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We really ARE alone ("Aliens" are not "E.T's" they are "E.D's")

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posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by boncho

Many people have claimed to speak the word of God. I imagine, not all of those people were being entirely honest.

Lying is a very important moral to those who are enslaving mankind and keeping them from the true reality; hence why if you don’t have sufficient knowledge, here in the sense of knowing the bible well enough, you will never be able to pick out those who really are speaking the word of God and those who are delusional or just lying to you just for fun or to lead you astray.

Man chose what went into the Bible, there are many versions, and many have changed over the years.

Yeah, that’s why you go back to the original Greek and Hebrew man, or read the translation that’s closest to the greek.

The Bible is man's creation, not Gods.


And the Bible has nothing in it that proves or disproves alien life.

Depends on what your definition of “alien” is. If your definition of “alien” is extraterrestrial, which means “not of this world” then there’s plenty of proof. If you mean aliens as little grey men who pretend to actually care about us, might be a lil harder to prove. I know the OP was slightly unclear in what he was tryin to say but you still go around doin the same thing? Cmon now man.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by Zeer0

So not believing Christ isnt the Messiah makes you a Demon? Christian Logic perseveres again

Or rather yours. Wow comments like those make YOU look close minded dude.
What he’s saying is that the fact that these aliens even mention on their way out after an abduction or visitation “Oh, and by the way….Jesus was fake,” is ridiculous. They don’t mention Buddha or Muhammed, but gotta comment on Jesus just by happenstance. Furthermore, when you tell them aliens to beat it “in Jesus’ name!!!“ they freak out and go away….now why would this be?
It’s inconsistent with who they’re claiming to be.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by Zeer0

I believe that it is extremely likely that what ever is Visiting us is Extraterrestrial but we dont know. All we can do is make assumptions at this point.

Bravo, your first good post, good job buddy

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by autowrench

So, let us get this straight. We human beings here on Earth are the only life is this great big universe, where even God said there are many mansions.

God wasn’t talkin about the universe, he was talkin about heaven when he brought up the mansions. “In my fathers house are many mansions.”

Where do you get such ideas? The universe is teeming with life, and many of them look human.

Like StarTrek?

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Originally posted by RevelationGeneration
reply to post by neobludragon

If they are "fairy tales" then why would the heads of state worship Lucifer? after all the government obviously know what's going on since they control everything. Take ex-president bush and the satanic secret society of "skull & bones" for example... Do you really think they do that stuff just for fun?

I am not a religious type ether, I'm just a Christian that believes the bible to be the word of God and Jesus as the savior of man kind.edit on 8-11-2011 by RevelationGeneration because: (no reason given)

And now you claim to know heads of State too?

Another ad hominem but oh well.
How bout you do your own research about this first before you join the bandwagon eh?

Do you have a direct line to Jesus also?

Again the ridicule. And how you all think he’s the one being arrogant and rude I don’t know but yall sure don‘t come at him with candy neither

For someone who says they have truth to share, you sure tell a lot of lies. But, I guess that is OK, read this:
Lying for God

In RevGen’s defense, you don’t sound like the kinda guy that knows enough about the bible to know what’s a lie in it and what’s not…not from what I’ve read here so far but let’s see what you say later eh? Ill give ya the benefit of the doubt

Alright um where to start…I looked at most of your lil link. Many verses look like they’re taken out of context BUT furthermore…
Almost any religion that stems or eventually became the Vatican Catholicism was….a lie, a tool used by the elite to deceive many, a big twist of anything biblical - a counterfeit religion with the MASK of Christianity yet was something entirely different. You would do good in researching this for yourself. There is a reason why there are 3 great obelisks in the modern world. There’s one in Washington DC., which will be the center for military control, there’s one in London which will be the monetary/political center, and there’s one in the Vatican, which will be the center for religion. I’m sure there are good Catholics out there, like I’ve said before; however, the Vatican has been holding hands with the pagans for quite awhile now. If you need me to explain this further I will do so.

And we all know of GWB and the S&B club. Rich Elites and money whores. And if you really studied, I believe their deity is Molech, the Owl God.

