PM
How would you like to purchase a new 23,000 dollar ford taurus for only 12,650?

That's the price you would pay if the government didn't tax every product you buy at every stage its production, reports ATR (Americans for tax reform)

According to an ATR study, hidden taxes significantly boost, by as much as 26% to 75% the price of every consumer product you buy.

That's because the fed, state, county, and local gov don't just slap a sales tax on a product when you buy it. They also tax that product during every step of its production and distribution.

The accumulated tax burden is staggering. ie/ the gov hits ford with at least 20 different taxes when it builds a taurus.

That includes federal, state, and local income taxes for employee;wormen's comp, and unemployment taxes; state and local property taxes; energy taxes; and gas, tire, truck, and highway taxes to get the car to the car to the dealer's showroom.

The bottom line:

It costs only $12,650 to manufacture a car, including the dealer's profit. But you pay $23,000. The difference a whopping $10,350 is pocketed by the government.

It doesn't stop with cars, taxes account for 28% of the price of a restaurant meal; 75% of the cost of a pack of cigs; 43% of the cost of beer; 40% of the cost of an airline ticket; 31% of the cost of a loaf of bread; and 54% of the cost of gasoline.

These "hidden" taxes along with state and federal income taxes are the reason why the average American family now pays 42% of their income in taxes.That's more than they pay for food, clothing, shelter, and transportation- combined!

Only Libertarian's are willing to say that taxes are shamefully high

And only the LP has a specific plan to slash your taxes.

We will:

Return the federal government to its limited, constitutional functions.

If government's role were limited to protectng our lives, rights, and property, then it would be small and effective, instead of the unweildy, inefficient, bloated, conglommerate it has become.

And instead of relying on distant Washington, DC politicians and bureaucrats to try to solve every problem, we'd be able to return power to states, local communities, and individuals.

Repeal the income tax and abolish the IRS.

As we implement Libertarian style reforms, the federal government will become far smaller and much less expensive. We'd be able to phase out the income tax and allow every American to keep his or her income.

What would you do with that extra money? Would you start your own business? Your own Chairty for those of you who wish to help the poor by giving your paycheck to them? At least this way youwould know it's definitely going there!

Buy high quality healh care?

Put your child in a better school?

Increase your donations to your church or favorite chairity?

Invest more in yoru retirement account?

In a Libertarian America, the choice would be UP TO YOU.

Would you agree that government has gotten too big, too costly, and too intrusive? That government;s role should be limited to securing our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? That the government should be "bound by the chains of the Constitution," in Thomas Jefferson's immortal words?

"If so, we are allies in a great cause: Building a more prosperous, more safe, more civil, more free nation."

There isn't a single path toward that goal.

And, of course, government has spent decades growing in size, power, cost, and intrusiveness.

That growth can't be reversed overnight. But it's critical we begin the process now.

Become a LP member today.
Volunteer to help one of our state or loval parties, work to help elect a Libertarian candidate. Run for office yourself, whatever you do will be appreciated. or calll

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