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Series of Dreams Relating to Washington State

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posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 02:52 AM
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I have been having dreams for years relating to Washington State, mostly the greater Seattle area, but other areas too. Since I keep dream journals I have an ongoing record of my dreams and can more easily note when I’m starting to see a theme. Well, I’ve had enough of these in particular that I feel it may be time to share them.

I’m not making a prediction. I simply want to unburden myself of this information, just in case. So take it or leave it, it does not matter to me either way. And if you have anything to add or share, then please do. It would be nice to have one place with dreams/information relating to Washington State, especially in relation to the Cascadia Subduction Zone, which is capable of a 9.0+ earthquake (and I’m being conservative with that number). There is much more scientific information relating to it in the Fragile Earth section of ATS.

Also, this is not to scare. If you live in this area, you should already be aware of the Cascadia Subduction Zone & its potential and be prepared with a bug out bag, at least 3 days supplies, etc. If not, I highly suggest you get there. This is a very real threat independent of dreams, predictions, doomsday, etc. My family is from this area (I’m 4th generation to the area) and it’s just been a known possibility to be prepared for. You prepare the best you can, and you let the rest go and live your life.

I’ll start with my earliest dreams and move to the most current ones. There is one that I posted in a random thread, but someone registered with ATS just to respond to it saying they were having the same dream, which I would like included here too – so I’ll link that.

Pre-2010 -->I don’t know if I recorded the dreams related to this, but I have no idea where (I have huge stacks of journals over the years). But I remember at least two dreams that relate, but not much detail. 1) A dream where I was in downtown Seattle and an earthquake was happening and the buildings were falling down sideways like a dominos. It was freaking me out because I had only ever seen buildings fall down or crumble, not tip over sideways. 2) A separate dream where I was in downtown Bellevue (just East of Seattle) when I saw an earthquake happening and the same thing, the buildings were falling down sideways. Fast forward in the dream, and the whole of Bellevue downtown was flooded and me and several people were in the water trying to swim to dry land but it was so shocking to have seen the skyscrapers fall as they did and then all the water. We weren’t expecting the water. I was seeing this from the viewpoint of 405 highway that runs through downtown Bellevue.

The rest of the dreams are from journals:

Jan. 16, 2010 --> I dreamt that as I drove into downtown Bellevue on NE 8th St, the whole area was under water except the peaks of the hills. The overpass that goes over 405 was collapsed. People were still around. (I was on NE 8th heading towards downtown Bellevue.) Then I was on the other side of 405 in downtown and turned back and the water was rushing past us like a raging river down 405 (the water was heading southbound).

I forgot about these previous dreams for the most part, until this one:

Jan. 06, 2011 --> I wrote about this dream here so rather than rewrite it, I will quote the part that pertains to here.

Originally posted by onthelookout
You know how dreams are usually kind of vague on details and mostly symbolic? Good luck in getting actual numbers or dates, right? Well one night, a boring non-significant dream was in process, and out of nowhere some man cut through a crowd off to my lower right (I was on some stage/platform with other people). I could sense him coming, he meant business. The rest of the dream faded into a backdrop, and I was suddenly lucid and very aware that I was in a dream and what was happening.

As soon as I turned towards him he said, "January 18th. Does that date mean anything to you?" In the dream I knew I should know what the date meant, but I couldn't quite grasp it. I said, "It sounds familiar to me." Then he said, "What about August 18th?" (This 2nd date kept alternating between Aug. 18 & 21.) I said, "Oh..." and started rambling to myself about any connections I could think of related to the date.

The man had already started to walk away before I even finished what I was saying. He had delivered the message he had come to give. Then the guy was just gone. The original dream resumed and came back to the forefront as if the guy had never been there.

For days afterwards I was perplexed at what the dates were about. I finally realized that everytime I thought about the dream with the man, I instantly thought of a dream I had a little awhile ago that involved a HUGE amount of water rushing through the I-405 corrider through Bellevue, WA. (And a quake that preceded it). I keep dream journals, so I went searching for it. I had the dream on Jan 16, 2010 (The man was pointing out the Jan 18th date). There are absolutely no personal connections with the date or time of year for me. So why has it been pointed out to me 2 years in a row?