That’s not all they worship. Anyhow Molech was worshipped by people in the bible as well, the same BLOODLINE of pagans since then are still worshipping Molech, Baal, as well as Jupiter, the Sun…all of which represent Satan.

Lucifer is a Latin word.

Um yes, good job. Our language is composed largely of latin, so are our ancestor languages for english…haha! Where are you going with this?

Do a little research, will you?

He should, but so should you. And me cuz I love this stuff

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by superman2012

Assumptions? Blind faith?? Isn't that what you are doing by believing in the words of man?

You believe in theories by men yourself, so what’s your argument here?

Make no mistake...the Bible was written by men, and voted on, edited on, and so on, and so on. Aliens...Demons...doesn't matter what you call them. Angels are demons, it just depends on which end you are on.

Yeah they WERE the same. They just wear different uniforms now.
Like….the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, except they can’t switch teams anymore.

If you are righteous and an angel comes to kill all the "evil" people in the world, wouldn't the "evil" people see the "angels" as demons? Or would they look beautiful and glorious to them too?

Depends on which side you’re on but in the opposite way you’re thinking as far as what RevGens proposing. So then you would say:
If you are righteous and an angel comes to kill all the evil people in the world like you say, the evil people will see the angels as….angels, cuz pulling a constant line from the bible God doesn’t deceive so he wouldn’t…”cloak” his angels as being anything else. They will still appear beautiful and glorious….probably, unless God were to take a humbler approach.

However, if you are evil and a demon comes to eventually kill all the righteous people in the world, they would probably cloak to look beautiful and glorious to you, or even appear as what you want them to be, but the righteous would know them for what they are, as pulling a constant line from a character analysis of demons they are the best liars you would ever encounter and follow the father of lies himself.

Wait….our governments are full of lies too? No way! Hrrmm…

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:47 AM
reply to post by Swills

I've seen him post this a lot to defend his religious views.

And you so far post obnoxious/condescending comments and leave just because he ruffles the feathers of how YOU want to perceive the world in your own self-acknowledged ultimately preferred reality. You ain’t doin him no favor by being like this yourself…perhaps you at least know that eh?

Oh, and don't bring up evolution, it's a sore subject for him.

Seems to be for you too if you make sure you routinely come back to harass this dude

Don't be fooled! This man, or woman, is religious.

So are you man, not in the way he is but you definitely are.

I rest my case.

You probably didn’t. Let’s see….

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by catwhoknowsplusone

Sorry to preach, Rev,
But extra-terrestrial means "not belonging to this earth" and aliens do not, because they are alien, so that makes them ETs. They could be EDs as well.
Also, never trust official government statements.
What about the many pilots and astronauts who claim to have encountered aliens?
It is a lie.

It’s more likely SOME lies mixed in with truth….like rat poison! Other than the tiny bit of poison in there it’s actually pretty good food.
Question is….have we educated ourselves enough to isolate the poison so we don‘t die with the rest of the population.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

First- You are implying that you are enlightened by this statement-

Hold on, what if he really DID find the truth? I’m tryin to figure it out myself atm too but I mean if YOU think you figured out what real truth is, wouldn’t you say that you did too?

Post by Rev.Gen
I do not take them personally as you are still in spiritual darkness.

1. By making this statement, you are implying that the other person is in darkness and you are in the light.

Yeah I’m sure that’s what he means, the percentage of the world’s population who will find the real truth is small.

2. You claim to be "on the right path". Implying that others are not.

Well….there is only one truth right? Otherwise there wouldn’t be all this dissention. If you found the truth there would be those who haven’t…it’s a natural trend…you’re either walking on the path or off the path.

The amount of "hatred" that has come your way is in no way directed at you being a Christian.

Whether or not you think so I think it is. There are more Christians martyred or persecuted for their beliefs today than there ever were before, I find this odd myself but if you look into this area you will find that it is true.

It is because of your self righteous, arrogant attitude towards other people and their beliefs and opinions. And I would not use the word "hatred" as you did. I would use something like "frustration or irritation".

