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CNBC Takes Down Debate Poll Because Ron Paul Won

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posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 04:43 AM

Originally posted by Section31
Ron Paul Cannot Win! You do not have to like the truth. Ron Paul cannot win!

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Ron Paul Can Win!! I can use bold and exclamation marks also.

Your persistance and rhetoric makes me wonder if perhaps you work for one of the other candidates, or are just trolling for a reaction.

To find out if Ron Paul can win, just walk down to your local coffee shop or diner and listen to people talk about the candidates and see who they are most positive about. In my part of the country, the only candidate that I hear positive things about is RP.

posted on Nov, 11 2011 @ 06:42 AM
"Ye Knights stand ready, for the Champion approaches the valley of the Shadow, and the $erpent blocks his path within...guard his flank.
Let the People lift up their torches of Truth to light the way..."

I can't help but wax romantic on Ron's cause a bit...It's the artist in me, mixed with the time tried and ultimately simple Truth in Dr. Pauls examination, diagnosis and planned treatment for the nation.

At every turn I see the human virtues that dignify who and what we are, in this man...
He is Compassionate and Honest.
He holds a certain amount of Humility which keeps him balanced and in line with the common as well as the courtly.

When I stand back, and look at the whole picture I can't help but think that we may very well be at a monumental pivoting point of fate here, and this comming election could very possibly be a huge hinge-pin in history...

...what will be your part in it?

Well, I hope everyone who wishes to vote for Ron Paul in the Primary will have registered as an Independent or Republican before January. (That's just when the deadlines for registering party arrive. Here's a link with a list.)

We don't want him to get dropped before the general election. I don't think our "write ins" will do any good if he doesnt make it to the general election?

And here is an online Voter Registraion Link

* salutes *

P.S. Heres a video of Ron, used by jude11 in another post, that got me interested
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