Here is where I would like to add the post in the same thread but on the 2nd page, made by another member, prettmaryk, in response to my post on that thread. I only include it here because I think it’s important enough that it shouldn’t get lost in a random thread where it may never be seen.

Originally posted by prettymaryk
reply to post by onthelookout

Hey, I created an account JUST to reply to you because I almost fell over reading your post. I followed this thread from another forum.
I live in Bellevue, WA and for a long time I worked at the mall there. Last year and the year before I had tons and tons of dreams about floods, one specifically in Bellevue at the mall there, the water was as tall as the parking structure, it was devestating. It also took away my cats (sadly, they did pass away after these dreams). So anyway, I just thought it was really strange that you mentioned you also had a flood dream about Bellevue.

Just these alone were starting to shake me up, but not enough for me to start a thread on. But please keep in mind, this was before ALL the other things that happened in 2011 (animal deaths, revolutions, Japan quake/tsunami, etc.)

-----------------------------> Continued in next post because this will not fit in one post.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 02:56 AM
Post 2 of 2

[b/]Sept. 28, 2011 --> I dreamt I had been hired as some accountant/analyst (?) or someone who was a part of a team who monitored Mt. St. Helens. It was like some secret agency that virtually unknown. Some changes were being noted with the mountain & I was being sent to the mountain personally to see what was going on. Whatever had been detected was some strange activity that they had been looking for specifically and the whole reason the team had been put together in the first place. Because once the specific activity they were looking for started, it was the beginning of a chain of events that couldn’t be stopped, but heralded thebeginning of something bigger they had been waiting for.

Oct. 04, 2011 --> I was in an apartment several floors up with several other people. Some of the people I don’t know. An earthquake started, but it was pretty mild. It was strong enough to stop all conversation, and anticipation of it getting worse, but that was it. Several more happened shortly afterwards (within the same day). It was turning into one long continuous rumble. When the first several had happened, we had all begun to discuss out loud our fears of the Cascadia Subduction Zone happening. So while the smaller quakes were unnerving in that sense, we were relieved that they were way too small.

I wanted to find my phone or laptop to lookup what was going on in California, because my gut feeling was the small tremors were feeling…was actually California having their “Big One”. And the dawning realization that, far from us being safe…we were next. I don’t know how much time passed…it seemed like the same day, but who knows. I could see the daylight coming through the windows, my mom was across from me. And then “it” started.

There was no doubt in our minds when this new kind of shaking started, that it was the subduction zone moving. We all went dead silent & just looked at each other like, “This is it guys.” I had almost expected some Epic/sad background music like during seemingly hopeless moments during battle in movies like Lord of the Rings to start playing (but I mean this in a somber/serious way…not as a jest).

We knew there was no escape, it was happening and we were along for the ride. For all of the preparation, plans, etc. it all seemed like a big joke. This was so much bigger than anything we could have prepared for. The building started to tip sideways. We all kind of shrieked – but then we gave in to the moment or reality of it…what else could we do?

We all closed our eyes- but then mom was yelling and panicking (easy to do in a situation like this) & I opened my eyes again and said to her, “Just let go.” As the building began to tip over sideways, I closed my eyes again and gave in to whatever was going to happen.

The dream skipped and I was in a different location. Many of us were getting out of our vehicles in a remote location off the side of the road, and looking into the distance. A volcano (or maybe more than one?) started going off. Huge black plumes going straight up in the air. It looked like deep, rich red colors were within the large columns of black going straight up in the air. Within the columns, huge explosions were going off. It was off a distance from where ever we were – but it was still huge & took up an impressive amount of the sky.

In this part of the dream, we were aware of what had happen just before this – of the small tremors that soon became continuous, leading to the subduction zone going, which led to our volcanoes going off in a violent manner that previously we didn’t even know was possible.