YOU would be labeled self righteous too if you believed you had some kind of truth that you are trying to help others see…otherwise how sure are you of that truth? No matter if it’s him that’s describing it or you, it doesn’t change the fact that yall ain’t being respectful of him JUST AS MUCH as you claim he’s not. I myself would call you all's reactions as “having seizures” cuz you don't like what he's saying, there’s not even one full page of actual discussion about the possibilities the OP is trying to state without bashing him for his beliefs.

Revelation Generation
If my world view is wrong, nothing happens when I die, but if your world view is wrong you burn for eternity in ever lasting torment.

WOW. And you talk about hatred coming your way? You seem to be dishing it out, no wonder it would comeback to you. It's called KARMA. Or perhaps "GOD'S WILL if you like. Is this a comforting statement to you? It must be because you sure do use it a lot.

Why would it be a comforting statement to anybody? Sometimes the truth ain’t pretty missy, it can’t be hearts and butterflies all the time unfortunately. This dude is trying to getchall to wake up is all, there is no easy, fluffy way to say that concept other than how he did. There are obviously worse ways to say it than he did.

I can tell you one thing, if God does exist, I don't think he would be very proud of you.

You said you study the bible but with that statement you obviously don’t.

Your actions and words do not reflect being on the right path.

Now how is that? He’s said nothing to downplay YOU personally, but you definitely do it to him a lot so far.

Nor does it reflect Christianity and the principles Jesus would like people to live by.

Jesus said to be fishers of men, RevGen might not be usin the best bait but he definitely is tryin….I've seen much worse; ow he’s kept his cool this long who knows.

Just admit that you don't know. Maybe then, you will start finding answers when you are not blinded by your own ego and your perception of how things should be. You so arrogant!

What ego? If you thought you found the truth, would you keep rummaging through garbage? No, you’d probably try to help others to see the light too. Saying things that tear down this dudes character is uncalled for.

You have no more proof of God than others do of ET life. You claim to know God, but others have claimed to have encountered ET life but yet you do not believe them.

He never said he doesn’t believe them, silly goose. He just said that they’re not what we’ve been programmed by our lovely government to think they are.

Why do you expect people to believe you, if you can not show them the same courtesy? Do you feel entitled just because you are a "Christian"?

What same courtesy?! You call how you’re talkin to him courtesy? And your buddies? Also, you seem to be stereotyping him as well; I’ve seen my share of hypocritical Christians but the fact that this guy’s STILL talking to you after all this just for voicing his opinion shows that he isn’t the stereotypical christian. How he’s kept his cool after 20 some pages of you guys hassling him without trying to listen to him only HE knows

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by thegagefather

No, no, you have it all backwards. Aliens come from other planets because there are a nearly infinite number of planets, some likely to be as suitable to sustain life as earth, while extra dimensions are purely theoretical and hold absolutely no sway.

If no one’s personally been to these planets you’re talking about then what you’re saying is purely theoretical as well and hold no sway.

And lastly, the "spiritual plane" is a place based in fantasy written thousands of years ago, rewritten, edited, and mistranslated by numerous generations of kings, monks, popes, bishops, and countless types of other people, based upon oral tradition that we don't even know today. Other planets that could sustain like come from tangible things, like telescopes and mathematical equations.

Wow, I would suggest talking to the paranormal community first off. There would be no new agers if this spiritual plane was only found in the bible - of which in its defense the original Greek Hebrew and Aramaic still contain uncontaminated information not tampered by cults.
Did you know…that the greatest achievement of those who enslave us has been to make humans believe that only the physical exists? BTW mathematical equations are many times an illustration of what MAY be true, but in what you’re talking about is just a theory when applied as well unless results can be visibly seen.

There is # tons of evidence pointing to things that are not of this earth. For instance, you claim alien implants to be from creatures of the 4th dimensions, but MD Lier, who has removed many of these implants, had the the materials tested by 2 universities, both of which confirmed that the material is made of a substance so rare that meteorites containing the material have only been recorded hitting the earth once or twice. These materials come from out space, not an extra dimension.

