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A Plea Against Words, Imagery, and Judgment. Use Your Mind.

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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 12:28 AM
For whatever my opinion may be worth, I must say that in recent time (if not all time) the use of titles that hold a particular judgement (including all the 'isms) have done much more to divide us then unite.

Immediately I know what many will want to say. Many will say that I've had words, imagery, and judgement implanted into my mind.

While I will not argue this point what I will argue is the context in which such agendas were implanted with (after all ... we all have agendas).

I seriously think that what is good for the many will be perverted in order to maintain the status quo. Why, might you ask, do I believe this? The reason why I believe this is because imagery mixed with titles have been at the forefront whenever a group wishes change. For myself, I would hope this tactic would be done in the name of morality and empathy. We are, after all, one, are we not? We all have the same basic needs and necessities so I would implore each and every person to excise empathy lest they one day find themselves in need and no one willing to give.

I feel for those who resort to cliches and phrases in order to maintain what they believe is the "correct" way of behaving/thinking. Time is dynamic and therefore so must our society be dynamic. What was once seen as the positive way for society to flourish with little negative consequences will certainly be not the way in the future due to the dynamics of life and much more.

I sincerely hope that those who stoop to such a level are nothing more then scared of REAL change rather then trying to maintain what has been a system that has failed most all of us. I fully understand the risk of taking a chance on an individual who may seem to offer almost TO MANY of the correct answers but once all is said and done actions will speak the loudest including the actions of those who you believe in. If those actions do not represent YOU then please let your voice be heard!

Can anyone who truly want things to change for the better (without apathy in their heart) say that the change, no matter the subject, they want is any worse then what we have today?

Forget language, titles, and phrases for a second .... what do you believe is needed to make the world a better place ... a place that you would be proud to live?

A Plea Against Words, Imagery, and Judgment.

At least think about it.

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