Oct. 30, 2011 --> I was at the intersection of my grandparent’s house was in Hoquiam, WA. Then the earth started rumbling & huge cracks appeared in the ground around the house & the house began tipping one way & then another. Finally it tipped at a 90 degree angle vertically & then it slid towards the Earth. Then the ground that had been underneath the house, had the house underneath it. The whole time I was trying to get pictures of it on my phone.

Then it jumped to a time when they had built on top of where the house had once been. It was like a coffee shop or something. I was so surprised that they would dare build exactly where that incident had occurred. I was in the shop too. Then it started to rumble & shake and we were getting jumbled from one end of the store to the next. I knew it was happening again. Different people could be heard to say, “If I get out of this alive I will live my life differently.”

After a few minutes there was a pause and I quickly ushered everyone out and was the last to leave. As we made it out to safety I said to them (as they slowly wandered away with ecstatic grins on their faces having survived), “Live each moment as if it were your last – you don’t know how much time you have left.”

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 02:58 AM
Some final comments to include to the dreams:

I’ve just spent the last 6 hours going through 4 full journals trying to find dreams specific to this area & writing this, but I think these are the most important ones. It does not include the many other recorded dreams and things relating to changes or other things going on in the world.

The most emotional, realistic, powerful one was the one from Oct. 04. That one still affects me strongly, and I still get tears in my eyes and a heaving in my chest/heart just reading it.

I do not understand where the water in Bellevue would be coming from and in that quantity. Despite the many dreams, I still don’t understand how.

The last dream was different from the others in regards to being realistic. It seemed more to be showing the upheaval of the other dreams and an obvious message, so I included it. But its importance was shown to me by me repeating the dream to others later *within* the dream. This happens in my dreams when it’s really important that I remember to write it just as I describe it to others in the dream so that the overall message isn’t lost.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 03:33 AM
reply to post by onthelookout

Sounds like Mel's hole has got a hold of your unconscious mind and is playing tricks on you.

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posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 04:02 AM
Those are amazing dreams to have, especially to have them continue over the years.. I believe it definitely means something, and is not just fictional, but very well may be genuine messages..

That man interceding in the dream and mentioning that date, and then after he leaves the dream resumes as it was playing out before, is pretty amazing also..

In the old testament days of the bible, there are tons and tons of amazing stories about people that had prophetic dreams and what they mean. Dreams were very important to people in those days, much more so than currently..

I also live in Washington state up north of Seattle, actually very close to the Canadian border.. The only dream I can remember having about water flooding, and it also became lucid when I saw the 1,000 foot high tsunami wave rising over Chuckanut mountain just north of lake Sammish, and into the I-5 corridor headed north, and I remember the sheer panic and adrenaline surge... At that point I knew I was dreaming, but still to this day, I wonder if such a thing may actually happen sometime...


posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 07:40 AM

thank you for the thread. As you've said, you are not predicting anything, but on the other hand quite a lot of what you say regarding flooding and so forth may well be physically possible.

I'll get to that in a minute, but first a question about that man in your Jan 6, 2011 dream: are you able to recall what he looked like? Age, build, hair colour, whether he had a beard or not? Caucasian, Native American, or other race? I'd be very interested in anything you can offer on this.

Now, to the dreams of buildings falling in Bellevue and the flooding there. I'd like to summarize what's known to be possible, both from the perspective of a more localized (but strong) quake as well as a megathrust event. You'll doubtless know most or even all of what follows but for some readers this might be completely new. Some might think that what you dreamed in terms of damage and flooding is completely beyond the realms of what's possible.

It's very possible, folks. And it has happened before. For interested readers, there are many resources about the faults in the Seattle region. Here are just a few:
From USGS: Seattle Fault Zone Mapping and also Seattle Fault Zone
From PNSN (the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network): Major Faults in the Puget Sound
From the Wiki: The Seattle Fault

As that's a fair bit of reading in itself, here's a shortish summary of the situation. There is a whole mess of faults all through that area and some of them are capable of producing pretty major quakes all on their own.