Perhaps from the moon? I would like to research this ya got any info?
Either way, the fact that these…ETS, aliens, EDS, whatever are extra dimensional does not mean they cannot use or exist in our dimension.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

Revelation Generation
After all this time we have not even found one intelligent life form, discovered one planet that can support life,

- Ignorance,'!

Tell me missy, how is that ignorance “at it’s best” when it’s basically true?

There are various articles on this subject!

Yeah but even so your article states there’s no way to determine whether there is life or not on that planet it‘s talking about, a surprising note coming from a magazine company who would naturally support and promote the general idea altogether. Either way it's STILL speculation from your side of the spectrum as well.

Furthermore, it will be interesting to note who owned, and helped Time magazine get started…Yale graduates as well as Skull and Bones members Briton Hadden and Henry Luce - this in itself should be a red flag, this means they are all in on the “Trojan horse” of the modern age, if you will, yet on a much grander scale.
Another interesting note is that JP Morgan’s company helped fund them. JP Morgan used to fund Tesla, Tesla found ground-breaking science that would give everyone free electricity - after Tesla’s discovery all of a sudden he’s a freak, the government takes over his tower, and JP Morgan pulls his funding….obvious why, to use his technology for ufos and to keep humanity dependent on oil. To this day Tesla’s work is still not 100% known enough to replicate to the extent he was able to. Edison was jealous of him. Yet what are we taught about Tesla in HS? Next to nothing other than that he was a crazy man….which he probably eventually became after he was ridiculed enough.

ANYWAY, moving on.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by thegagefather

Originally posted by RevelationGeneration
reply to post by thegagefather

And why do you have a illuminati symbol in your avatar if you believe in a totally naturalist world view? You realize they worship Lucifer right...?
Personally I believe they are connected.edit on 9-11-2011 by RevelationGeneration because: (no reason given

Reply by thegagefather:
The Illuminati don't exist, but I'd like you to prove to me they worship Lucifer anyways.

That’s actually one of the easiest things to research so….why don’tcha do it yourself
Let me explain this to you, the illuminati….have made their presence so in your face that by the time you back up and see the one-ness of EVERYTHING it will be too late. It actually already IS too late, as I believe it was Manley P. Hall, one of the greatest freemasons of all time who said that mankind has had a secret destiny for thousands of years brought upon them by the select few. But you can continue in your ignorance, as it is truly bliss - however I encourage you not to mock those who are trying to see it as it doesn’t reflect on you very well.

Please refer me to the Skull and Bones wiki page.

That’s it? Ah cmon.

If by troll, you mean someone who likes to make people back up what they say with fact instead of nonsensical opinion based upon gut feeling which they feel makes them more insightful to the truth than everyone else, sure.

Alright man, what proof do you have then eh? Are you sure you got it all enough to be sayin that on THIS thread?! Seriously dude....and what kinda attitude is that, it's like high school all over again.

Also OP...

Since you're so dead-set on the idea that "E.D.s" are fallen angels...
Why do you believe they are fallen angels?
You seem to really be banking on the idea that there are angels.

Just read what Rev said a few pages ago man! Then go do some open minded research yourself you claim he needs ta be doin! You treat them Christians like they’re closeminded but you know what? So are you by ridiculing someone jus cuz what he said don‘t make you smile! Ok ok I’m fine now, but I mean come on, this whole thread is a nightmare….

So….here’s a scenario that might help you out, according to RevG these aliens LEAVE when they’re told to leave in Jesus’s name….AND they tell you that Jesus was a phoney

Ok, SO… it doesn’t seem strange to you that while these aliens say there aint no god of any kind, after they set your tush back on the ground from an abduction or a visit to the ice cream stand they tell you “Oh, by the way, don’t believe in that Jesus guy, he um…actually didn’t even exist/he was crazy,” and they run with their nonexistent tails between their legs when you tell them “In Jesus’s name I demand you to leave me alone!”
If there were no connection, why would this work? Cmon man, you tell me.

