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Hard Life Poem

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posted on Sep, 2 2004 @ 05:29 PM
A poem a wrote a while back, not the best i've wrote, but some feedback would be appreaciated.

life is hard;
at least it seems that way;
get into trouble;
then you're going away.

to prison or detention;
whichever you may;
you get picked on a ridiculed;
every single day.

you finally get out;
and you've got no home;
you're wifes left you;
and you're all alone.

you have no money;
you have no car;
if only you hadn't blown your money at the bar.

you go to the pawn shop;
and steal a gun;
the cops are after you;
so you've got to run.

you go to the bank;
and hold them up;
you hear a gun cock;
and you know you're stuck.

a bullet in the back;
two in the head;
the guard just shot you;
and now your dead.


posted on Sep, 3 2004 @ 03:42 PM
Im sorry everyone

I guess I never noticed the "Collaborative" part of the forum title. Go ahead and move it. Once again, my apologies.


posted on Sep, 14 2004 @ 03:21 AM
Why not just ask others to add their own poems about the hard life and make a thread of it? A lot of people do the same thing and this is as good a topic any. I'll see if I can come up with something on this subject ASAP. You might want to check out my work on other threads. I think we both have a propensity for the macabre.

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