For example, one of the main Seattle faults runs east-west, starting SW of Silverdale, goes under Dyes Inlet, under the southern part of Bainbridge Island then on through Seattle itself, continues on under Mercer Island then passes just south of Bellevue and beneath Lake Sammamish and end a bit east of there. So, it's pretty long, and as fault length is a main factor in determining potential quake magnitude, it's believed that fault could produce a quake in the mag 7 range. In fact, up to around a mag 7.7 is considered possible by some researchers. That is a very powerful quake. (Refer to the USGS "Seattle Fault" report for confirmation.)

Some other faults in the region could possibly do similar, but the added problem is the possibility of faults that no-one knows about yet. This happens even in regions which are seismically active. For example, such was the case in the last serious quake in Athens, Greece, which had its epicenter on a previously-unknown fault. When we consider how long the Greeks have been living there, it seems almost incredible that they were unaware of a deadly fault so close to the capital, but that's what happened. It had probably been pretty quiet for many hundreds or even thousands of years.

Okay, back to Seattle and Bellevue. Sediment studies indicate that the Seattle fault has had seven mag 7-plus quakes in the past 3500 years or so, but that doesn't mean they came at nice, regular intervals. The point is though, it's almost a given that as the region is still tectonically active, another one is likely one day.

So I wonder: if there was a rupture that, say, allowed water to escape from Lake Sammamish, that could cause some serious flooding as the water heads for the lowest level (in the Sound), especially if there is any uplift on the eastern end of the fault just the other side of the lake, or even beneath it. Trouble is, scientists have very little data about the central and eastern parts of the fault.

Having said all that, it seems pretty unlikely that modern high-rise buildings would be toppled by even a higher-range mag 7. Flooding? Yes, it's possible, even without a tsunami. But while some large buildings might collapse, domino-like toppling seems unlikely.

All of the above is just to say that your own surmise seems likely: your dream was most probably about a mag 9 or bigger megathrust event than a localized, mag 7-range event. A mag 9 is many times more powerful and it could possibly cause major buildings to collapse, even if they are some miles from the epicenter. We really don't know what would happen in a place like Seattle because it's been 311 years since the last mag 9 megathrust quake in the region on January 26, 1700.

So, what to make of it? For anyone in that region I'd say take note of what's possible but don't be ruled by it. Do as OnTheLookout has done: be prepared as best you can, have your plans worked out in advance with your families, and live for today.


posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 08:17 AM
Great job on keeping up with dream journals! I can never stick to them, although I remember the 'important' ones - I personally learnt to never discount a dream after having a tsunami dream one morning and waking up to a tsunami watch issued for my coastline (east coast australia) first time i'd ever heard one issued for us and was all over the news - the first story I heard not 5 minutes after waking from said dream.

Tara's Washington State threads have been favourites of mine since joining ATS, and I wanted to share with you I too had an Earthquake dream about Seattle specifically about 3 months ago - it started out as a regular dream where I was watching TV and cut to a breaking news feed about a 7.2 in Seattle, I remember waking up, checking quakewatch app and here and going back to sleep. I wonder how many more of us have had dreams about WA state? I also wonder if its because we are, more than most, so aware of the potential for a lot of devastation? The most surprising part of my dream though, was the number 7.2. Why 7.2? We are all aware of the potential for 9+ so since the dream i've often wondered 'why 7.2' hrm..

(Here's a link to inital dream thread)

Again, great thread, looking forward to reading more responses from others!

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 08:22 AM
Another thing i'll add - there is something about WA state that just hooks me in. Living in QLD, australia, i'd LOVE to visit over there, but for some reason I can't seriously entertain the idea, I just feel the need to wait. I've even said to my fiance 'i'd rather wait until they rebuild after the quake than risk going and getting caught up in it' almost as if its a certainty to happen soon. Sorry for hijacking! :p

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by onthelookout

Funny you should have all these dreams....I was just thinking on how much more pretty and interesting all those buildings would look like if they were underwater.