Did you know that in the Torah the word which translates to "angel" in the bible is literally the word "messanger?"

Good job! If you think this is anything deep well….better luck next time. You still get a blue ribbon though, just so you can feel special

I'm willing to bet you didn't, even with all your hours of research.

Actually it’s prolly one of the first things they learn....

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by tbonedude

Originally posted by RevelationGeneration
reply to post by Romekje

All I know is the KJV is the best English translation we have and was translated by some of the best theologians in recent history.

Theologians.. not linguists..

Is that your opinion or did you research this? Jus sayin, modern bible translation conventions incorporate the top of the line of both trades. I went to school for linguistics.

/facePSALMS again.

Yeah you might wanna learn to spell after you take your hand off your face

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

Post by Revelation GenerationI haven't even mentioned Hell, the bible or religion unless someone else brought it up or started claiming evolution is the truth.

Reply by TrippleHelixYes you did.
(So someone claiming evolution as truth is enough to assume they will burn in (wherever) for eternity?

Naw, the origin of man is a theological trivialty, as Martin Luther put the many arguments the church split up for. John 3:16 is known by everyone and that’s basically the only thing you have to be sure about, Romans 10:19 expounds on that some more.

[RevelationGen.: I don't know what you mean by "I am a bad example of a Christian"

TrippleHelix: You know exactly what I mean. Go back and read every single post of yours and tell me if they are "Christian like".

So what’s “christian like” in your definition?

You claim to know all, and know the holy spirit, but everything that spews out of your mouth indicates everything but that. Everything that you do not understand or that is not human must be "demonic" or Evil. Hence your word- "Eviloution" I do not need to re-quote everything.

Actually if I were him I’d be cussin yall out by now, I mean seriously. OK look…we’ve got a guy who’s convinced he’s figured out the truth and he’s trying to share it with you BECAUSE in HIS religion you are really gonna be damned to hell forever if you don’t wake up soon cuz there’s no time left. Regardless of how your views disagree, instead of pointing out personal flaws in him that you and I have too why don’t you help something come to a conclusion, or do some research yourself.

You are so self-righteous! Everyone is wrong and you are right!

Ok how exactly is he being self-righteous? It might be getting a lil harder for him to keep his cool after 20 pages or so of 5 on 1, and that’s been since page 1, but besides that, are you not being arrogant yourself by claiming that he is self-righteous?

Rev.Gen: I can tell you and a few others are frustrated, that's only natural when something doesn't make sense to you. If you want me to help you understand why things are the way they are then you can always send me a private message and if you have genuine questions I will be happy to respond.

TripleHelix: Screw you. Seriously. I think I understand just fine for now.

THAT's actually more of an ignorant comment. Anyway, you claim you don’t have all the answers but you’re kinda saying that you do because you so happen to just “like” how you perceive the world so you hafto ridicule this guy and tear him down.

I'm no where near knowing everything (unlike you). I do not have all the answers, I probably won't even have them all by the time I die. I really don't mind. It keeps life interesting.

Then why are you railing on the dude, dudette? Why get involved in this manner hmm?

I will be open to every single theory out there until one day that little voice inside me says 'that's it'…

Great! So how are you being open in this scenario? I love playing the devil’s advocate, as you can see

…That is truth.

Ok Wow what a flimsy view of truth. So….a little voice that tells a random dude “that’s it!” when he’s contemplating on killing a guy is speaking truth to him eh? Hrrmmm….what a chaotic world that would be.

And I will find it on my own, with my own mind. Not what a major religious group tells me to think, feel and believe.

I only honestly like THIS statement of yours outta this whole post and I couldn’t agree with ya more here. Now for help for the OP he’s stated he’s not part of a religious group….just cuz his beliefs are similar to a certain religion does not mean he religiously follows whatever those groups do - just like one can be a true Christian yet never go to church or take communion.

Honestly, I would rather burn in hell than be like you.

Whether you are or aren’t part of a religion that is an unnecessary comment from you to him. Period. That statement alone is worse than anything he’s said whether you agree or not, because you thought it up to purposely hurt the dude.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by Tripple_Helix

And just as a side note-
For a while- I have been thinking about the bible and how some of it might actually be true.

