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Government fines jailed Border Patrol agent’s family

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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 04:21 PM
This has to take the cake.

Here we have Holder running a gun running program and now this!~!!!

When will WE The People stand up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH

After successfully winning a two-year prison sentence against U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr., the Justice Department is now trying to collect a $6,870 fine from his wife, saying it should be paid “immediately” — even though the judge signaled she would have a grace period.

In a notice sent last week the Justice Department said the fines were imposed by the court that found Agent Diaz guilty and sentenced him to prison for improperly restraining a 15-year-old suspected of drug smuggling.

“We strongly urge you to pay this debt immediate,” said the notice, which was received by Diana Diaz, who is also a Border Patrol agent.

Full story

At least they say it's the full story..

I think there is more then meets the eye here.

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