But then again that wont be good, since I would be underwater with them. And I am no fish.
Plus it would cause much mayhem and destruction for everybody around here. It would be way overdoing it.

But still a little earthquake would do a world of good up here in northwest of WA state. Something to wake people up from there lethargic zombie like routines. I know it would wake me up, but then again that's all we need right about now, with all the other stuff going on.

You pray for rain, you get thunder and hail eh. But if it's going to happen I would want it to happen on my birthday. Jan 30...That way it will be a real surprise gift from mother nature.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 01:53 PM
I'm currently trying to catch up on work, but I thought I'd pop in real quick. I'll spend more time later responding, but I wanted to at least leave a quick reply. For one, although I hoped it would make me feel better sharing these I didn't really count on it - but after posting these I truly did feel a huge weight lift off of me. I didn't realize how much I had let it weigh me down. Second, there is already some incredibly valuable information in here. Each dream shared has more pieces that, who knows?, might help give a better idea what we could be potentially facing in the near/far future. Coupled with what we do know so far about the faultlines, etc. in Seattle (just wow JustMike, thank you for that!) maybe this information really could do some good.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by onthelookout

... You may want to cut back on the caffeine...

Seriously though, fear or worrying never added a day to anyone's life. If we all go down tomorrow, there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. We all die....eventually. If I could tell you when and how you would die, would you really want to know? If so, why?

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by JustMike

First off, S&F for the OP. I live in the Bellevue area, and was just this morning discussing with my wife how our animals were acting over the past couple of days, and that the last time they were this "wound up" was right before the 6.6 that happened in BC. So this dovetails nicely with the feelings that I have had.

Now to Mike

If you study the topography of this area, youll see that even with a 100' change of elevation, it wouldnt be enough for downtown Bellevue to be inundated with water from Lake Sammamish. Most of the water would either go north through Kirkland/Juanita, or south towards the Renton area ( and consequently right through where I live! ) There is a nice high-ish (300-400 feet) fold of land that sits between Lake Sammamish and Lake Washington that would keep Bellevue pretty well protected.
Its possible that Lake Washington could be the culprit, although I don't know that Lake Washington has the volume needed in order to provide a tsunami like occurance from a non subduction zone quake underneath it.
One positive to the way this area is layed out topographically, in the event of a subduction zone quake and the resulting Pacific tsunami, the lower Puget Sound region would be unlikely to see even moderate damage from the tsunami. If you look at the way the water ways are layed out, you will notice that they are quite torturous, and there is no direct "line of sight" to the Pacific ocean from anywhere south of the San Juan Islands. The Washington coast however will not be so lucky, but in comparison to the greater Seattle/Tacoma/Bellevue area, it is sparsely popluated, so we would not have a disaster on the scale of Japan on our hands.

Just a little background on me, I have no professional training, but I have been an avid tectonic/volcano person since I heard Mt St Helens blow on May 18th 1980.... I was 9 at the time, and sitting in my living room watching Saturday morning cartoons. I thought the neighbor was out hunting moles in his yard with his shotgun again
I am quite familiar with the PSNS stations and monitor the quakes under the volcanos to see if I can see patterns in the way things happen.

Thank you for your expertise in the matter! Having a professional around is always great!


posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 03:22 PM
reply to post by milano

I assure you, death is unavoidable....but to live is a privalege.

posted on Nov, 8 2011 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by onthelookout

I have had two dreams about the Cascadia zone and earthquakes....and in each dream....I saw the year on a calendar and it said 2049.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 12:34 AM
@alienreality - thank you for sharing your dream. While the rest of the dreams make some sense to me, the water part is what throws me. Me and a coworker of mine sat down once with a map trying to see where that much water could be coming from if it was coming from North 405 and heading South. The only thing we came up with (with a lack of comprehensive understanding of geology) was that maybe a bunch of dams broke? So, I'm glad to see another viewpoint and direction involving the water - maybe it can give an understanding of the larger picture.