Perhaps it is.

But people like you who use it for your own benefit and twist it, failing to think further than your nose about it's text, just put's me off religion all together.

I’ve studied quite a bit of the bible, I see no twisting by the OP. You sure you ain’t the one croppin up sections of bible you like to fit in your own lil world? I don’t like the general thought of religion either but as far as bible twisting goes you’re prooobably doin the same thing judging from how you’re talkin (afterall you DID say that you read the bible).

Well done- I wonder how many other people you 'unknowingly' turned away from Christ before they even got the chance to try and figure it out for themselves.

You know the passage in the bible then that mentions those who are “willingly ignorant” of the truth, even if it’s right before them, just because they don’t like it cuz there’s some not so nice things about it? Have you ever thought about what that’s sayin? I mean with you there’s no even giving the guy the benefit of the doubt jus cuz he’s “mostly christian,” what if there really IS a hell for eternal damnation and we don’t get to astrally sail around the universe like ghosts?

Yknow you seemed a bit nicer than the other folks railin on this dude but with comments like these you’re worse than you're sayin he is! You may not be part of no religion, but if you ever make one I sure don’t wanna be a part of yours.

If I were you, in future I would choose my words and action very carefully.

But you definitely ain’t him, not with this post.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by tbonedude

Its already been said, by others with better grammer then me.. but you seem to be on my mental level so ill go ahead and repeat it..

The only one implying anything and assuming crap is you.. you are a bad example of a christian, and a bad example of anything for that matter other then an egotistical retard.

Actually a bad example of a christian would cuss you out like crazy cuz this kinda treatment wouldn’t be taken nicely by any normal person. Just cuz he’s sayin stuff you don’t like you just jump on the bandwagon everyone is on. Uncalled for man.

And you still havent answered my question and totally avoided it? Why is that? Cant prove it wrong? Cant make it fit in your theory? Seriously you are whacked.. You need professional help, and i'd be happy to refer you to a therapist if I knew any reputable ones.

Can YOU answer all the questions of your beliefs man? Cmon man, tell me what you believe and let me ask you some hard questions about what YOU believe. As far as how things have been goin, you probably will just keep on giving him crap even if he did answer the question anyway.

by Rev.Gen: My proof is from the 90% or so abduction reports that are malevolent.

And that thing didn't come out the ground with a label on it saying it was "40,000" years old did it?

tbonedude: Nope, carbon dating prooves it is though.

Carbon dating is not the best method to date ANYTHING. How bout you do some of your own research before beating the brains outta someone else. Carbon dating would date the leg of the same mammoth a different age than it’s head, it is a method based on many presuppositions.

Your bible didnt come out of the ground with a label on it saying it was "truth" did it?

MM….actually if you’ve read any of it I’ve seen parts in it proclaiming it knows the truth. At least that is more like a label than your carbon dating

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by mOjOm

If I may interject here with a couple of my own theories:

A.) RevelationGeneration is exactly who he said he is and these are his beliefs, which are absolutely unshakable in his mind and regardless of what anyone has to say in contrast, he will NEVER change his mind.


B.) RevelationGeneration is here simply to screw with you people by providing you with massively flawed ideas then reinforcing his stance on them using scripture and his divine inspiration with a dash a arrogance for flavor.

In either case, I'd say you've all been "had" long enough don't you???

Yeah, especially with YOUR theories there’s not much of an option is there?

After all, if it's "A" then you're gonna lose because "Faith" is the ultimate self gratifying and self reinforcing concept that mankind has ever had. Even by his own admission, the more anyone tries to counter his "Faith" the more justified that "Faith" becomes as a result.

Weeelll then what about you kid? Do you have faith in anything yourself before you make a brash post like this one?

If it's "B", well, then he's just an A-hole who's wasting your time.

But then again, this is just me talking here and I could be wrong....

