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SCI/TECH: New swimming Reptile Fossil in Arctic

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 06:17 PM
A new species of reptile was found. It is about 16 feet long. It is a fish like lizard and it lived 160 million years ago. They were discovered in present day Germany. It's name is Ichthyosaur and it is a cross between a crocodile and dolphin. It has flippers but also a long tail.
OSLO, Norway (Reuters) -- Scientists have found a five-metre (16ft) fossil of a new species of fish-like lizard that swam the seas 160 million years ago when dinosaurs ruled on land.

The ichthyosaur -- a giant reptile with fins and big teeth -- was found with another 10 or so skeletons of creatures in a Jurassic graveyard on a Norwegian Arctic island about 1,600 km (1,000 miles) from the North Pole.

"We believe it's a new species of ichthyosaur," Joern Hurum, assistant professor at Oslo's Geological Museum, told Reuters on Thursday. The creature looked a bit like a cross between a crocodile and a dolphin.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

About 10 skeletons were found! Who knows what other fossils there are in the Artic!The primary food of this creature is squid.

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 08:05 PM
Fascinating stuff... my Prehistoric Biology professor will be interested in this too.

I like to think that everything like that is long gone, but you never really know...

posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 12:44 AM
IT"S NESSIE!!! lol. but seriouly any pictures? it sounds really interesting

posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 09:22 AM
there is a crappy picture at this link

but also on this site you can by fossil from this creature on ebay

posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 04:03 PM
wow, that´s really awsome!

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