@JustMike - About the man, I didn't write any detail down so this is straight from memory. I would say that he was Caucasian, in his early to mid 50s, short well-groomed hair...that I would guess is a lighter color like brownish, but at the same time I want to say it's got gray in it?...but that detail gets fuzzy. I may have assumed gray because of the age he looked and the wisdom his eyes/face held. A slight build, definitely in good shape but not ripped...just healthy looking (like someone who does yoga...lean). I was up on a platform/stage looking as far as height I don't have a good perception but I wasn't getting the feeling that he was overly tall...just an average decent height for a man.

He had posture? What I'm trying to get at his is overall presence was that of a regal bearing...such as a wise, respected leader. At the same time his clothes were normal or plain. No marks of rank or title. Just a white shirt, and light colored pants. Although they were plain, it still looked of quality and put together. Also, I have no conscious memory of him...but I *know* I know him. I feel like I can almost remember him and that he is someone I'm very close to. Maybe also because his familiarity with me was as if we go way back and that my amnesia is a temporary annoyance. That probably sums up the feeling with him best.

Thank you for the earthquake information! It is much easier for me to bring together abstract things such as dreams, philosophy, etc. I follow and understand the science of things just fine....but ask me to explain it back to anyone and it comes out sounding like....dreams and philosophy hahahaha - so thanks for your help in that area.

@bkaust I'm with you regarding westcoast's threads. I love her threads and she has contributed so much to my understanding about our area. Your dream about the 7.2 ... very interesting. That would follow what JustMike was saying about one of the faults going under Seattle. I wonder....maybe it's one of those...and it breaks some dams? I'm still trying to understand the water part of it. And maybe it triggers the subduction zone? Well...obviously all I can do is speculate, but your dream adds another layer.

And I'm also so glad to hear of your interest in WA state! I do love it here. I'm from here, but have lived all over the US (and Germany for 7 years) - but I feel like I start to wither away if I'm away from here to long. I know all the dangers, but I belong here. It's my home. If it goes down & it's my time...I'll go down with it. I really do hope you get to visit it one day and see its beauty for can't do it justice.

@milano Maybe it is how I communicate in my writing, but I'm at peace with dying. And I love life. In the dream on Oct. 04, when I told my mom to just let go and then closed my eyes, I was centering and preparing for the moment to leave my body. I was communicating to her in those few words that it's ok, everything is ok, and it's time now.

I know I get excited and use a lot of words such as freaking out, etc. but I have a lot of energy and it comes out in a lot of adjectives & excitement. Even in person I use my hands a lot when I'm talking and crazy facial expressions, etc (have you seen the Sun Drop commercial with the crazy dancing woman...that's how I am). So I can understand the misperception I may give off. I try to remember to be sensitive to how I come across, but sometimes my energy just bursts through anyways. But then again, it's time we all start accepting ourselves (warts and all) and remember who we are and why we are here. So...yeah.

@MoparDanno Good info. Same as I said to JustMike, if I were to have tried to describe that same information it would have probably have sounded more like me trying to describe unicorns farting rainbows. (sigh) So I really do appreciate it when others can contribute that angle of it. Also, any additional information you have about your animals, I'd be interested in.

@caladonea 2049? Well then, that would suit me just fine. I'd be 72, and that sounds like a good solid number to go out with a bang with.

Btw, to anyone who hasn't been over in Fragile Earth here at ATS, any of westcoast's threads are FANTASTIC information regarding this area. Annnnnnnd that's my 2000 character post limit. Right no

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 12:45 AM
For a little comedic relief, here's the Sun Drop commercial. The first time my teenage son saw this he said to his friends, "Omg...that's totally my mom." He thinks I'm dorky as hell. I say I'm hilarious.

posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 01:03 AM
reply to post by onthelookout

LMAO...we must be more alike than we think. My kids said the same thing about that commercial. I told them I would show up at their school like that!