Suuure you really think that, you’re SUCH as nice guy man. I don't believe you mean that one bit

BTW Helix, I applaud your effort girl, but you'll never get through to Rev. He either won't or can't allow for a change in his thinking. Plus, I think he slipped the Satan=Female God=Male thing in there just to piss you off a little so his little experiment here would continue.

"Little experiement"? Nice dude.
Yeah, sure I’m sure that’s exactly what he did because you all know exactly how everything runs in this world; while you all get the free liberty to ACTUALLY call him an egotistical retard, arrogant, ignorant, rude, close-minded, and irrational for voicing an opinion you all just so happen to not like. This thread is a joke, not just because of an unclarity by the OP but because it’s full of hypocrites.
Maybe he’s already been where you guys have been, just maybe he knows what he’s talkin about.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by GonzoSinister

Somthing from another dimension would easily beable to pull this off based on what exactly?

Alright condescendor, that’s what your nickname is from here on

Something from another dimension would easily be able to pull this off because they are not bound entirely by the laws of this dimension. As much of a smartass you seem to be I woulda thought you’da answered that yourself.

also... why are you basing what an alien could do on our relativley new understanding on physics? (im comparrison to a race possibly millions of years old)

Because if you were to attempt what, turning at a 90 degree angle at crazy fast speed with even a jet it’d be impossible‘ yet ufos accomplish this with no problem. UFO technology is a forbidden ancient technology humans were never supposed to tamper with - one of the reasons modern christians say resulted in the Flood because we "knew everything that the angels knew.", which could also be why Atlantis is esteemed by the PTB as well, at least if my memory's correct. Why is that bad? Mixed with a sinful nature of mankind such knowledge and power would be absolutely detrimental if fallen in the wrong hands......oh already has.

Relatively new understanding huh? Sorry but I gotta do this.
Why are you believing how everything about this earth based on our relatively new theories on evolution?
Why are you basing how old aliens are on some nut’s book or say so? Did you ever ask an alien how old he is? Granted he prolly wouldn’t tell you the truth anyway, I’ve heard they’re the most cunning liars.

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by WannabeMartian

Take a long hard look at why you believe you have a soul, why there is a god etc. and if you are 100% honest with yourself you'll realize that the only reason you believe is that you were told to in one way or another. I know this may be uncomfortable, but how can you stop asking these all-important questions?

Hm do you REALLY believe that you're just a physical body man?
Of what faith or religion or belief are you? Just askin, cuz here’s everyone sayin “open mind…open miiiind” yet if you read the bible or quran with a closed mind no matter how many times you read it you’ll likely get the same result.

Mmm how do I say this to you. Humans are unique in that they are fully human yet very very spiritual beings….you can even ask some new agers around here and they’ll tell ya the same thing - telling that ganged up OP that he’s not 100% honest with himself is not YOUR job, nor mine, nor anyone elses; I don’t think he’s all that crazy as these buckos here are tryin to tell him; but IF he’s wrong he must come to that conclusion himself; just like you all aren’t willing to admit the worldview you have is wrong. Asking the hard questions is good, but tearing down someone for his opinion or beliefs is wrong….only because you all would expect to be talked to with respect if you all had a different unpopular idea/opinion. The good sportsmanship way to go about it is to try to actually talk about it than up and start accusing him of stuff you don’t even know he does or talking to him like he's a baby.

Not saying you’re necessarily doin this, jus sayin in general for the responses he’s been getting….you’re actually the less hypocritical one than most here so far

posted on Nov, 16 2011 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by autowrench

Read over some of RevelationGeneration's threads and posts and you will clearly see why. A mind is like a parachute, it only works when open, and it is wise to have ideas instead of beliefs. Beliefs, like the ones held dear by RevelationGeneration, are so set into stone you could not chip it out. Completely static in nature. Ideas are dynamic, always moving forward.

Due to my own research, RevGen’s beliefs aren’t as set into stone as you’re assuming…especially if it was all-encompassing to begin with; you will find that even in his own religious community he will be looked down upon just for even including a possibility that there might be alien activity - even if it is biblically cooperative.

Depends though....if you're expectin somethin like Start Trek I dunno what to tell ya

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