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Tarot Prophecy 2nd quarter 2012

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posted on Nov, 7 2011 @ 09:41 PM
April 2012
CARDS: 9 of Wands, 6 of Cups.
There will be a sense of accomplishment and a period of rest from further acts by the Global Elite. The public will loose motivation because of declining health as a whole. Old enemies will awaken on the world stage as patience runs thin.
The world as a whole sticks hard to old ideas and are forgetting the coming changes. The public becomes immersed in a utopian future. Confusion and anxiety about the future becomes wide spread. (Possible 2012 propaganda.)
Characteristics of “Old Enemies”
CARDS: The Empress, 4 of Wands.
They are clever and creative in their methods. They have vanity issues and are a false friend to whoever knows them. They are good motivated business men who will bring good rewards later. They have had a lot of professional success.
May 2012
CARDS: King of Swords, Knight of Wands.
A rash of Quick decisions will be made that might lead to war. A twisted man will appear during this time that will draw our attention. Something will be made certain during this time and it’s likely to be against our best interests.
A quick decision will come that will lead to conflict and failed plans of positive change. (Occupy or similar movement will have strong presence and fall.) Things will look favorable and jobs might be created. An unpleasantness will cause a decline in travel for some and more for others with the means. The social environment changes for the better.
Characteristics of “Twisted Man”
CARDS: Ace of Swords, Page of Cups.
He is courageous and clever and is seeking a new beginning. He’s made some sacrifices in his life and the dynamics will bring tyranny to him. He has a strong sense of achievement and success. He is a shy and reserved individual and is young. He is easily seduced and is a victim of an illusion. He’s had romantic complications. (Possible cheating, broken marriage or home.) He may have a few faithful friends who are intrigued by his resolution.
June 2012
CARDS: The Empress, Queen of Cups.
A decision is made that brings financial gain. The final solution begins and the rise to power of a false leader. During the peace, their will be deceit and corruption. There will be an expansion of the arts and creativity as a distraction. (Possible Hollywood hit.)
The Global Elite will secure further wealth. There will possibly be a wedding of a high profile couple. This wedding will be based on a scandal and monetary gain. There will be a hostile business venture and much financial gain for the companies involved.
Man at the Wedding
CARDS: The Sun.
He’s a big spender with a lot of charisma. He has a thriving profession and is occupied by glory and happiness. He is known to be restless and has squandered a lot of money, he lies and is selfish. He is also lonely in his serene optimism. He will have his well deserved reward.
Lady at the Wedding
CARDS: Wheel of Fortune.
She has a few missed opportunities under her belt. The opportunities she has in front of her will have quick rewards. She has faced hazards and negative outside influences. She will find a new love, succeed and travel. Her attitude is changing like the turning of a wheel. She will have losses and wins, but never gaining in anything.

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