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A Great New Book Called Letcher - Grinder - Fish - Poe..........

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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 08:25 AM
Hi All,

Just wanted to introduce you to a great new book called Letcher - Grinder - Fish - Poe, which has been written by me, Dave 'the bear' Howard. The book is now available to download from Barnes and Noble and Apple itunes.

If you like the mad, insane and surreal, with a twist of humour and fantasy while working out cryptic type puzzles, then you'll love this book. Many folks around the globe have been smitten by Letcher - Grinder - Fish - Poe, and has enabled their minds to wander into realms they never thought possible.

So if you like books by people such as Hunter S Thompson, Terry Pratchet, and the like, then you will love Letcher - Grinder - Fish - Poe........

Below is a small synopsis of the book and video....

Four great friends meet up once a month for legal and illegal activities; piss taking, betting on the horses, and the usual madness that follows their money winning prowess. This particular weekend is somewhat different to normal and nobody has a damn clue what the hell is going on!

A place called Shinagoggy, a place where nothing makes any sense. Where Letcher finds himself steering a 1970’s ice-cream van through snow covered forests of Monkey Puzzle trees. Why do people go to the pub just so that they can sharpen pencils?

Who is Mister Lucky, who knows Fish, but who Fish has never met? He Pinched Rogers Trifle, what does that mean? Why does Grinder get arrested in his underpants by the Blame Police? Poe thinks they are all winding him up until he drinks some hot chocolate and he wakes up to a marriage seeking dwarf.

Ordered by the sheriff to answer one question to save them and return home, the four friends have twenty minutes to find the answer or be stuck in Shinagoggy forever!

The first 10 pages of the book can be read on the link below...

It can also be downloaded from these 2 links.....

Any questions, then please contact me.....

Hope you enjoy the book, happy reading....


Dave 'the bear' Howard


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