So when I first started reading your OP, I was trying to think if I had had a quake dream about Washington. memory isn't so good. I have been a bit caught up in my recent dreams.....and it wasn't until I read about your one in October that I remembered posting something a little similar here around the same time. I searched and found my post on the experiement thread. As I stated in this post, for all the writing/thinking I do about quakes, I rarely ever dream about it...and rarer still do I remember it! Here is that post about the dream:
(In retrospect, this was the first dream of several now this past month or so. A new thing for me. Hmmmm)

posted on 10-10-2011 @ 01:35 PM this post Last night I dreamed about earthquakes. That may seem like a no-brainer since I talk about them all the time, but in reality I rarely ever dream about them, especially not specifics. SO...thought I may as well document it here.

In my dream, I was with my husband in our 5th wheel and I had the sense that I was somewhere south...either Oregon or California. All I know is that I wasn't home, but close enough to think that if I felt a quake there it could have affected my home in Washington.

So in the dream everything starts shaking. It's a slow build-up, which told me right away that it was a large quake. Just as the shaking got violent, it was replaced with the rolling motion. I have experienced this twice before. A 6.5 while vacationing at disneyland and the 6.7 here in Washington about 12 yrs ago. So anyways, the rolling got more and more pronounced and I saw a power pole snap in half just outside the window. I wasn't scared until then. I never reacted with fear the other times I was really in a quake too....I find it fascinating first and then the fear eventually hits me. In my dream though, the fear came with the realization that perhaps I wasn't at the epicenter of a large quake, but the outer reaches of a mega quakes and I thought of my kids.

I got on my android phone and began searching for the quake info. In my dream, I was trying to scroll across a map of the states. It was frustrating because in my panic I just wasn't doing it right. I remember seeing all sorts of quakes listed in black on the map. I ignored the small ones, looking for only the big numbers. I saw a 7.7 and a 7.2 (which were near my location....) and scrolled up to Washington where in red on the NW coast was a 6.8 quite near my home. I was crying and trying to dial my home number when I woke up.

So...make of it what you want. Like I said, I don't normally dream of quakes, and if I do they are vague without such specifics as magnitudes and locations. A 6.8 in my area could be bad, but certainly nowhere near a mega. Also, it was on land, so it would come from one of the many faults around here, vs the subduction zone. I am more interested in the 7.7, 7.2 and other multiple quakes I scrolled past. This scenario goes along with mine and some others theories about a chain reaction setting off multiple large quakes along the coast.

I didn't have a sense of when this quake was....only that it was soon. When I first woke up, I felt a need to warn people right away. I held back for awhile though to see if that feeling went away. It has faded a bit, but obviously isn't gone.

Interesting similarities in that we feel we are experiencing an extreme quake from a distance, the strong emotional reaction (I NEVER wake up crying) and also the 7.2 - 7.4 mag that several of us have been dreaming about.

Interesting thread. Thank you for sharing and for your kudos!!!

OH....@Mopardanno. You should take a look at my short story about the Mt. Saint helens eruption "The day my world shook." It's in my tagline. I was nine years old too when I experienced it!!!
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posted on Nov, 9 2011 @ 01:16 AM
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This is good material for a scary story.

Most of my clear dreams are scary, too. But I always assumed they were about the distant past, or at least that's where the images came from.

We know that these faults will move. It's just a matter of time. There is a good deal of material out there about something unusual happening. I personally tend to gravitate to the C's (Laura Knight) predictions about what they expect to happen. It could be pretty major, because the earth could be experiencing stresses from several sources in addition to the usual internal ones.

But what can we learn from this material? About all I can think of is: Be prepared to die, or to help out in an extreme emergency situation if you are a survivor. Join a group or create a community that will plan in terms of taking care of each other and others if something bad happens.

Anyone who feels that such a disaster would disable them emotionally needs to come clean and get sorted out using a humanitarian practice (not psychiatry).

The crews of ships that survive storms learn to work as a team when things get rough. They try to anticipate everything that could go wrong, and they drill each scenario. Ships that don't drill or do so sloppily sink or become disabled. Then those crews are thankful for the crews that took the trouble to really do their drills. It seems kind of overly-regimented, but being prepared saves lives and reduces misery. When the weather is fine it's OK to be an individual. But if you can't switch into being a team member when the going gets rough, then you will probably end up on the short end of the stick, if you manage to stay alive. It's always been this way. Modern life has covered up these realities, but life will always be like this. Happy people deal with it, and so aren't afraid.

