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How my dad is fighting off cancer.

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posted on Nov, 10 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by caladonea

Hello! When we put up my dad's new menu, we started with the thread from IgnoranceIsntBliss, linked in the OP. It lists many foods on which studies were made for their effectiveness against cancer.

From there, we looked for the food that was reputed good for the types of cancers my dad had, plus those helping fight cancers in general.

I don't remember everything that was on his list, sorry. It's been almost a year since I did it and since then, he moved with his brother who took charge of his meals.

Boiled beef is very good, as well as broth made from beef bones. I remember making a couples of blueberry pies. Also, he prepared a liter of water with baking soda, to help lower his acidity... He took one liter a day.
And as much as possible, we didn't use processed food. We prepared the meals from raw items. You can better control what is in your food, its quality. One thing he couldn't eat was chocolate 80% pure... Too bitter for him...

My best advice is to look at the list, and find what is appropriate to one's case. Also, look at the general history of the person. As I said previously, we found that his hips being compressed were major factors in his getting bladder and prostate cancer. His eating habits, that were very limited in terms of variety, plus his constant exercising made it so that he ended up poisoning himself with toxins his body couldn't eliminate due to undernourishment.

And there was is heart problem that complicated things as some foods were causing him troubles, probably because of digestive problems.

I firmly believe that the 5-6 weeks we got to help him nourish his body and help flush some of the toxins before the chemo was the major factor in his recovery. Any one about to receive chemo should think about that, and talk about it with their doctors.
As I said, if you have already lots of pollutants running free in your body, and that you add the chemo, some of these products are bound to interact in a harmful way. The contrary could be true, but I don't think it is worth taking the chance.

What do we do before repairing any type of construction? We clean, so the repairing process will hold better. I think we forgot to apply this mechanism to ourselves, before getting treatments. Of course, you will be asked about possible expositions or about meds you take that can interact with the chemo. But not about your history, like we did with my dad.

Doing that requires a bit of work, as each individual is unique. That is why I will encourage you to read the mentioned thread, and from there, do more research about what you will find. A helpful molecule in tomatoes could also be found in a nut, or another fruit, vegetable, or animal organ good for consumption, aside from usual meat. ( Like livers, kidneys ( we call them rognons )
, etc. ) Or a specific specie.

Some veggies won't like that idea but you have to make a simple choice, live or die.

A last thing, we try not to buy pasteurized food, if possible.


posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 01:08 PM

Originally posted by WeRpeons
Also, did your dad always want something sweet while he was fighting cancer? My sister in-law did, and we found out it's the cancer that wants to feed off the sugar!

I managed to find my globe-trotter of a dad! He says he didn't feel any cravings for sugar while receiving chemo treatments. But he says the doctors told him that for the same chemo treatment, no one was responding in the same way. Some felt pain while others not. Some healed and some died.
So your sister-in-law sugar cravings might have been a specific to her own case.

My dad is going to see his doc this afternoon and get results from his last scans. He is a bit worried because he feels like he is still getting chemo treatments and is now feeling pains in his chest, like his right lung is falling apart.

But to be fair, he had his heart meds changed less than 2 weeks ago, so it may be related to that... we'll see.


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