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Hi MoparDanno,

thanks for the comments; I have to point out, though, that I'm not a professional in seismology or geology! If life had gone a bit differently I might have been as studying rocks, minerals and fossils was my first interest as a boy, but no, my professional life is quite different. Like you, I'm just an avid reader and learner on such things.

Thank you for the info about L. Sammamish and the high ground. That's the value of local knowledge of the territory.
I'm having to view this from data I can source as I've never been there. However, while I fully take in what you've suggested, there is another scenario, because a rift wouldn't have to be on the surface of the ground. A fracture in the lake bed could allow water to escape and if it did it would have to go somewhere. (Lakes or ponds draining prior to or during quakes has been reported before. eg before one of the more recent, devastating quakes in China, if I recall correctly.)

In the case of subterranean loss, though, it might simply drain away and not inundate anything directly.

True, though, my first impression was of a rift/gap opening in the banks and the water escaping that way, but it's all conjecture as I don't really know if that would happen. I doubt anyone does, really. But if it let go as you say, that would also be quite -- errrm -- quite dramatic, shall we say.


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thanks also for your response and the details. Him being relatively older rather younger seems to fit. Not quite a perfect Jungian archetype but close enough.
I'd say that yes -- you know him in some way, but it could be from long ago and that may be why you can't place him exactly. But whoever he is, this man is someone you feel able to believe implicitly and that's important.

I'm rushing this morning as I have to leave to take care of some work duties soon, but just wanted to add a comment while it's still fresh in my rather coffee-starved mind.

Oh, need to say a thank-you to the poster (blue colored avatar?) who talked about people training and working toegther as a team to survive. This is very true in many cases. Where forces would overwhelm an individual, even a well-prepared one, a team of people who cooperate and have a common understanding of their peril have a much better chance of survival, and also are better able to cope mentally.

In a major calamity of any kind, mental fortitude is even more important, because if we cave in emtionally we are useless. I've seen it happen during fires and floods in Australia, and I've also witnessed the effectiveness of "ordinary people" (like us) working together with a common purpose and understanding.

In fact, that is what we are doing here: this is all part of the mental preparation process. People of fear most what they understand least. If knowledge is there and plans have been prepared, the fear can be subdued so that effective action can take over. None of these threads that look at such matters in an informed and calm manner are scaremongering. They are the opposite. They are scare-removing.

This is not "OMG we're all gonna die" nonsense. We're looking at the OP's dreams, yes, but also the physical realities they relate to. Those who pretend these things can never happen to them are the ones most likely to go to pieces if or when such things ever do. And many, many people will be in that particular boat as it founders. You, the ones who are willing to accept realities and consider them calmly, will most likely be the ones who others will turn to.

And for any of you who live in high-risk areas like the PNW, that goes doubly so if you try to inform your friends, neighbors and workmates of the plain facts. A few will listen, but many who ignore you and laugh it all off as if you're making up fantasies will be the ones who either come running to you for help, or uselessly dial 911 and beg for help that cannot get to them in time -- because they won't know what to do and they'll be afraid.

I guarantee that most of them don't even know how essential it is to turn off the gas stove if a strong quake hits while they're at home. They don't know why they need a pair of good shoes in a bag under their bed, so they won't cut their bare feet on broken glass if a quake hits at night.

Such simple things to learn, and so few will listen, learn, and help themselves.

If you can help just one person to listen and learn what they need to know, you could save lives. If you save even one life -- or help to -- your whole life is suddenly worth any misery, sadness or hardship you have ever experienced.

Please read my short story "Never Too Late" if you have a few minutes. (It's in my signature.) It explains a lot about why I spend so much time on this forum, trying to learn more about quakes, trying in my own small way to help others to learn.

After the event it's impossible to turn back the clock.


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